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Reyna is an aggressive, very self-sufficient Duelist agent.  Duelists are your team’s fraggers, and through use of their aggressive abilities, and use of their team’s support abilities, are expected to rank high on the leaderboard by killing the enemy team members consistently. Duelists tend to have a mix of damaging zone control abilities, such as Phoenix’s Hot Hands, or Raze’s Paint Shells, along with some form of initiation, or ways to force a fight, such as Jett’s Tailwind, and Phoenix’s Curveball.

Reyna Overview Infographic

Reyna's Valorant Overview Infographic for Synergies, Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses.

Table of Contents

Is Reyna Right For You?

When you are Reyna, or you have Reyna on your team, you should expect Reyna to be your carry, hands down. Reyna’s kit is unlike any other character, in that all but one of her abilities are 100% selfish, and are of no benefit to her team. This means that when you lock in Reyna, you need to be performing, or you will be a pretty huge detriment to your team. However, if you’re a more skilled player, Reyna can single-handedly plow through an entire enemy team.


  • Leer makes for very good crowd control and engage.
  • Dismiss allows Reyna to dodge through harmful abilities and CC.
  • Devour means that Reyna can essentially start every fight with high health.
  • Reyna easily takes control of a game if she is skilled.


  • Offers nothing but Leer if you are not fragging.
  • Devour takes a while to heal to full, so if you get peeked by more than one player, you’re still doomed.
  • After exiting Dismiss, it takes a moment for you to pull your weapon back out, similar to Jett’s Tailwind.
  • Empress’ attack speed buff can be hard to get used to, this is a minor weakness.

Reyna's Synergies

Team compositions are extremely important. Here are some great agents to go along with Reyna’s aggressive playstyle.

Brimstone Icon


After getting the entry frag onto site, using Devour and hiding in one of Brimstone’s Sky Smokes makes for a pretty clean execute.

Omen Icon


Same as Brimstone, but you can actually see in Omen’s Dark Cover. Omen also has a blind, meaning you can blind a whole site, if you ask Omen to send his Paranoia where you think the enemies are going to take cover from Leer.

Raze Icon


Raze is exceptional at forcing enemies from their hiding spots with her abilities, allowing Reyna to finish them off as they come running.

Breach Icon


Breach can easily set up Reyna for plays by helping her enter onto a site using his kit, as Leer isn’t always the most reliable engaging tool.

Reyna's Abilities

Basic - Leer

Reyna's Ability Named Leer Tooltip
Reyna's Ability Named Leer Animation
Reyna's - Leer

When and how should I use Leer?

Leer is Reyna’s only ability that is useful to her team, as the eye itself cannot blind her teammates. Leer acts as a solid engaging tool, and should be thrown onto a site before storming in. Reyna has two charges of Leer, meaning she can keep enemies away from a sightline of a site for about 6 seconds if either eye is not destroyed. There is an indicator on the minimap showing where the eye will end up, make sure to use this to assure that the enemies will be forced to look at Leer if they want to see you or your teammates. It is usually best to send Leer higher up, not only because it will more easily catch people, but it means enemies have to aim higher up and out of your way in order to take it down, giving you time to take them out, or pass by.

Signature - Devour and Dismiss

Dismiss and Devour are two very unique abilities, in that they share a use-pool, but you must use one or the other when not in Empress. So you can use 2 Devours and 2 Dismisses, or 3 Devours and 1 Dismiss, should you use all 4 charges. Charges are only usable once Reyna has gotten the finishing blow on an enemy, leaving a Soul Orb in their place, which can only be activated a few seconds after their death. Her Ultimate, Empress, buffs both of these abilities, and removes the need for charges, as she can use an infinite amount of them.

Reyna's Ability Named Devour Tooltip
Reyna's Ability Named Devour Animation
Reyna's - Devour

How and when should I use Devour?

Use Devour after every kill if possible. Being topped off on health is really important. However, try to be careful about using Devour, since it takes a second to heal, if you’re in a 2v1, be sure the enemy isn’t going to try to catch you out while you’re trying to Devour their teammate.

Reyna's Ability Named Dismiss Tooltip
Reyna's Ability Named Dismiss Animation
Reyna's - Dismiss

How and when should I use Dismiss?

Use Dismiss either as an engage or pick tool. For example, if you get the entry frag onto a site, or the first defending kill in a push, use Dismiss to safely move either forward, or backward. Just always be aware that you cannot instantly take an enemy out after exiting Dismiss, so don’t get in the enemies’ face.

Ultimate - Empress

Reyna's Ability Named Empress Tooltip
Reyna's Ability Named Empress Animation
Reyna's - Empress

When and how should I use Empress?

Using Empress is pretty simple. I advise using Empress when the odds are against you, or when it’s time to “clutch up”. Empress is great for stomping out the enemy team, sure. But I find this ability is most useful for when it’s your time to shine, and if you’re playing Reyna, chances are you’ve been looking for your time for the whole game. Empress allows you to become the definitive “carry” of that round. There really isn’t a bad time to use this Ultimate, it really just depends on your playstyle.

Reyna's Tips, Tricks, and Map Notes

  • None of Reyna’s abilities can be thrown through the Bind teleporters.
  • Dismiss allows you to negate CC, this includes Sage’s Slow Orbs. Use this as a way to move past Sage’s premiere stalling ability after getting an entry frag if possible.
  • You can Devour multiple enemies at once, but any healing is stopped upon taking damage.
  • Try not to use Empress-enhanced Dismiss after every kill, be sure to take in your surroundings first, as Dismiss can be very predictable, even when invisible, and get you killed.
  • Any sort of physical obstruction will cut off Devour’s healing, severing the tether between Reyna and the Soul Orb.
  • Don’t get too excited when using Empress in general. Stay calm, and the frags will come your way.
  • Leer is a great entry and zoning ability, but make sure you throw it in an area enemies will see. Use the minimap to assure you don’t accidentally throw it behind any kind of wall, as this makes the ability a complete waste.
  • The enemy has to see Leer, meaning even if the eye if DIRECTLY behind them, they will not be blinded.
  • Any kind of smoke or wall will block Leer’s blind, so be sure to send it above.

Reyna's Tier Rating

Agent's Tier List

Reyna is extremely tricky to place on a tier list, since her performance in solo-queue versus organized play is essentially night and day. As an average ranking though, I would still place her in A tier. The ability to heal a good amount after every kill, along with Leer still being an amazing supportive or selfish ability, makes her still more than viable in any setting, just not over more team-play oriented agents.

Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck in Valorant!


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