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Sage is a primarily defensive, stonewall “staller” agent. Sentinels are mainly defensive-orientated supportive agents. Sentinels indirectly support their team by holding down sites and stalling to prevent site takes and retakes; utilizing abilities like Cypher’s Trapwire and Sage’s Slow Orb, along with abilities to directly support their team such as Cypher’s Neural Theft and Sage’s Heal Orb and Resurrect.

Sage Overview Infographic

Table of Contents

Is Sage Right For You?

When you are Sage, or have a Sage on your team, you should expect Sage to slow down a push, and overall the pace of the game, by a significant amount. Her Barrier Orb/Wall is able to keep a team at bay, along with her long-ranged Slow Orbs. She can also use her heal to keep a teammate or herself topped off, but it has a very long cooldown. She can also turn the tides of an entire round through her Resurrect ability, allowing her to bring back a dead enemy.


  • VERY strong defensively with her Slow Orbs and Barrier Orb.
  • Very strong heal which can also be used on herself.
  • Slow Orbs can be combined with other damage abilities to secure kills for your team with ease.
  • Resurrect can bring one of your teammate’s back, which is good for clutch situations.


  • Lackluster on offense.
  • Her Heal Orb has a very long cooldown, so be sure not to waste it.
  • Barrier Orb is the most expensive ability in the game.
  • Resurrect takes a moment to work on both ends of Sage, and the person being saved.

Sage's Synergies

Sage is a great defensive pick, but leaves a lot to be desired on attack. Along with that, her abilities enable other agents a good amount.

Jett Icon


Jett is known for her ability to get in, and get out thanks to Tailwind. However, she may take a little bit of damage on the way out. Sage’s Healing Orb allows Jett to stay topped off after her engage.

Brimstone Icon


Aside from adding Sky Smokes to the arsenal of utility much needed in a Sage composition, any enemy caught in a Slow Orb + Incendiary combo is marked for death.

Omen Icon


Also adding smokes with Dark Cover. However, Slow Orb allows for a Paranoia that the enemy cannot flee from.

Raze Icon


Slow Orbs means that the enemies cannot so easily escape Raze’s deadly arsenal. They will have a difficult time running from her Paint Shells and Showstopper.

Sage's Abilities

Basic - Barrier Orb

When and how should I use Barrier Orb?

Barrier Orb is an extremely linear ability, and a lot of the innovative angles and uses of the ability have been patched out of the game since the Open Beta. However, the “meta” spots for Barrier Orb are EXTREMELY powerful. The ability to close off a whole segment of a site or the entirety of a doorway is very strong. Try to use this ability to close off an area that leaves no opening, as most walls are broken only in one segment, you essentially create your own choke point.

Basic - Slow Orb

When and how should I use Slow Orb?


Try not to use Slow Orb right away. This is a very common mistake from most Sage players. Since the ability is meant to slow pushes, it is simply a waste of an ability if there is no push, as the ability lasts about 6 seconds only. Use this ability once you know the enemy is coming. The closer you are to that threshold between their push, and your Slow Orb, the more perfect your execution of the ability is. Slow Orb is about making the enemies as uncomfortable as possible, keep this in mind. Whenever possible, try to combine Slow Orb with your teammate’s utility to secure kills, as something like a molotov ability plus a Slow Orb will guarantee a kill.

Signature - Healing Orb

When and how should I use Healing Orb?


Healing Orb is a really simple ability to use, with very little depth. However, WHEN to use it is what is a little challenging. The ability itself has a really lengthy 45 second cooldown, which doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but in a round of VALORANT which lasts about 1:30 to 2:00 on average, this means usually you will only get one Healing Orb off in a game. Should you top off your teammate towards the beginning of the round so that it will be up sooner, or do you hold onto it for a crucial and more important heal? The truth is, there really is no right answer. As Sage, an agent who really isn’t very mechanically intense, this is one of your most valuable pieces of experience and knowledge. It might take a while to notice, but not healing your teammate as soon as they take a little bit of damage, and ask for a heal, might not be the worst play.

Ultimate - Resurrect

When and how should I use Resurrect?

The same skill with knowing when to use your Heal Orb applies with Resurrect. This Ultimate is extremely powerful and important, but is very difficult to know when to use it. This ability is also fairly high risk, since it is an ability that can actually easily be wasted. There are no real mechanics to this ability, just pure game knowledge and experience. The only real note is to make sure you use this ability in safety, or Barrier Orb off an angle where the enemy can stop the Resurrect from.

Sage's Tips, Tricks, and Map Notes

  • Sage’s Slow Orb can be sent through Bind Teleporters.


  • Trying to place a Barrier Orb wall over the spike will cause the segment(s) connected to it to break instantly.


  • Enemy Sage Slow Orb ice will have a red glow, so you can tell it belongs to the enemy.


  • You can boost you and your teammates onto the wall as it rises.


  • In the same vein, as opposed to breaking down an enemy Sage’s wall, you can counter-wall your team over the wall with your own.


  • Try to almost always wall off enemy angles when using Resurrect.


  • Communicate with your team when using your Slow and Barrier Orb, as these abilities can easily accidentally be a detriment to your team.

Sage's Tier Rating

Agent's Tier List

Sage is definitely top-tier, and belongs in S-tier. This is due to her amazing stalling abilities, strongly disincentivizing pushes with Slow and Barrier Orb, along with having a very strong heal for you and your teammates. Her Resurrect is very strong as well, meaning even you aren’t the strongest link on your team, it allows you to bring your best player to life. Sage is useful even if you aren’t the best aimer, which is extremely important in a character for someone trying to improve.


Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck in Valorant!


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