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Cypher Guide

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Cypher is a one-man surveillance network who keeps tabs on the enemy’s every move. No secret is safe. No maneuver goes unseen. Cypher is always watching. Someone who enjoys playing as a support and light anchor role due to his abilities to reveal enemy locations and set trapwires.

Cypher Overview Infographic

We put together a Cypher overview infographic that has the best loadouts, strengths, weaknesses, abilities and info as we currently have during this beta release of Valorant.  Make sure to share with your friends and check back here to get the latest updates.  This guide is a work in progress and we will keep it as up to date as possible.

Table of Contents


  • Lots of utility through vision and dazes.
  • Tracking dart has team-wide value.
  • Neural Theft is brilliant if your team secures an early kill.
  • The damage potential of Cyber Cage is high and buys your team valuable time.


  • His Ultimate is useless if you have yet to secure a kill.
  • Spycam is only visible if your team is already able to roam to place it.
  • Cage is fairly easy to spot and players can comfortably avoid it.
  • Experienced players will tentatively approach tight corridors, reducing the value of Trapwire.

Cypher's Abilities

Spycam (Signature)

Spycam allows you to put a camera down and mark enemies with. This creates the ability to spot enemy targets for friendlies and allow you to lay traps and ambush unsuspecting players.

Neural Theft (Ultimate)

Neural Theft allows you to extract information from dead enemy players, revealing the location of their allied players. Using this ability can create many windows of opportunity. Using this can create a window to reveal enemy locations and plan around them. Whether it be flanking them, setting an ambush, or just rushing them and killing them.


Trapwire creates the ability to place a stealthed tripwire between two walls. When triggered, the enemy is restrained and revealed for a short period of time. If the trap isn’t destroyed, it activates a daze to the trapped victim. This can be used to deny enemy access to a certain path or keep enemies from rushing your team straight from the get go.enemy has time to react. This can also be used from a defensive point of view by marking enemy targets who are attempting to plant on the objective and gives your team the ability to keep them from doing so.

Cyber Cage

Cyber Cage is a remote activation trap that when activated creates a cage that slows enemies down when passing through it. This can be used as either to slow enemy players down a certain path or to keep enemies from rushing. Can also be used to slow enemies down from retreating if placed behind them and you out number them.



Defending can be a little tricky. But with the right weapons it can be made easy. When playing Cypher keep in mind your goal is to play as a anchor defending the objective is your main goal and you need the right weapons to do so. 

  • Primary – Guardian Assault Rifle or The Operator Sniper Rifle
  • Secondary – Frenzy Pistol

This combo creates the ability to put powerful rounds down at enemies from a distance and when in close quarters, the Frenzy pistol lets you have the ability of having an automatic backup. When using this you its best to use the rifle until you have no choice but to get in close (i.e defuse the objective or going through tight corners).

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