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Camille Top – Drututt

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This League of Legends Season 10 Ultimate Camille guide is the only guide that you will need in order to play Camille Top. This guide will include builds, combos, counters, synergies, keystones, and runes. Camille is an elegant and elite agent. Her relentless drive to have precision made her a fail-proof specialist. She is the Principal Intelligencer of Clan Feros, whose sole purpose is to ensure the Piltover machine and its Zaunite underbelly run smoothly. Camille continues adding hextech body augmentation that transformed her into what she is today. This guide was written by our team of writers along with the help of Challenger player, Drututt, who is an expert in everything Camille.  He is considered by many to be the best in the world at this champion and you can find him Streaming on Twitch and on his Youtube Channel and Twitter. Watch live video from Drututt on

Camille Overview Infographic

We put together a Camille overview infographic that has the best builds, runes, strengths, weaknesses, combos, skill orders, counters, synergies and anything else that you need to quickly learn the basics of Camille.  Make sure to share with your friends and check back here to get the latest updates.  We will be updating this infographic as changes happen so check back often! 

Camille's League of Legends Overview Infographic for Combos, Runes, Builds, Skill Order, Strengths and Weaknesses

Who is Drututt?

Maks, 18 years of age. Currently playing with summoner names Drututt, Weakside Refugee, TwTv Drututt. He has over 2 million mastery points across all accounts and he peaked at 1059 LP in Europe Western Challenger. He played over 3,000 games with Camille and has an average KDA ratio of 3.46:1 with a 61% Win Rate. He started playing in season 4 with his friends just for fun, but quit the game soon after. Somewhere around season 6, he saw the Kled teaser on his Facebook dashboard and came back to League because he thought the champion looked fun. As soon as Camille was teased, he immediately quit Kled and never looked back. Camille’s kit matched the dream champion he wanted to have in a MOBA game. He used to play a lot of Aeon of Storms in Starcraft 2 and that’s why he loved the MOBA genre. He didn’t play League because not many champions suited him.

Table of Contents

Why Play Camille

Before we start on the Ultimate Guide to Camille we first want to tell you why you should play her. Her overall strengths and weaknesses are as follows:


  • If you are good enough, you can always be even or ahead.
  • Hardest snowballing champion in the game. If you win your lane you can easily 1v9.
  • Scales insanely good and has a decent early game.
  • Longest engage range in the game. Hard to escape from her, hard to catch her.
  • Insane damage. She has a Darius ult on a 2 seconds cooldown at 3 items.


  • Some matchups are unplayable if you don’t know Camille’s limits.
  • Relies on gold heavily, and her items are the most expensive ones in the game.
  • Really useless if you can’t contest enemy laner.
  • Bad wave clear. Buying Tiamat makes her lack item slots and lose a lot of combat power.
  • Weak teamfights if unable to find a flank or you get CC’d to death.

Camille Counters

These champions give Camille a hard time in-game due to having a kit that can stop Camille from doing what she wants to do. Here are some of the biggest issues and how you can try to overcome the challenges they bring.

Jax Icon


Jax is considered a counter because he gets free lane, free scaling, and will always be more useful in teamfights and side-laning if he is even or ahead. He is hard to shut down in lane because he dictates when trades happen. He can easily cancel your E (Hookshot) with his own E (Counter Strike), which pretty much kills you instantly if you try to escape. A decent Jax can beat a good Camille. There’s no point in itemizing for survival. Go Doran’s Blade and pray he makes a mistake and dies to a jungle gank or you dodge his stun. Start W (Tactical Sweep) and never walk up to him. Stay close to walls, take E second, and if he jumps on you, instantly stun him and walk away. You won’t get stunned this way

Renekton Icon


Renekton is considered a counter because he is as hard to play against as Jax. You lose early game super hard because he can go Ninja Tabi + Vampiric Scepter and heavily outdamage you, even if you build full damage. You can’t ever trade with him if he has any amount of Fury, because he can just Q (Cull the Meek) or E (Slice and Dice) the wave to stack it for an empowered W (Ruthless Predator) and break your shield. Then unload his full combo and run away. At level 6, you can’t ever go near him because you can’t really build HP early game. The worst part is you can’t ever win side-lane duels because he goes BotRK and wins really hard even at 2 items. All you can do is rush Tiamat, shove lane if he isn’t present, and roam.

