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Breach is a powerful offensive set-up engage Initiator agent. Initiators are your team’s start to a fight, but not in the same fashion as Duelists. While Duelists go in themselves, Initiators are meant to start a fight from the back lines, using abilities such as Breach’s Flashpoint and Sova’s Recon Bolt. Though the abilities vary greatly when it comes to Initiators, their jobs are one in the same.

Breach Overview Infographic

Breach's Valorant Overview Infographic for Synergies, Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses.

Table of Contents

Is Breach Right For You?

When you are Breach, or have Breach on your team, you should expect effective corner clearing, and explosive entry onto any site. Breach is fairly strong in defense, but his strengths really shine when engaging onto the enemy, whether that is on attack, re-taking, or simply playing a more aggressive defending side. Breach is able to set his team up for success by clearing corners with his Aftershock, while blinding out the enemy with Flashpoint, an extremely strong flashbang-like ability. He can also daze enemies that come across his Fault Line, a long, linear tremor that stuns enemies for a few seconds, rendering them nearly useless. And with his most powerful engage tool, his Ultimate, Rolling Thunder, he can nearly secure a site all on his own. Breach is a great agent for the one leading your team, as clear communication is a necessity for his strict execution.


  • Works EXTREMELY well in an organized environment.
  • Power engage in almost every ability.
  • The most powerful flashbang in the game.
  • Overwhelming crowd control.


  • MUCH weaker in a solo setting, requires clear comms with randoms.
  • All of his abilities take some time to use and set up.
  • If not used perfectly, it is easy enough to dodge most of his abilities.
  • You can still get killed by a dazed enemy relatively easy.

Breach's Synergies

Breach is a solid execution based support agent, so despite all of his strengths, he needs a solid team composition to make use of them.

Phoenix Icon


Phoenix is the premiere aggressor of VALORANT, and works very well in tandem with Breach’s supportive engage kit. Curveball combined with Flashpoint renders a team useless if caught out.

Reyna Icon


Reyna is another very strong entry fragger, but she does slightly lack the speed of Phoenix. Breach allows her to entry onto a site with more than just her Leer.

Sova Icon


Sova’s Recon Bolt gives Breach an general idea as to where to place his crowd-control abilities, furthering his potential and usefulness, since Breach’s kit isn’t very good without any kind of direction.

Jett Icon


Jett is usually a very self centered character, but she works very well with Breach. Her executions are even faster than Phoenix’s, and he is far more mobile. Let Breach send out his abilities, and Jett will follow up among the chaos.

Breach's Abilities

Basic - Aftershock

Breach's Ability Named Aftershock Tooltip
Breach's C Ability Named Aftershock Animation
Breach's C - Aftershock

When and how should I use Aftershock?


Aftershock is probably Breach’s easiest ability to execute. If you think an enemy is behind a wall or in a corner, simply use Aftershock on the corner/wall you expect them to be. Aftershock is an ability that really benefits from use of the minimap, as the minimap shows the blast radius, so you can easily tell where your Aftershock blast charge will detonate. This ability can also be used to the great effect of delaying a plant or defuse, by sending the charge on the opposite side of where the enemy is planting or defusing. This is a pretty solid strategy to slow down a push from relative safety.

Basic - Flashpoint

Breach's Ability Named Flash Point Tooltip
Breach's Q Ability Named Flash Point Animation
Breach's Q - Flash Point

When and how should I use Flashpoint?


Flashpoint is a tricky ability. It seems simple at first, but a skilled Breach understands the big strength, and big weakness of this ability. While a flashbang like Leer or Curveball are swift and deadly, Flashpoint is slow, but devastating. Flashpoint is best used at an angle where enemies are forced to act. Flashpoint isn’t always used to blind, but it is an amazing way to keep enemies away from where you want to go. This ability takes lots of set-up, and it is not very likely that this ability can be always used to flash yourself in, as it is much better to flash your teammates in instead. Just be careful not to flash your teammates on accident!

Signature - Fault Line

Breach's Ability Named Fault Line Tooltip
Breach's E Ability Named Fault Line Animation
Breach's E - Fault Line

When and how should I use Fault Line?


Fault Line will rarely actually hit enemies, but it is a great zoning ability. Especially in areas where enemies are peeking, if a Fault Line is sent through, enemies will not be able to peek without being dazed. However, there are some pretty great lineups for this ability. Similar to Aftershock, this ability is greatly aided by use of the minimap. You can see your Fault Line as it increases in length, and see where enemies will be dazed. Use this ability to zone enemies off of common sniper angles, or if you know where enemies are going to camp corners. This ability excels in clearing hallways, doorways, and choke points, Fault Line usually allocates their length.

Ultimate - Rolling Thunder

Breach's Ability Named Rolling Thunder Tooltip
Breach's X Ability Named Rolling Thunder Animation
Breach's X - Rolling Thunder

When and how should I use Rolling Thunder?


Rolling Thunder is best used when your team needs to win a crucial round, needs that extra little push to get to the post-plant phase of the round. Whether it’s a crucial round eco-wise, or just match point, Rolling Thunder does an exceptional job at making one area on the map unlivable. Unlike a lot of abilities similar to Rolling Thunder, AoE abilities that take some time to get going, so just end up as zoning abilities, Rolling Thunder is actually pretty fast, faster than any player can move. Meaning it is actually really easy to catch defenders or attackers out, as long as you have a very general idea as to where they are. Simply cast the ability, and move out as fast as possible to maximize its use. Do not hesitate, but also don’t hit your teammates.


Breach's Tips, Tricks, and Map Notes

  • None of Breach’s abilities can go through Bind Teleporters.


  • Try to never be the first one in as Breach. Breach is essentially an aggressive pseudo-support, made to help his team get in and onto a site.


  • Use all of your abilities from cover whenever possible, as Breach has some time before all of his abilities can be used.


  • The Rolling Thunder knock-up will stop defuses and plants.


  • All of your teammates can be affected by Fault Line, so be careful when you use it.


  • Know the maps you’re playing on, this way you can maximize the use of Fault Line’s length to slow rotations down.


  • In the same vein, it is okay not to always use the full charge of Fault Line, either for speed’s sake, or to not reveal your location, since Fault Line is linear.


  • The most important thing in Breach’s case is communication. Breach is a very difficult agent, as his executions require extreme precision, and his abilities can harm his teammates as well. If any kind of timings are off in a push, defensively or offensively, Breach can become a lot less useful than intended.


  • Remind your team that when you use your abilities to push, they need to be moving quickly.

Breach's Tier Rating

Agent's Tier List

Early in VALORANT’s existence, particularly in the Closed Beta, Breach was a much more terrifying pick. However, since the game’s release, Breach has quickly declined in popularity and power, as his kit simply requires too much perfection in execution, and there are much better picks to take his place, along with players simply learning the game, and how to avoid Breach’s kit. I would say Breach is B tier. Not a bad agent, but his potential is squandered by just how difficult he is to play properly, and how high the bar of execution is on most of his abilities.

Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck in Valorant!


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