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Phoenix is an aggressive, engaging Duelist agent. Duelists are your team’s fraggers, and through use of their aggressive abilities, and use of their team’s support abilities, are expected to rank high on the leaderboard by killing the enemy team members consistently. Duelists tend to have a mix of damaging zone control abilities, such as Phoenix’s Hot Hands, or Raze’s Paint Shells, along with some form of initiation, or ways to force a fight, such as Jett’s Tailwind, and Phoenix’s Curveball.

Phoenix Overview Infographic

Phoenix's Valorant Overview Infographic for Synergies, Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses.

Table of Contents

Is Phoenix Right For You?

When you are Phoenix, or you have one on your team, you should expect Phoenix to primarily be the one entering onto a site, after your map control and information gathering agents use their respective abilities. Phoenix should be racking up a good amount of frags because of this. As Phoenix, you are expected to have a more explosive playstyle, utilizing your abilities to start a fight, and then proceed to end them.


  • Solid flashbang ability in Curveball, good for initiating onto enemies.

  • Decent zoning with Blaze and Hot Hands.

  • VERY good intelligence gathering combined with engage in Run It Back.

  • Passive healing allows for an innate advantage in prolonged fights.


  • While Phoenix is pretty solid, his abilities are easily replaced. For example, Breach’s Flashpoint is a far better version of Curveball, and plenty of agents have better walls, along with better zone control.

  • Phoenix is a very self-centered fragger. A lot of his abilities have a very negligible effect on aiding your team, particularly in a solo-queue setting, as VALORANT is very team-based.

  • His healing from his passive takes a while, and doesn’t heal for a lot. It can also force you to use your zoning abilities on yourself to heal.

  • Run It Back is usually pretty easy to track back to after killing Phoenix in his Ultimate, and the long animation after your return can very often get you killed for free.

Phoenix's Synergies

Team compositions are extremely important. Here are some great agents to go along with Phoenix’s aggressive playstyle.

Sova Icon


Sova’s recon abilities are unmatched, allowing his team to see where enemies may be hiding. This allows Phoenix to get onto a site, and frag quicker, knowing where enemies might be.

Viper Icon


Viper’s wall is a lot more permanent than Blaze, so using Viper’s wall to toss out Curveball from safety isn’t a bad idea.

Breach Icon


Breach has very good entry abilities, but struggles with getting out and doing the fragging himself. Have breach use his engage abilities combined with Phoenix’s, and you’ve got a deadly combo.

Phoenix's Abilities

Basic - Blaze

Phoenix's Ability Named Blaze Tooltip
Phoenix's Basic - Blaze

When and how should I use Blaze?

Personally, I prefer to use Blaze for both of its uses at the same time. For example, peeking an angle, grabbing a frag or some free damage, then falling back behind that angle, using Blaze to cover it, and healing while near the flame wall. However, you can also use it for one or the other. Block off line-of-sight or keep enemies at bay with Blaze’s damage, or just set it down in a corner to heal. Remember, you can bend the wall. Use this to cover more than one angle when possible.

Basic - Curveball

Phoenix's Ability Named Curveball Tooltip
Phoenix's Basic - Curveball

When and how should I use Curveball?

Curveball is probably Phoenix’s best ability outside of his Ultimate, and is pretty versatile in its use. It has a generous forward distance, along with a sideways one, so be sure to learn how far from the corner you can be when trying to flashbang around it. When behind cover, even fairly tall cover, try and use Curveball over that cover by jumping and casting it, which can unexpectedly blind a whole team trying to defend or attack a site. One of my favorite interactions however, is between Curveball and Blaze. Toss up the Blaze wall, and send your Curveball through it. Anyone on the opposite side of Blaze will be blinded, and you can charge through your Blaze afterwards, allowing for some clean frags.

Signature - Hot Hands

Phoenix's Ability Named Hot Hands Tooltip
Phoenix's Signature - Hot Hands

When and how should I use Hot Hands?

Hot Hands is a very versatile ability, like a lot of Phoenix’s abilities. However, the two prime uses are to control zones and clear corners with the left-click long ranged throw, or to self heal, with the right-click short ranged toss in front of you. Both do the same thing, but just a difference in range. A favorite use personally, is when you’re about to enter an unfair fight, toss Hot Hands where you think you’ll be fighting from, discouraging enemies to rush your position, while also healing yourself in any downtime in that fight. Also, keep in mind, Hot Hands can bounce off walls, so use this to clear corners, or control areas.

Ultimate - Run It Back

Phoenix's Ability Named Run It Back Tooltip
Phoenix's Ultimate - Run It Back

When and how should I use Run It Back?

Run It Back is a simple ability, but does a whole lot for a team. Allowing yourself a second chance, along with the ability to potentially grab free frags, and at least free intel on enemy positions. Run It Back gives the player a scenario where they don’t have much to lose. Run It Back is best used on offense to open up a site, sending in Phoenix with Run It Back allows for a risk-free engage onto a site, with his team to follow. Defensively, I like using this ability to overextend against the enemy offense, maybe grabbing a free frag, throwing a wrench in their plans, by potentially killing say, their Brimstone, so now the enemy lacks smokes, or their Sage, so the enemy now lacks heals. And just like on offense, the least you can get is some intel.

Phoenix's Tips, Tricks, and Map Notes

  • Phoenix’s Hot Hands and Curveball can both be sent through Bind Teleporters.

  • When using Blaze, aim your crosshair upwards. This will send the wall over any terrain, allowing it to reach its max range. Blaze heals more than Hot Hands, but Hot Hands can have two charges if you’re competently fragging.

  • Don’t tunnel-vision on the uses of your abilities. Phoenix is very versatile. If you use Hot Hands to clear out a corner or zone, just walk inside of the fire to grab some extra health at the same time.

  • Use Run It Back to heal. Not enough Phoenix players do this. Even if you die, or the timer runs out, if you cast Run It Back on low hp, you will be restored to your full 100 health. This can be a life-saver.

  • Be sure to bounce Hot Hands off of walls whenever possible. There is also a feature (or bug) with Hot Hands, as after spending a few seconds in the air, it will immediately drop down to where it is hovering over.

  • Move around when using Blaze. If you toss Blaze up, it is very likely the enemy can know where you are based on the angle of the wall. Move around, and end up somewhere unpredictable, even use Curveball to blind them and charge through it!

Phoenix's Tier Rating

Agent's Tier List

While capable of doing a lot more in a solo-queue setting, due to his nature, in an organized team setting, Phoenix just ends up getting outclassed in everything except his Ultimate. However, if a solo-queue setting is all you’re dealing with, he is extremely self sufficient, explosive, and exciting to play. Though replaceable, I would say a skilled Phoenix can more than make up for his weaknesses. Phoenix’s tier rating is a B-tier+ agent because on his own he’s only B but with a skilled player he can become an S-tier agent.

Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck in Valorant!


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One thought on “Phoenix Guide

  1. Ben White Reply

    I feel like this guide misses a huge part of Phoenixs play style and role in a team environment, Phoenix should be used as an entry fragger with his flashes and ult. The two of those combined with his self healing make him vital to opening up sites with much less of a risk compared to many other characters. This guide seems to miss a large part of the high level team composition and strategy.

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