Darius Icon


Darius is considered a counter because you can’t really poke him down, as your W (Tactical Sweep) has the same range as his E (Apprehend). If he ever gets on top of you, he can just pop Ghost and run you down with the insane steroid from his passive (Noxian Might). If you try to E (Hookshot) away, he can cancel it with his own E. You can’t really beat him in a 1v1 unless he wastes his Q (Decimate) on minions and walks up. If he does that, you need to time your ultimate (The Hextech Ultimatum) when he channels his Q and will always end up on top of him. Don't go Tiamat, let the wave push to you so he can’t extend lane and play for 2v2s where you and your jungler focus Darius.

Camille Synergies

These champions work well with Camille and should be considered being picked alongside her if possible. Here are some of the biggest synergies and how you can abuse them.

Yuumi Icon


Yuumi works well with Camille, and they are the most broken combo in the game. You get a far away AoE engage with Yuumi’s R, and Camille runs at 600 MS because of Yuumi’s E (Zoomies) and Camille’s Q (Precision Protocol), that gives movespeed, plus Phage. Most enchanters don’t synergize with Camille that great because they can’t follow her insanely long engage. Yuumi, on the other hand, stays with her and together they are the most broken snowball combo in the game.

Sejuani Icon


Sejuani works well with Camille as you can apply her E (Permafrost) almost instantly because you have 2 auto-attack resets. The enemy toplaner has to respect the jungle pressure, because if he missteps just a tiny bit he gets CC-chained to death. They also have a really brutal 2v2 that not many jungle + top duos can contest.

Kayle Icon


Kayle works well with Camille, as the enemy ADC won’t be able to play the game right if they are together. Camille pretty much has a point-and-click 1.5k damage nuke if she just uses Q (Precision Protocol) on a minion and runs at them. Kayle just uses her ultimate (Divine Judgement) on Camille when she uses E (Hookshot) and the enemy ADC can’t escape even using Flash or dashes, because of Camille’s R (The Hextech Ultimatum). Kayle also has an insane scaling and amazing level 6 power. (Assuming Kayle is playing mid).

Camille Summoner Spells

Camille’s recommended summoner spells are Teleport and Flash. You can E + Flash for a guaranteed stun and damage to your target. It is really hard to react or predict Hookshot combined with this spell. You can also do tricky things like W (Tactical Sweep) into Flash for the last hit. You should always take Teleport for Camille, as it enables you to do what your champion should do, split-push. You can farm your items safely without giving up objectives, because you always want to be on the opposite side of the objective that your team wants. Teleport also gives you a free recall and helps you to not lose a lane instantly if you misplay and die.

Camille Runes and Keystones

Camille’s recommended runes are Conqueror, Triumph, Tenacity/Bloodline, and Last Stand on Precision as primary, and Shield Bash with Bone Plating/Second Wind on Resolve as secondary. Conqueror gives you AD and healing, and Triumph enables you to do plays that normally you wouldn’t be able to do. If the enemy has any point-and-click CC that you can’t dodge but can reduce, or just a lot of CC in general, take Tenacity. Choose Bloodline if the enemy has unreliable CC like Thresh’ hook. If you take Bloodline, always rush 2 Doran’s Blades. And lastly, Last Stand is the best option for you. In the secondary tree, you want to ramp up your defenses as you will be building damage early in the game. Shield bash is easily the best rune on Camille because of her passive (Adaptive Defenses) and how she trades in the lane. Bone Plating or Second Wind are just the best survival runes when the skirmishes start.

Camille's Top Recommended Runes
Camille's Top Recommended Runes

If you want to deal with your enemy faster, you can choose Press the Attack, Triumph, Tenacity/Bloodline, and Last Stand on Precision as primary, and Magical Footwear with Biscuit Delivery on Inspiration as secondary. Use this into ranged matchups that you can kill in 2 rotations. It has a much quicker trading pattern and is, in general, a good rune selection in the lane. It makes you play a certain playstyle where you can go for auto-attack + Q + Q to proc it in 1 second for a huge chunk of the enemy’s HP. It also has the same sustainability as the runes above. If you think the matchup is really easy to play or you just feel confident enough, you can take Biscuit Delivery and Magical Footwear. It solves Camille’s huge mana problems before purchasing Sheen and, in general, gives you a much better mid game. Resolve can be better and more reliable but Inspiration is a medium risk, high reward tree. 

