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Brimstone is a pseudo-support Controller agent. Controllers are generally your team’s anchor, capable of locking down an area or site all on their own. This is typically done via Area of Effect damage abilities, such as Viper’s Snake Bite, or Brimstone’s Incendiary , along with line-of-sight blocking abilities, such as agent’s smokes or walls. Brimstone’s arsenal is very diverse in how he controls zones, from simple smoke grenades, to his fire bomb Incendiary, to a huge laser beam from the sky.

Brimstone Overview Infographic

Brimstone's Valorant Overview Infographic for Synergies, Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses.

Table of Contents

Is Brimstone Right For You?

When you are Brimstone, or if you have Brimstone on your team, you should expect Brimstone to have quick, relentless executes onto sites with his Sky Smokes and Stim Beacon, along with great angle-clearing with Incendiary and Orbital Strike. Brimstone should primarily be operating from a safe place, as almost all of his abilities can be used from a distance. Defensively, Brimstone is expected to keep the entrances to site’s smoked off to delay the opposition’s push, along with using his more offensive abilities to keep them at bay.


  • Insanely strong site control.
  • Capable of controlling a site from afar in safety.
  • Very reliable corner clearing with Incendiary and Orbital Strike.
  • Able to force anyone out of any favorable situation or angle with Sky Smokes or Orbital Strike.
  • Pretty much a necessity in any team composition, due to his Sky Smokes.


  • Takes some time to lay down any of his abilities, if you get caught out putting your Sky Smokes out, you’re as good as dead.
  • Stim Beacon has a level of anti-synergy with some weapons, which will be explained in the Tips section.
  • Incendiary can feel very lackluster, as the fire field it leaves can be easily avoided, or straight up ran through, since it doesn’t cover too much ground defensively.

Brimstone's Synergies

Team compositions are extremely important. Here are some great agents to go along with Brimstone’s oppressive and controlling kit.

Sova Icon


Sova’s aggressive recon abilities are essentially unmatched, so using Sova’s Recon Arrow or Owl Drone to spot out where enemies are is extremely powerful when matched with Brimstone’s Incendiary and Orbital Strike.

Jett Icon


Jett is extremely aggressive, and mostly in your face. Brimstone’s Sky Smokes allow Jett to move through and around a site without being spotted, and his Stim Beacon lets her dispose of enemies at an accelerated rate.

Breach Icon


Breach and Brimstone together set their team up for nearly flawless site execution. With Brimstone’s Sky Smokes and Breach’s crowd control, you’ll be able to hit hard and fast, and the site will be taken before the enemy even sees you.

Brimstone's Abilities

Basic - Stim Beacon

Brimstone's Ability Named Stim Beacon Tooltip
Brimstone's Ability Named Stim Beacon Animation
Brimstone's - Stim Beacon

When and how should I use Stim Beacon?

You’ll usually want to use this ability as a fight is about to break out. Remember, the beacon lasts a while, so it’s okay to use it a bit early, to make sure you don’t get fragged while getting it out. Remember that Stim Beacon applies to anyone in the radius, including enemies, so try to angle the beacon properly to assure you don’t accidentally buff the enemy. Stim Beacon can be thrown a pretty generous distance, so if you want to toss it over towards a teammate, that is a pretty solid option, along with throwing it where you intend to be, rather than where you are; for example, throwing it around a corner to where you plan on peeking. Brimstone can carry up to two Stim Beacons that he must use one at a time, so it’s okay to use them ahead of time. Better stimmed than sorry.

Basic - Incendiary

Brimstone's Ability Named Incendiary Tooltip
Brimstone's Ability Named Incendiary Animation
Brimstone's - Incendiary

When and how should I use Incendiary?

This ability seems super basic at first, but I personally find that the use of the Molotov is what separates good Brimstone’s from great ones. You see, Brimstone’s Incendiary can bounce off of walls, and has a projectile drop, meaning he can send it around corners, and from safety. The best time to use this ability is when you can hear or see enemies moving around a corner or pushing an area. However, in order to maximize the usefulness of the ability, you’re going to want to use it just as the enemies are coming across your intended landing area. The mistake I most often see Brimstones make is treating the Incendiary launcher like a gun, and peeking out to use it, getting their headpiece removed instantly. Take advantage of the wall-bouncing and dropping properties of the projectile, and you can burn your enemies to a crisp from safety, even if they don’t come into much contact with the fire field, it’s likely to cause panic, allowing you to peek with your weapon, and grab a few frags. Worst case scenario, it zones off the enemy, which is still super useful. Offensively, I like using this ability purely to clear corners. Just pop it off of a wall into the corner you want to clear, and whoever is hiding there needs to move out into the open, so you can light them up like a Christmas tree with your team.

