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Killjoy is a high-defense, threatening, stonewall Sentinel agent. Sentinels are mainly defensive-orientated supportive agents. Sentinels indirectly support their team by holding down sites and stalling to prevent site takes and retakes; utilizing abilities like Cypher’s Trapwire and Sage’s Slow Orb, along with abilities to directly support their team such as Cypher’s Neural Theft and Sage’s Heal Orb and Resurrect.

Killjoy Overview Infographic

Killjoy's Valorant Overview Infographic for Synergies, Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses.

Table of Contents

Is Killjoy Right For You?

If you are Killjoy, or have Killjoy on your team, you should expect one site on the map to be pretty much inaccessible without a perfect push. This agent is incredibly strong at keeping a site on lock, but not in the same way as Cypher. Actually, she is quite similar to Cypher, just more dangerous. You should expect her to hold choke points, stop plants and defuses, and keep enemies at bay with her Nano Swarm grenades, along with her turret and Alarm Bot to gather bits of intel, and poke away at enemies. Using her Ultimate, Lockdown, she can control the pace of a round very strictly for about 15 seconds.


  • Killjoy EXCELS in defending, and in post-plant phase.
  • Killjoy strongly disincentivizes the enemy from pushing the site she plays, allowing your team to more properly allocate resources.
  • Nano Swarm does a LOT of damage, and is easy to use.
  • Lockdown is easily one of the most powerful Ultimates in the game.


  • Very weak when it comes to pushing, and getting onto a site.
  • Turret does not do very much damage at all.
  • Lockdown takes a long time to channel, and can be destroyed.
  • Turret is usually easily destroyed, but can still get some intel.

Killjoy's Synergies

Cypher Icon


Cypher and Killjoy on either site on a two-site map, or on A & C on Haven make for a very unpleasant experience for the attackers with their combined defensive potential.

Sage Icon


The other Sentinel synergy aside from Cypher, Sage combined with Killjoy on a site makes for lots of kill potential with Slow Orbs and Nanoswarm. Along with being able to separate for more widespread defensive potential and stalling.

Omen Icon


Omen is great at making the enemy uncomfortable with his entire kit, giving Killjoy time to prepare properly. Omen also has a lot more offensive capability, making him a great addition by nature.

Brimstone Icon


Another great zoning character, able to make the enemy uncomfortable with his Sky Smokes, Incendiary, and in extreme situations, Orbital Strike.

Killjoy's Abilities

Basic - Nanoswarm Grenades

Killjoy's Ability Named Nano Swarm Grenades Tooltip
Killjoy's C Ability Named Nano Swarm Grenades Animation
Killjoy's C - Nano Swarm Grenades

When and how should I use Nanoswarm?


Nanoswarm is a pretty cut and dry ability, usually used in the same few situations. This ability is best used for clearing corners, stopping plants by placing them in common plant locations, or stopping defuses by placing them near the Spike. They can also be placed in doorways and other choke points, to keep enemies at bay. Keep in mind this ability can be destroyed prior to activation, so don’t always wait for the perfect time. Try using Nanoswarm in tandem with your two information gathering abilities, Alarm Bot and Turret.

Basic - Alarm Bot

Killjoy's Ability Named Alarm Bot Tooltip
Killjoy's Q Ability Named Alarm Bot Animation
Killjoy's Q - Alarm Bot

When and how should I use Alarm Bot?


Like most of Killjoy’s abilities, Alarm Bot is best used in a defensive situation, whether that is defending a site from attackers, or post-plant retake defense. This ability will give great intel, so you know where enemies are coming from. Also, if they can be shot by your teammates or you, they will take more damage after the explosion of the Alarm Bot. Combine this with your Nanoswarm to kill enemies VERY quickly.

Signature - Turret

Killjoy's Ability Named Turret Tooltip
Killjoy's E Ability Named Turret Animation
Killjoy's E - Turret

When and how should I use Turret?

As you can tell, damage is not exactly the Turret’s strong suit. It is mainly made to gather information, while being a nuisance to enemies with its itty-bitty damage. Despite the small damage amounts, it still adds up in addition to Killjoy’s other abilities, along with her teammate’s damage. Therefore, the enemy is basically forced to shoot down your Turret. This means you’re going to want to place it in an area where it can detects enemies, but is also out of the way, forcing enemies to aim out of your way so you can frag them.

Ultimate - Lockdown

Killjoy's Ability Named Lockdown Tooltip
Killjoy's X Ability Named Lockdown Animation
Killjoy's X - Lockdown

When and how should I use Lockdown?


Lockdown is easily one of the most powerful Ultimates in the game, allowing the game to be put to a near full stop. Unlike most of her kit, Lockdown is equally insanely strong and viable on both defense AND offense. Place this ability down in a safe spot to repel enemies away when on defense, and on offense, use it to force enemies out of their defending positions, as if they stay, they will be detained, and helpless when your team engages onto the site. It is very hard for this ability not to be useful.

Killjoy's Tips, Tricks, and Map Notes

  • Nanoswarm Grenades can be placed in really funky and interesting spots to reduce their chances of being destroyed, so be sure to constantly experiment whenever possible.


  • Most of Killjoy’s abilities can be recalled to her in the case of a rotation.


  • Nanoswarm damage does not stack over each other.


  • Abilities can also destroy Lockdown, Turret, and Nanoswarm, so be cautious you don’t place these where abilities are commonly spammed through.


  • Nanoswarm deals about 255 damage total.


  • Enemies can destroy your Alarm Bot as it approaches, so try to place it in closer corners.

Killjoy's Tier Rating

Agent's Tier List

Killjoy was very recently released, and even though there is not doubt that this agent is extremely strong, and will likely hover between A and S rank, due to her recent release and lack of evidence in high level play, since she probably isn’t in her final state, she will not be put on our tier list.

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