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Omen Guide

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Omen hunts in the shadows. He renders enemies blind, teleports across the field, then lets paranoia take hold as foes scramble to uncover where it might strike next. Anyone who enjoys being across the board on their playstyle. Omen is perfectly balanced between a rush, support, or anchor playstyle.

Omen Overview Infographic

We put together an Omen overview infographic that has the best loadouts, strengths, weaknesses, abilities and info as we currently have during this beta release of Valorant.  Make sure to share with your friends and check back here to get the latest updates.  This guide is a work in progress and we will keep it as up to date as possible.

Table of Contents


  • Nearsighting opponents is invaluable:  effectively an instant blind.
  • He can teleport.  Say no more.
  • Dark Cover provides invaluable obscurity for you and your team.
  • From the Shadows is amazing for diving the enemy backline if they’re bunkering.


  • He’s already popular.  You will struggle to draft him.
  • Easy to play badly.
  • From the Shadows has a cast time.  It can not be used in a pinch.

Omen's Abilities

Dark Cover (Signature)

Dark Cover casts out a stealthed ethereal orb that burst into an obscuring sphere shadow at its final location. This is similar to over agents abilities and allows you to create a sphere that blinds enemies and allows you to move to a different position. Also allowing you to rush enemies if that’s the play style you prefer.

From The Shadows (Ultimate)

From the Shadows allows you to select anywhere on the map and teleport you there. However, when teleporting, a Shade will appear where your destination is. If killed you will be returned back to your original spot. This can be very useful to out flank enemy players. This ability is great to have because it also gives you the opportunity to escape if cornered and last alive to help with the clutch.


Paranoia sends out a Ethereal shadow in a straight line, nearsighting anyone it touches. This is great when playing a rush play style. You can use this as a distraction while rushing enemies and their visibility is low. Or it can be used as a distraction to bait players into shooting and giving their location away.

Shrouded Step

Shrouded Step, after a delay, allows you to dematerialize and teleport a short distance. This combined with Paranoia can be a deadly combo when baiting players. This can be used in different ways but seems more efficient when flanking or trying to bait players and rush them.



Omen is an interestingly balanced agent when it comes to his playstyle. Given his abilities and balanced playstyle, his loadout really depends on what you play. For a rush playstyle the following would work because of the rate of fire and damage output

  • Primary – Phantom Rifle or Vandal Rifle
  • Secondary – Frenzy Pistol or Ghost Pistol

Reason being, the assault rifles both have a moderate rate of fire with high damage outputs and secondaries that allow you to have a backup that’s reliable. This allows you to be aggressive while being armed with something to back you up.


Now if you decide to anchor instead of the other choices. We recommend the following:

  1. Primary: Operator Sniper Rifle
  2. Secondary: Frenzy Pistol or Ghost Pistol

Reason for this is because as an anchor, your job is to defend the objectives. With this loadout, you have the ability to keep your distance and pick off enemies one by one when they try and get into the objective. Best played by keeping your distance and keeping your eyes open for audio of movement, gunshots or even abilities being used.

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