Signature - Sky Smoke

Brimstone's Ability Named Sky Smoke Tooltip
Brimstone's Ability Named Sky Smoke Animation
Brimstone's - Sky Smoke

When and how to use Sky Smokes?

This is Brimstone’s best ability, and can be used in a variety of offensive and defensive ways. Here, I am going to go over all of the basic smokes you will need in your games, on all three maps, along with some bonus advanced smokes to try out. Defensive smokes are far easier than the offensive ones, and remember, if you are playing a site with another Controller, or Cypher, be sure to balance out your vision blocking utility so they don’t overlap and end up wasted. Something to keep in mind is not to smoke every single possible angle. An advanced method of smoking will allow the enemies to peek one angle. However, because that’s the only angle available to them, you’ll see it coming, and take them out. When putting smokes down, you generally don’t want to watch the area that is smoked. This revolves around the previous point, meaning: watch the angles that aren’t smoked. Your smokes force the enemy to either push through them, which is difficult, since they’re blind for most of that push, and by the time they’re out of said smoke, they’re out in the open and ready to be domed. Your smokes make it so you don’t have to watch two angles at once, but say you decide to just smoke all entries to a site, now what? Now is the best time to get really sneaky. When enemies are pushing through smokes, the second they come out, they will have to do a very fast survey of the area, since they don’t have time to slow peek and check corners, because of the smoke. Take advantage of this disorientation and focus on taking them out as they exit the smoke. Another option is to actually spray through the smoke, especially if you can hear the enemy.

REMEMBER: There are two elements to smoking with Brimstone. Where you are standing, and where you are smoking. Make sure you are standing in a place where you can get down all the smokes you need, you can tell where you need to be standing while you use the ability, on your tactical map.

Ultimate - Orbital Strike

Brimstone's Ability Named Orbital Strike Tooltip
Brimstone's Ability Named Orbital Strike Animation
Brimstone's - Orbital Strike

When and how should I use Orbital Strike?

Though Orbital Strike has insane killing power, it is highly likely you will get no more than one kill, if even that, from this Ultimate. Most of its strength actually comes from its radius and duration. It is nearly impossible to see through Orbital Strike, so it somewhat acts as a line-of-sight blocker. Also, no character can sit through an Orbital Strike for longer than a few seconds, so it also forces enemies out of their angles, leaving them exposed. Use Orbital Strike if your teammate or their abilities have spotted an enemy in hopes for a kill, or use it in an area where enemies commonly hold. It is honestly very difficult to NOT get value from this Ultimate, just be sure not to rush it, and be patient.

Brimstone's Tips, Tricks, and Map Notes

  • Firstly, why you shouldn’t use Stim Beacon as often as you’d think. Stim grants firing speed, which seems nice at first. However, this also makes your recoil a lot harder to control, due to the higher fire rate. This hurts a player’s muscle memory in recoil control, as your gun is now shooting faster than usual, requiring different recoil adjustment timings. On a weapon like the Vandal, this can hurt quite a lot, as it has a lot of recoil. However, it can come down to personal preference, as if you learn both recoil adjustment speeds, you can kill the enemy before they can kill you due to your increased firing speed.


  • You can use Brimstone’s Orbital Strike or Incendiary to stop a Spike defusal easily. Firing the Incendiary over the bomb will kill anyone defusing as long as it’s up, and using Orbital Strike when you can hear the defusal sound can lead to a zero counterplay situation for the defending team, since Orbital Strike can be used from such a far distance. This way, you force the retakers to push you, with your Incendiary and Sky Smokes.


  • When attempting a site retake, putting a Sky Smoke over the planted Spike when going for a defuse can allow you to go unnoticed, making for a sneaky round win.


  • Be sure to get creative with your Sky Smokes! Smoking the same angles every time you try and execute onto a site will cause enemies to adjust their positioning, so try to be unpredictable.


  • Hold that itchy trigger finger on your Orbital Strike. It is a very tempting ability to just throw out, but with calculated use, you can get the most out of your Ultimate every single time.


  • Lastly, try and get a Stim Beacon on pistol and SMG rounds, as the difference in firing speed will really show with those kinds of weapons.


  • Incendiary and Stim Beacon both go through the teleporters on Bind.

Brimstone's Tier Rating

Agent's Tier List

Brimstone is without a doubt, currently an S-tier Agent. His zone control is generally better than his Controller counterparts, Omen and Viper. With all of his abilities being very useful, aside from some uses of Stim Beacon, Brimstone has nearly unlimited potential with his seemingly simple abilities. Though Omen, his Controller-Smoking counterpart, is much better than he was previously, I believe a composition without a Brimstone suffers a lot against a composition without one, which gauges Brimstone into the S-tier.

Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck in Valorant!


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