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Sova tracks, finds, and eliminates enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. His custom bow and incredible scouting abilities ensure that even if you run, you cannot hide. Like agent Sage, Sova is a great rusher and support role agent. Anyone who enjoys getting into combat and supporting their team will want to play this agent.

Sova Overview Infographic

We put together a Sova overview infographic that has the best loadouts, strengths, weaknesses, abilities and info as we currently have during this beta release of Valorant.  Make sure to share with your friends and check back here to get the latest updates.  This guide is a work in progress and we will keep it as up to date as possible.

Sova Valorant Overview Infographic for Abilities, Weapons, Strengths and Weaknesses

Table of Contents


  • Hunter’s Fury pretty much shuts down teams who are bunkering.
  • Works incredibly well against barrier heavy teams.
  • Amazing vision for his team.
  • Owl Drone is a great tool for scouting without any risk to you or your team.


  • Owl Drone is fairly easy to gun down and slow moving.
  • Hunter’s Fury needs use alongside your Recon Bolt to maximize its value.
  • Shock Bolt needs pin-point aim and has a small radius
  • Aggressive teams won’t bunker against Sova, allowing them to mitigate much of your vision by rushing.

Sova's Abilities

Recon Bolt (Signature)

Recon Bolt allows you to use a bow and fire a bolt that when hits and detonates emits a sonar pulse that tags and reveals nearby enemy locations. This can be used when fighting in close quarters and figuring out when the enemy is hiding and what corners they are sitting in.

Hunter’s Fury (Ultimate)

Hunter’s Fury fires up to three deadly energy blasts that spear across the entire map. Each enemy hit takes heavy damage and is marked. This can be used later in the round when either outnumbered or when you outnumber the enemy to reveal their location and seek out the remaining enemy.

Shock Bolt

Shock Bolt fires an explosive bolt emitting a damaging pulse of static energy upon impact. This ability can be used in one of two ways. Offensive or defensive. Offensively this can be used to distract enemy players and rush them for the kill. Defensively this can be used to distract enemies allowing you to reposition or retreat and then reposition.

Owl Drone

Owl Drone is what it’s name suggests. This ability deploys a pilotable drone that fires a dart that will reveal enemies who are hit. This creates the ability to mark enemies in front of friendlies giving them the advantage to know enemy locations in front of them and kill them before the enemy has time to react. This can also be used from a defensive point of view by marking enemy targets who are attempting to plant on the objective and gives your team the ability to keep them from doing so.



Sova is an interestingly balanced agent when it comes to his playstyle. Given his abilities and balanced playstyle, his loadout really depends on what you play. For a rush playstyle the following would work because of the rate of fire and damage output

  • Primary – Phantom Rifle or Vandal Rifle
  • Secondary – Frenzy Pistol or Ghost Pistol

Reason being, the assault rifles both have a moderate rate of fire with high damage outputs and secondaries that allow you to have a backup that’s reliable. This allows you to be aggressive while being armed with something to back you up.


If playing as a Support playstyle, we recommend that you use the following

  • Primary – Ares LMG or Guardian Assault Rifle
  • Secondary – Frenzy Pistol or Ghost Pistol

Either of these work great for a support playstyle because the Ares LMG allows you to support your team by laying down fire at the enemy and forcing them to keep them behind cover. On the other hand, if you go with the Guardian assault rifle it creates the ability to support your team by keeping your distance but yet still being effective.

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