Camille's Top Secondary Runes
Camille's Top Secondary Runes

Both rune pages will be using +10 attack speed, +9 adaptive force, and +6 armor/+8 magic resist.

Camille Builds

Camille’s recommended items change depending on the situation, however, the following items will give you a good idea of what to build in different situations.

Starting Items

  • Camille starts with Doran’s Blade because it gives her all the stats she wants. You can buy two of them for insane early game stats.


  • Camille starts with Doran’s Shield because you never buy Corrupting Potion. You don’t need mana as much as you need HP. Buy this against ranged champions that you can’t kill easily (Kalista, Kennen, Gangplank…)

Core Items

  • Trinity Force is core on Camille, as it is her bread and butter item. It gives Camille all the stats she wants from the first item, along with the two best passives for her. The true damage of her Q (Precision Protocol) scales with Sheen’s damage, and the movespeed from her Q provides insane kiting potential combined with Phage’s passive. Always buy Sheen first. NEVER BUY JUST A MANA CRYSTAL, TRY TO BACK WITH 1050G.


  • Ravenous Hydra is core on Camille because it enables you to wave clear way faster and gives you 80 AD along with 18% lifesteal. This allows you to be a beast that can sustain skirmishes on the side lane. In general, this item outshines Titanic Hydra in every situation for Camille. She loves AD and lifesteal on her kit to boost her overall damage output.


  • Death’s Dance is core on Camille, and it is a perfect third item for our lovely lady. It gives her AD and armor/mr (THOSE 2 STATS ARE THE BEST IF YOU DON’T STACK THEM BECAUSE OF HOW THEIR SCALING WORKS). It works as an offensive and defensive item for her.


Getting all of those items pretty much completes the exodia and nobody can duel you unless they are too ahead or are playing something like Fiora. The moment you finish these three items, will be a massive power spike for Camille.


  • Use Ninja Tabi if the enemy top or jungler are AD, since they are the two champions you will face most of the time. In general, a great item against auto-attacking bruisers.


  • Use Mercury’s Treads if you don’t have the Tenacity rune and the enemy team has CC. Also, choose this against an AP toplaner. 

Offensive Situational Items

  • If you are having trouble with enemies that have great CC, you can build Quicksilver Sash. This negates any point-and-click CC lockdown that disables you in teamfights. Mordekaiser’s ultimate, Malzahar’s, Skarner’s, etc., all either pull you out of the team or disable you for a long time. Clicking this item will free you and give you the time to counter them.


  • If you want to go all-in and survive after, you can build Guardian Angel. Build this item third when you are behind and play the ‘suicide bomber’ playstyle, where you go into a priority target, deal as much damage as you can, and then die. This will give you the chance to destroy a target while giving the chance for your allies to follow up on you. Only do this when super behind.


Defensive Situational Items


  • If you need to play defensively in the early game, you can build Ravenous Hydra as first item. You lose a lot of all-in power at the cost of insanely good lane sustain and the ability to build Vampiric Scepter. You want to build this mainly into tanks who just farm, so you can clear waves ASAP and roam.


  • If you want a defense against AP champions you can build Spirit Visage. This is a great item for you against mages that deal a lot of magic damage, while also reducing the cooldown of your abilities. It also boosts your health regeneration, so acquiring this item is amazing.


  • If you are against champions that build critical-hit items, you can build Randuin’s Omen. It provides armor and gives you an active that slows nearby enemies. This gives you the chance to stick to your target longer.


  • If you are ahead and snowballing a lead, you can build Sterak’s Gage. In general, you want to get 3 core items into full tank, but if you are ahead of everyone in level, it’s good to get this item because it still gives you a lot of HP and has a good damage steroid.

Full Build Example

An example full build for Camille can consist of:

  • Trinity Force
  • Mercury’s Treads
  • Ravenous Hydra
  • Death’s Dance
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Guardian Angel
Camille's Top Full Build Example
Camille's Top Full Build Example

This is the most recommended build path for Camille as she isn’t that flexible with items. You should follow this path in 95% of games just because it gives her everything she wants. All items provide huge spikes on completion, and allow her to either split-push and flank teamfights. You can change the order of the first 2 items depending on the matchup.

