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Viper is a very defense-oriented, methodical Controller agent.  Controllers are generally your team’s anchor, capable of locking down an area or site all on their own. This is typically done via Area of Effect damage abilities, such as Viper’s Snake Bite, or Brimstone’s Incendiary , along with line-of-sight blocking abilities, such as agent’s smokes or walls. Brimstone’s Sky Smokes and Omen’s Dark Cover are great examples.

Viper Overview Infographic

Table of Contents

Is Viper Right For You?

When you are Viper or have Viper on your team, you should expect great line-of-sight blockage through her Toxin Screen and Toxin Cloud. Defensively, Viper’s job is just to keep enemies blind and at bay by using her defensive kit, but on offense, Viper is great for fast yet methodical executes onto sites. She is able to block lots of vision with her abilities, along with zoning. Since she can toggle her smoke and wall at will, she can throw off enemies fairly easily, managing her Toxins.


  • Very capable of keeping enemies from seeing your offensive executes.
  • Viper Pit is usually really difficult to retake or push against.
  • Most enemies will not walk through your Snake Bite, as it puts them in a Vulnerable state, taking more damage from other sources.
  • An insanely strong anchor, never really runs out of resources, as they only need some time to charge.


  • Low damage, despite seeming damage oriented in control.
  • Toxic Screen cannot be picked up, so if not placed well, or you cannot dedicate to it, it’s a bit of a waste.
  • Viper can inflict Decay on her teammates, and this is especially a pain with Viper’s Pit.
  • Viper can obviously blind her own team using her line-of-sight blockage.

Viper's Synergies

Team compositions are very important. Here are some characters that best suit Viper’s strengths.

Cypher Icon


Cypher’s information gathering abilities give Viper the clear to activate her toggleable abilities, to slow the enemies push.

Sova Icon


Same as Cypher, however allows for more aggressive play, thanks to Sova’s recon dart.

Brimstone Icon


Brimstone’s Sky Smokes and Incendiary give Viper time to refuel her toxin tanks, so that an area can be permanently smoked.

Viper's Abilities

Basic - Snake Bite

When and how should I use Snake Bite?


Snake Bite is probably Viper’s worst ability. Despite a variety of buffs, this ability is just not very good in the damage and control department. And because the Vulnerability only persists while an enemy is INSIDE of the Snake Bite, it is pretty hard to get use out of it. However, it still does a pretty good job at disincentivizing pushes, but do not be surprised if the enemy just charges through it. This ability is nowhere near as lethal as a molotov of any kind. However, due to its velocity and Vulnerability, on attack it’s a pretty decent ability to push corners with your team.

Basic - Cloud

When and how should I use Toxic Cloud?


Toxic Cloud is actually a very solid ability, despite seeming slightly weak on paper. To start, it is the only smoke in the game that can be used more than one time, forever, as Toxic Cloud can be reactivated and deactivated at will, with a short cooldown after turning it on, and a longer one after turning it off. This allows the Toxic Cloud to keep one choke point locked down forever, especially when combined with Snake Bite, using it to cover the area as your toxin tank refuels.

Signature - Toxic Screens

When and how should I use Toxic Screen?


Toxic Screen is generally a hit or miss ability. The screen covers an INSANE amount of ground, and can be sent through walls to cover more than a whole site in longitude. However, many sites and areas on maps just don’t have perfect or ideal spots for a wall this large, and a lot of it ends up wasted, or even worse, a detriment to your team. For example, a Viper holding B can use Toxic Screen can cover B Main AND C Long at the same time, but it might be a detriment to your C player. I find this ability is best used with communication from your time.

Ultimate - Viper Pit

How and when should I use Viper Pit?


Viper Pit is a very one-dimensional ability. It is mostly used for two situations. Defending a site on defense, and used post-plant to repel retakes on attack. One main tip however, is to be careful on how you place it, especially in relation to the bomb plant location and your teammates. Don’t accidentally block off your teammates, and be sure to cover up the bomb’s location.

Viper's Tips, Tricks, and Map Notes

  • Snake Bite and Poison Cloud can both be thrown through Bind Teleporters.


  • Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen can be used at the same time and NOT consume extra toxins, so try to use them at the same time always.


  • Since Viper’s Poison Cloud doesn’t have any kind of easy way to place them, like Omen or Brimstone, learn your lineups for throwing out your smoke.


  • Viper’s Poison Cloud is the largest spherical smoke in the game.


  • ALWAYS use the mini-map when using Toxic Screen, it makes the ability easier to use by ten-fold.


  • Play Viper defensively whenever possible. Her play style should be slow and methodical, as all of her abilities suggest.

Viper's Tier Rating

Agent's Tier List

Overall, I believe Viper is a B-tier agent. She has received a large amount of buffs, and while helpful for sure, they really will likely never be enough without huge changes. It’s not just Viper, however, as her strict competition of Brimstone and Omen make it very difficult to excel in a role where she should be the go to pick.

Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck in Valorant!


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