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Jett is an aggressive and extremely mobile Duelist agent. Duelists are your team’s fraggers, and through use of their aggressive abilities, and use of their team’s support abilities, are expected to rank high on the leaderboard by killing the enemy team members consistently. Duelists tend to have a mix of damaging zone control abilities, such as Phoenix’s Hot Hands, or Raze’s Paint Shells, along with some form of initiation, or ways to force a fight, such as Jett’s Tailwind, and Phoenix’s Curveball.

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Table of Contents

Is Jett Right For You?

When you are Jett, or you have Jett on your team, you should expect Jett to get fairly quick and clean entry frags, without getting traded. Jett is one of, if not the only agent, capable of not getting traded after going for an entry, due to her Tailwind ability. You should expect Jett to move quickly around a site, and take enemies out from angles that they do not expect. Of all things, a good Jett needs to be unpredictable, and move without hesitation.


  • Great repositioning with Tailwind and Updraft.
  • Can use Blade Storm on save rounds.
  • Solid, quick smokes with Cloudburst. Good for moving without being seen.
  • Tailwind allows for quick entrances and exits from situations.


  • Tailwind lacks a lot of offensive potential.
  • Cloudburst is nowhere near a replacement for Brimstone or Omen’s smokes.
  • Her abilities are mostly selfish.
  • Blade Storm isn’t better than most rifles, so you might not use it for most of a game.

Jett's Synergies

Team compositions are extremely important. Here are some great agents to go along with Jett’s aggressive playstyle.

Sage Icon


When Jett goes for her entry frags, she still might take a little bit of damage after exiting with Tailwind. Sage’s Heal Orb can top-off Jett so she can keep fighting optimally. Also, use Jett’s Updraft to get on top of a Sage wall to be unpredictable.

Sova Icon


Sova’s recon abilities are unmatched, allowing his team to see where enemies may be hiding. This allows Jett to get onto a site, and frag quicker, knowing where enemies might be.

Breach Icon


Breach has very good entry abilities, but struggles with getting out and doing the fragging himself. Have Breach use his abilities, and let Jett do the entry fragging.

Phoenix Icon


Phoenix can explode onto a side fairly quickly, and same with Jett. Jett can stop herself from getting blinded by using her Cloudburst, and the both of them can get onto a site and entry frag pretty reliably.

Jett's Abilities

Jett’s Passive: By holding your bound jump key, Jett is able to float, negating fall damage and falling slowly.

Basic - Cloudburst

When and How To Use Cloudburst?

Cloudburst is probably the most versatile smoke in the game. However, with that comes some extra skill required. While Omen has his spectral view, and Brimstone has his wrist gadget, Jett only has her eyes to work with. They also last a lot shorter than any other smokes, allowing them to be used for more fast-paced movement around a site. This is particularly useful when using Cloudburst to mask your movement when using Tailwind or Updraft.

Basic - Updraft

When and How To Use Updraft?

Use Updraft before or during the round starts to gain access to unexpected areas and angles, giving enemies less time to react to you shooting them. Be sure to swap spots frequently, and don’t always Updraft to the same spots. Using Updraft mid-combat isn’t recommended, but when you think you can get away with it, go for it.

Curveball over that cover by jumping and casting it, which can unexpectedly blind a whole team trying to defend or attack a site. One of my favorite interactions however, is between Curveball and Blaze. Toss up the Blaze wall, and send your Curveball through it. Anyone on the opposite side of Blaze will be blinded, and you can charge through your Blaze afterwards, allowing for some clean frags.

Signature - Tailwind

When and How To Use Tailwind?

Shooting Jett in the middle of Tailwind is very difficult, so using it to dash past a choke point is a pretty solid use, just be sure to have a plan after. Use Tailwind to get into an unexpected offensive angle, sometimes using Tailwind and Updraft at the same time to move diagonally across a site. You can creatively use Cloudburst to mask these movements behind smoke. Keep in mind Tailwind makes a very distinct sound when activated, so the enemy can tell when you have moved positions.

Ultimate - Blade Storm

When and How Should I Use Blade Storm?

Essentially, use the main fire at long range, and use the alternate fire at close range. When it comes to medium range, it honestly goes down to personal preference. Sometimes it is nice to send out all 5 knives towards the upper chest/head area, and hope for a headshot. But other times, it is better to send out the knives one by one, aiming for 3 to the body, 1 to the head. I recommend using Blade Storm primarily on rounds where you cannot afford a good gun, that way you can save some money.

Jett's Tips, Tricks, and Map Notes

  • Jett’s Cloudburst can be sent through Bind Teleporters.
  • Jett is one of the only agents with a Passive.
  • Jett’s knives in Blade Storm are 100% accurate no matter what action you are performing.
  • You can use one or two Updrafts over walls, and use Blade Storm over them to kill enemies from areas they will never expect.
  • Jett is most commonly seen in high levels of play with an Operator, VALORANT’s premiere sniper rifle. Jett is extremely good with this weapon due to her ability to get in and get out, getting picks quickly and exiting with Tailwind.
  • On top of being great with the Operator, Jett’s Blade Storm allows for better clutch potential when the Operator won’t do the trick.
  • Updraft and Tailwind are REALLY noisy abilities, so don’t try to be too stealthy with them in combat.

Jett's Tier Rating

Agent's Tier List

Overall, I would say Jett is an B-tier agent. She has the same problem as most Duelists do, in that they perform well in a solo queue setting, but do not do nearly as well in organized play. However, she is still actually pretty good regardless. She can definitely be played at a high level, however, the current VALORANT meta feels pretty cutthroat, with certain agents dominating the game. Agents such as Sage, Cypher, and Brimstone feel too necessary to allow Jett to shine.

Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck in Valorant!


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