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Challenger Guides. Always Free

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RTO Academy is a massive collection of comprehensive guides made by the best players in the world that you are able to access entirely for free.  Other places will either allow anyone to create a guide no matter if they are qualified or not or will make you pay for access to the guides that have been created by qualified players.  Our goal is to give you the best guides made by the best players entirely for free.  

Seriously no catch.  There are no subscriptions or paywalls that you will find here.  We might offer merch eventually but complete access to everything that we offer will always be available.  We have ads that run in the website to cover our hosting costs but that is it.  Turning off adblocker would be appreciated, but I know ads suck so I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t.  If you want to help support us, you are welcome to donate to our PayPal.  

I have had great support from my community that has put me in a situation where I am able to give back.  I have been helping players learn how to play Renekton and Top Lane for the last 3 years and really enjoy it.  This is the next step for me to increase my reach and find other players who want to help the community with their champions as well.

The best way to help is simply share the website to help it grow.  Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere.  I want everyone know this exists so that they can stop paying money for something that they can get here for free.

You can also help us by telling your favorite challenger players that you want them to make a guide on here.  Just asking them may convince them to do it.  

My name is Wes who goes by RTO.  I am a Challenger Renekton player who has over 5 Million Mastery Points with the croc.  I enjoy helping players get better at League of Legends.  I was in the US Army as a Patriot Missile Operator and have been streaming for 3 years.  I have 2 YouTube Channels that I post to:  RTO Academy Channel and RTO’s Renekton Channel.  

I also stream on Facebook daily so you can catch me live there!  I have an in depth Renekton Guide that I created for the site so make sure to check that out if you want to learn how to play the croc.

Yes and No.  I have writers on the team who sit down with the challenger player to get all of the information that they need to start writing.  All of our guides are written in a way to be easy to understand and easy to navigate so they all have a similar structure to make sure that nothing is missed.  Once the writers have drafted a guide, the challenger then reviews, makes changes and eventually approves it after making corrections.  Then the guide is inputted by our web developer to look nice and be structured correctly.  

If you are or have been Challenger and can be considered an expert in a champion/role that we have not covered, then you can fill out this google form.

There will only be one guide per champ per role that will ever be on this site because we want one single resource that a player can go to get all the best info.  Once a champ/role has been claimed, then no one will be able to take that position unless they become unreachable or not help us update the guides.  So hurry up and contact me if you want that spot.

So do I, but some really big streamers want lots of money to do something like this and I am not going to pay since we are not looking to make money off this project.  The players who have created guides on this site genuinely care about the community and are not getting paid a dime for doing this.  They may not be the biggest names, but they are experts in their champs that are doing this to help players out.  

We are always interested in partnership opportunities so go ahead and send us an email at

Short term goals are to have a guide made for every champ in the game as well as a comprehensive breakdown on how to play League in every lane.

Long term is expanding out to other games in the Riot Universe like Valorant, Legends of Runeterra and TeamFight Tactics.

Super Long Term is going onto other games but that will take a looooong time because…

The biggest challenge is that each guide is around 5000 words and includes a ton of images/ gifs to be the quality that we want.  That is an incredible amount of work that has to be done just to complete the part of our goal.  So to do that we will need a bigger team which will require more funding.  So donating will help us reach our goals quicker by letting us hire more people.  

We have 5,000 words per guide so it sometimes happens that we make mistakes because there is just so much content.  If you find a mistake, you can report it here.