Camille's Abilities

Passive - Adaptive Defenses

Camille's Passive Ability Named Adaptive Defenses Tooltip
Camille's Passive Ability Named Adaptive Defenses Animation
Camille's Passive - Adaptive Defenses

This passive is insanely strong if used correctly. It is used either for trading/survival or to bait the enemy opponent into fighting close. Always try to trade when this passive is up because the shield is 20% of your max HP, which is huge. Pay attention to its cooldown: you can engage when it’s going to come off CD, so you can bait your opponent to use all his abilities on the shield. Physical shield can tank tower shots, which is useful for the Q + E + Q2 kite back combo that enables you to poke enemies under tower for no price. Magic shield is worse because it doesn’t block minion or tower damage.

Q - Precision Protocol

Camille's Q Ability Named Precision Protocol Tooltip
Camille's Q Ability Named Precision Protocol Animation
Camille's Q - Precision Protocol

This is your bread and butter ability. It gives you 2 auto-attack resets. The first Q grants you a huge chunk of movement speed and the second one deals double damage, along with it being converted into TRUE damage if you wait 1.5 seconds (EXACT SAME CD AS SHEEN). True damage conversion scales with levels and caps at 100% at level 16. Always try to get the second part of it in trades because it is effectively 2 auto-attacks in 1.

You can do many things with this ability: It allows you to take quick trades like AA + Q + AA + Q and run away with the extra movespeed. It extends your AA range by 50, which allows you (on good ping) to auto-attack and kite away before the enemy melee champ can auto-attack back. It works on towers and synergizes insanely well with Sheen. Later in the game, you wanna go for [Q kite + E in + Q2 kite back + repeat] combos on the side, which allows you to have insane DPS because the enemies can’t counter true damage. At 2 items you can easily one-shot carries if you reset auto-attacks with Q properly. Max this in all melee matchups.

W - Tactical Sweep

Camille's W Ability Named Tactical Sweep Tooltip
Camille's W Ability Named Tactical Sweep Animation
Camille's W - Tactical Sweep

This is a good laning tool. It allows you to clear minions, thin waves, and sustain on the lane. You want to always start with this ability because you can’t trade easily with Q at level 1. If you are in somewhat high ELO, most enemies will try to walk into you when you cast this ability. If they do that during the start, move forward then instantly turn around so they walk into it. You don’t want to spam this because it pushes the wave, which can end up badly for you unless you can angle it to not hit the minions.

E - Hookshot

Camille's E Ability Named Hookshot Tooltip
Camille's E Ability Named Hookshot Animation
Camille's E - Hookshot

This is the best gap closer in the game. It deals damage, gives you attack speed, and stuns. You really want to always hit this ability, because missing this means death in most cases for you. Most people, when they see you hooking from the middle of the lane, will start strafing right or left, which you can counter by not insta-leaping after you attach. Always position yourself close to the walls, so enemies have to respect your engage. It is really hard to react to Hookshot if you just hug the wall on the lane. Most top laners will stay in the middle of the lane but you can make them walk into it with W. You can use your Tactical Sweep during Hookshot, which rewards skilled players with being able to weave your W in, which means free damage. If you stun someone with it and you want to completely confirm the kill, you have the opportunity for AA + Q into R. This is an amazing gap closer, and by the time you land from your ultimate your Q2 should be ready. If the enemy is respecting your hook and wants to Flash from it, you can hook and INSTANTLY FLASH during the leap even if it doesn’t extend the range. Nobody will react to this.

R - Hextech Ultimatum

Camille's R Ability Named The Hextech Ultimatum Tooltip
Camille's R Ability Named The Hextech Ultimatum Animation
Camille's R - The Hextech Ultimatum

Finally the ultimate. Ironically, most of the time you use this ability only to close gaps or dodge a key ability. With that said, you always want to utilize every part of your ultimate because of its huge level 1 cooldown. From the on-hit damage you get to the leap, it gives you an invulnerability frame for 0.5 seconds. Always try to react to key enemy abilities like Irelia’s R (Vanguard’s Edge) or Urgot’s R (Fear Beyond Death). It takes practice, but after some time you should be able to always react to abilities of this kind with your ultimate. It is a really strong ability if used at its full potential. Utilizing it as a lockdown is insanely strong, because in League of Legends 3 seconds is more than enough to kill a priority target. Most people will just run to the edge of it, which sets up all your other abilities. 

