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Omen is an aggressive, mind-game oriented Controller agent.  Controllers are generally your team’s anchor, capable of locking down an area or site all on their own. This is typically done via Area of Effect damage abilities, such as Viper’s Snake Bite, or Brimstone’s Incendiary , along with line-of-sight blocking abilities, such as agent’s smokes or walls. Brimstone’s Sky Smokes and Omen’s Dark Cover are great examples.

Omen Overview Infographic

Table of Contents

Is Omen Right For You?

When you are Omen, or if you have Omen on your team, you should expect Omen to keep a site controlled in a slow, methodical fashion. While Brimstone can control sites quickly and with ease, Omen plays the Controller game a lot slower, thanks to his hollow Dark Cover smokes, and his teleport in Shrouded Step. Once the enemies are where he wants them, he uses Paranoia and strikes. As scary as Omen is, a skilled player piloting this agent is simply terrifying.


  • Dark Cover smokes are hollow, meaning you can see inside of them while inside of the smokes.
  • Paranoia, Omen’s blind, has a massive radius, giving Omen solid pushing power.
  • Shrouded Step lets Omen move to unexpected angles with very little sound.
  • From The Shadows allows for insane roaming/flanking potential.


  • Shrouded Step and From The Shadows leave Omen vulnerable mid-cast.
  • Dark Cover takes a while to get set up, especially for new players.
  • Enemies can also lurk in your Dark Cover.
  • From The Shadows’ usefulness varies based on maps/compositions.

Omen's Synergies

Team compositions are extremely important. Here are some great agents to go along with Omen’s aggressive and fear-inflicting kit.

Brimstone Icon


Brimstone has the best set of smokes in the game, so pairing them with Omen’s Dark Covers allows for every single possible angle on any site to be smoked off.

Viper Icon


Viper also has lots of line-of-sight blockage in her kit, giving Omen more places to teleport around outside of his Dark Cover.

Breach Icon


Breach is great at causing chaos when entering onto a site, and Omen thrives in moving through the shadows as that chaos unfolds.

Raze Icon


Same reason as Breach, Raze is great at making a lot of noise and commotion on a site, allowing Omen to do what he needs to do in silence.

Omen's Abilities

Basic - Shrouded Step

Omen's Ability Named Shrouded Step Tooltip

When and how to use Shrouded Step:

Defensively, Shrouded Step is really easy to use. Just teleport to unexpected angles and hold them, or change positions by teleporting around the site, and occasionally your Dark Cover.

Using Shrouded Step aggressively is when it becomes difficult. A beginner tactic is to lay down your Dark Cover, and teleport inside of it, using the indicators on the minimap to determine where you will teleport to. However, this becomes predictable, so be sure to switch up your movement frequently. Sometimes, you will even be able to teleport behind whole teams. Shrouded Step is Omen’s most skill-expressive ability in my opinion, so be sure to constantly be experimenting with it.

Basic - Paranoia

Omen's Ability Named Paranoia Tooltip

When and how to use Paranoia:

Paranoia is a simple, but very effective ability. Use it when you can hear enemies coming to blind them and take them out, or use it to clear through an entire room. It won’t do any damage, but if you line it up for your team, and send it in, enemies will be blinded for long enough for your team to execute onto the area you used Paranoia on. Just be careful as Paranoia has a cast and travel time, so be calculated and careful when using it.

Signature - Dark Cover

Omen's Ability Named Dark Cover Tooltip

When and how to use Dark Cover:

Dark Cover is a complicated ability to pilot mechanically, but the situations that you use it in are fairly similar. Use it to block out lines of sight, or give yourself a small haven to peek out of, since Dark Cover is hollow. As previously stated, you can also use Dark Cover as a fairly safe place to teleport to, infiltrating and flanking a site before your teammates push it, giving you a chance to get some picks. Omen is a mind-game character, so be sure to never stop experimenting with new ways to utilize this ability.

Ultimate - From The Shadows

Omen's Ability Named From The Shadows Tooltip

When and how to use From The Shadows:

Though Omen’s Ultimate is pretty basic conceptually, its uses are nearly unlimited. Even if canceled, Omen can obtain a lot of intel on enemy positions through his misty view. Use this Ultimate to gain intel, flank, or even to start the engage onto a site by getting a quick plant as your team is pushing. It is really easy to get off this Ultimate amongst the chaos of a site push. You can also use Dark Cover in the same way as Shrouded Step, and set down a Dark Cover to teleport into.

Omen's Tips, Tricks, and Map Notes

  • Don’t always teleport into your Dark Cover. Be inconsistent as possible, and throw your enemies into hysteria.
  • Shrouded Step makes sound from your initial point when you teleport, use this to your advantage to either make your teleport dead silent, or loud as can be to scare off your opponents.
  • It’s totally okay to play Omen defensively and simply, especially when learning him. Use his abilities in their most basic form before you try to do anything complicated. Learn the rules first, so you can bend them later.
  • Sometimes just hiding in your Dark Cover as your site is being taken over or re-taken  is your best bet. Then strike as your enemies are just getting comfortable.
  • Learn Omen’s one way smokes, and how to set them up. This gives you a huge advantage against bad players.
  • Limit test frequently with From The Shadows. Since you can cancel it, it’s okay to be a little ballsy.
  • You can fake a site with ease using From The Shadows. Fake any site, then give Omen the spike and have him use his Ultimate to get across the map and plant.

Omen's Tier Rating

Agent's Tier List

Omen, though extremely powerful, I would list as an A-tier agent. His kit is extremely versatile, but what stops him from being S-tier is just how difficult this agent is to pilot when compared to his superior counterpart, BrimstoneBrimstone is easier to use by ten-fold, and is overall a better agent in my opinion. Omen has different strengths than Brimstone, but they are much harder to execute, and because of Omen’s difficulty and inferiority to the “meta” Controller, he is put into A-tier.

Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck in Valorant!


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