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Raze is an aggressive, fast paced and tactical Duelist agent. Duelists are your team’s fraggers, and through use of their aggressive abilities, and use of their team’s support abilities, are expected to rank high on the leaderboard by killing the enemy team members consistently. Duelists tend to have a mix of damaging zone control abilities, such as Phoenix’s Hot Hands, or Raze’s Paint Shells, along with some form of initiation, or ways to force a fight, such as Jett’s Tailwind, and Phoenix’s Curveball.

Raze Overview Infographic

Raze's Valorant Overview Infographic for Synergies, Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses.

Table of Contents

Is Raze Right For You?

When you are Raze, or you have Raze on your team, you should expect Raze to quickly and effectively clear angles, as every single one of her abilities excels at it. Raze is a very high damage agent, with all of her abilities capable of dealing lots of damage, if not killing enemies in one blow. Raze should be scoring pretty high on the scoreboard, but maybe not the highest over all other carries. Though her abilities do a lot of damage, enemies will generally move out of the way of them, allowing teammates to secure kills instead.


  • High damage in her abilities.
  • Her Ultimate, Showstopper, usually guarantees a kill.
  • Creative and strong movement in her Blast Packs.
  • One of the best agents at clearing corners, and can get a lot of kills doing it.


  • If there’s nobody to follow up on your corner clearing, you’re wasting abilities.
  • Blast Packs can damage and displace teammates.
  • Her Boom Bot can be unreliable and even useless in some situations.
  • Many times you’ll find having a standard rifle is better than Showstopper.

Raze's Synergies

Team compositions are extremely important. Here are some great agents to go along with Raze’s aggressive playstyle.

Sova Icon


Sova’s recon abilities allow enemies to be detected faster, so Raze can blow them up with her abilities, or at least force them out to frag with herself and her team.

Cypher Icon


Cypher’s recon abilities allow for the same thing as Sova’s but a little more defensive, throw Paint Shells, Boom Bots, and Blast Packs where enemies are detected by Trapwires and Spycam Darts.

Brimstone Icon


Aside from the small explosions from her abilities, especially Paint Shells, Raze has very little line-of-sight blocking capabilities. Brimstone covers up this weakness with ease.

Sage Icon


Sage’s Slow Orbs remove any counter-play from Raze’s abilities, as enemies can no longer run from Raze’s explosive power while inflicted by a Slow Orb.

Raze's Abilities

Basic - Boom Bot

Raze's Ability Named Boom Bot Tooltip
Raze's Ability Named Boom Bot Animation
Raze's - Boom Bot

When and how to use Boom Bot?

Raze’s Boom Bot is one of the more unique abilities in the game. In the hands of an unskilled Raze, it is extremely basic and fairly useful. In the hands of a very good Raze, however, it’s probably her best ability. Learning line-ups, and how to send your Boom Bot to certain locations on a map is extremely useful and important, and it’s great for finding out enemies locations from complete safety. Use Boom Bot to clear angles by bouncing it off of terrain, and sending it out to where enemies may be. Learn and experiment with bounces, and how to maximize the full distance and potential of this ability.

Basic - Blast Pack

Raze's Ability Named Blast Pack Tooltip
Raze's Ability Named Blast Pack Animation
Raze's - Blast Pack

When and how to use Blast Packs?

Blast Pack is Raze’s real only multi-functional ability, since it can be used for on-the-fly damage, corner clearing, and mobility. I find that mobility is by far it’s best use, next to corner clearing. Her other abilities are generally better for clearing corners, and you are better off using a gun to dispose of enemies rather than her Blast Packs. Raze can detonate her Blast Packs mid-air, meaning she can use two in one jump, allowing for INSANE mobility.

Signature - Paint Shells

Raze's Ability Named Paint Shells Tooltip
Raze's Ability Named Paint Shells Animation
Raze's - Paint Shells

When and how to use Paint  Shells?

Paint Shells are really simple to use. Treat them like a standard Frag or Cluster Grenade. Essentially, if someone is hit by the main explosion, and a few of the cluster bombs, they are as good as dead. This ability can be thrown extremely far, so it is definitely Raze’s best, and most simple corner-clearing ability. Though the ability can be used really fast, still only try to limit its use to pre-combat scenarios, so that you do not get caught with it out. Even if Paint Shells don’t kill their target, Raze certainly will.

Ultimate - Showstopper

Raze's Ability Named Showstopper Tooltip
Raze's Ability Named Showstopper Animation
Raze's - Showstopper

When and how should I use Showstopper?

Showstopper’s two best uses are generally to guarantee a kill onto someone when you know where they are, or using it to clear an angle where an enemy might be. The only agent that can reliably and freely dodge a rocket from Showstopper is Jett via Tailwind, so this ability has some serious fragging power. This is a super basic Ultimate. Use it when you want the enemy in front of you to not exist. I wish there was more to it.

Raze's Tips, Tricks, and Map Notes

  • All of Raze’s abilities can be sent through Bind Teleporters.
  • Two Blast Packs and the recoil from Showstopper give Raze maximum aerial movement.
  • Paint Shells can be tossed high in the air, detonate, and the small cluster bombs will fall to the ground and detonate fairly fast to do some solid poke damage to enemies.
  • Most enemies will run from Raze’s abilities. Catch them out as they do.
  • Previously stated, but Raze’s Blast Packs deal damage to teammates. Not very much, but every little bit counts.
  • Use Blast Packs to get on top of areas where enemies do not expect, similar to Jett’s Updraft.
  • Sit in the practice tool and practice moving around with Blast Packs. This ability is insanely strong, and allows for some of the best movement in the game.

Raze's Tier Rating

Agent's Tier List

Overall, I believe Raze is an A-tier agent. Her angle clearing is extremely potent, and her presence in a game is very easily felt, no matter the level of play, or in solo queue versus organized play. This is primarily due to the simplicity yet effectiveness of her kit. Raze doesn’t fit into the meta perfectly, but she is still extremely strong. Not good or necessary enough to be S-tier, but an extremely good agent regardless.

Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck in Valorant!


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