Ability Skill Order

Your skill order varies depending on the matchup.

Into melee: R>Q>E>W

Your Q (Precision Protocol) gives you the most damage along with the movement speed, which helps SUPER HARD with kiting the enemy champs. It also lowers the CD, which gives you a lot of DPS because it will always be available.

Camille vs Melee Ability Skill Order
Camille vs Melee Ability Skill Order

Into ranged: R>E>Q>W

You won’t really need more than one rotation against ranged champions because they are usually super squishy. It also gives you the ability to easily chase them down if they try to kite or escape. Also, you don’t really kite ranged champions, so you don’t need the MS.

Camille vs Ranged Ability Skill Order
Camille vs Ranged Ability Skill Order

Camille Powerspikes

A power spike is when a champion reaches a level or builds an item that makes him/her a lot stronger than other champions in the game.


Camille begins to get stronger at:


Level 1 – Because if you start with Q (Precision Protocol) and the enemy is melee and isn’t something like Gangplank, you can get a huge chunk of them with AA + Q + AA + Q + AA and it’s super fast. They won’t be able to trade back most of the time because of your passive (Adaptive Defenses).


Level 2 – Because if you played during the Camille jungle meta you know her level 2 is insane. You want to rush level 2 in most matchups and abuse it. Camille is lethal against most bruisers and will kill enemies even when they are at 60% of their HP. 


Level 9 – This is where your Q or E is maxed, which gives you the ability to abuse the ‘Q minion into E + Q2’ combo, which will force the enemy to either all-in or get constantly poked.


Level 16 – Your Q2 now does 100% true damage, which makes you insanely hard to side-lane against in the late game. Your ultimate (The Hextech Ultimatum) now lasts for 4.5 seconds, which is enough time to Q2 them twice, and that should mean death for them.


Camille also becomes a monster when you complete Sheen, which allows you to go for quick Q2 trades. Sheen gives you insane laning power when combined with 2 Doran’s Blades or a Doran’s Blade and a Long Sword. Transforming Sheen into Trinity Force literally doubles your Q2 damage on completion, so complete this item ASAP, as it is the most broken item on Camille. Ravenous Hydra can help you farm jungle camps quite fast and enemies can’t fight you in minion waves because you will brush the damage to them. It gives you a lot of AD and an auto-attack reset. Combined with Death’s Dance, few champions can even look at you on the side-lane at this point. You are very tanky and you have insane damage. The DD stats combined with your passive (Adaptive Defenses) are just too good. 

Camille's Combos

Q + W + E + Q2 Combo

You want to use this combo when you get Sheen. It is your bread and butter poke combo. Walk up to the minion wave, Q a minion and W the enemy. Then Hookshot onto them, AA +Q2 and walk back. You can also do Q + E + Q2 + W while walking back. This combo has little counterplay and not many champs can all-in you after that due to the MS you get from Q. You should be pretty far away from them after doing this.

Camille's Q+W+E+Q2 Animation
Camille's Q+W+E+Q2 Animation

E + W + Q + Q2 Combo

This can be very hard to execute because you want to use your W during the Hookshot leap so you hit the sweet spot and don’t lose time casting it. That way you can auto-attack much more. This is super tricky and it is recommended to use the practice tool to get the hang of it.

Camille's E+W+Q+Q2 Animation
Camille's E+W+Q+Q2 Animation

E + Flash + AA + Q + R + AA + Q2 Combo

This is your bread and butter late game combo. You can weave two auto-attacks in before the E stun runs out. When you land with your ultimate, you will be able to cast Q2 instantly. This overkills most squishy champs unless you are behind.

Camille's E+Flash+AA+Q+R+AA+Q2 Animation
Camille's E+Flash+AA+Q+R+AA+Q2 Animation

How to Play Camille

Early Game

Your early game is matchup dependent. You can either abuse the opponent with your strong level 1 and level 2 if the enemy is something like a Nasus or Garen, or you can play for scaling and item spikes. For example, you can’t really lane against Sett until you get Sheen, which allows you to kite him. You should always try to drag the wave at level 1, as it will ensure that you get to level 3 safely without much risk of getting cheesed. Remember, just because you have a bad matchup doesn’t mean you can’t have a misplaying Darius in the early game. There are no aggressive or defensive plays in this game. There are only the right plays. If your opponent is mispositioned, you should always take advantage of that. You need a lot of experience with this champion to understand her limits and what you can or can’t do. During this phase, some matchups can be won 1v1 and some others you can win in 2v2s with your jungler. Always try to get free resets by stacking waves. If you don’t leash, rush level 2 and stack the wave, then crash it on cannon wave. Recall and get 2 Doran’s Blades and boom, you are set.

Mid Game

Depending if you are behind or not, you can start looking to either powerfarm jungle camps and side lane minions to get stronger, or look for picks with your insane engage and lockdown. If you can beat your opponent on the side lane, you should always try to shove the wave into them and then roam and help your team out while the enemy team is clearing the wave you pushed. The play you will do depends on your composition, enemy composition, and the game state. You can’t really autopilot the same strategy every game with this champion. Always try to force plays with your ultimate (The Hextech Ultimatum). People in solo queue below Challenger don’t respect your screen-wide engage. 


  • Split-pushing – Split-push only if you are strong enough to duel the enemy side lane threat. If you can’t, it’s super risky to go to the side lanes because the enemy will always have priority over clearing the wave, so they will always arrive at the fight faster. But if you are ahead, look forward to clearing the wave. And if there isn’t much happening, take all of the enemy jungle camps or even your own. By doing that, you deny enemy gold and you get it yourself, which will extend your lead over the enemy toplaner. If you take inhibitor later in the game, push the lane without mercy. If they don’t respect your dive potential, just dive the enemy toplaner and finish the game. Never go for top inhibitor without Baron. Shove bot without mercy.


  • Objective control – If you have Teleport up and can duel the enemy top, split-push the opposite side. If not, reset before the objective Nashor/Drake, recall and go there with your team. Always try to get mid priority, as it is quite important. Remember, is ok to lose the first two drakes. You don’t need to sacrifice your lead top and Teleport bot just to prevent the enemy from taking it. If you Teleport in the early game, you must at least get one kill or you will be behind.

Late Game

Stay on the opposite side of the objective your team is trying to get (if you have Teleport). Always try to pressure the enemy to contest your side and most of the time the enemy toplaner will be too weak to fight you 1v1. They will feel the pressure to answer you, and you may catch rotations off, which might give you picks that result in free objectives. You can group depending on the enemy composition, but you should always look for a flank. There isn’t much an ADC can do to survive your broken burst without a Stopwatch. Remember that in teamfights you should either: peel if you are not the strongest player on the team, or disrupt the enemy backline, so your carries can do the work. This will give you the highest chance of winning the game.

Camille Tips and Tricks

  • Always try to engage before your shields come back (about 2 seconds before).
  • Against some ranged champions you can use E and all-in, then all-in again when it comes off CD (for example, against Ryze and Vladimir).
  • You can’t cancel Camille’s Q, which means that Vladimir can’t ‘pool’ it, and that the target can’t Flash away of it.
  • The optimal use of your ultimate is at the start of a duel, as it boosts your damage based on your target’s health.
  • If you attach to a wall and you have no vision of someone (invisible/fog), your Hookshot indicator will still show them. This way you can avoid ganks if you check and see someone waiting in the river or tribush.

Camille Gameplay

These below videos are great game play examples for how to play Camille.  Coming Soon!

Frequent Mistakes/Noob Traps

These are things most Camille players do that shouldn’t be done at a high level ELO.


Mistake #1 – Using Hookshot as the only way of engaging a trade. You never want to start a fight with it on lane unless you know the enemy can’t all-in or escape it. Losing your E would be bad, as it is your only mobility tool if your Flash is on cooldown.


Mistake #2 – Not using auto-attack resets before using R. Always weave in auto-attacks, because it is where Camille’s damage comes from. You will be losing a ton of damage you would have dealt to your target if you only focus on dealing damage with your abilities.


Mistake #3 – Rushing Tiamat. This can literally ruin your lead. It will give the enemy free scaling and you can’t really punish them 1v1 under the tower. It is a must to get Trinity Force to boost your overall damage potential.


Mistake #4 – Getting 2 Doran’s Blades if you have the Magical Footwear rune. You will not have inventory space for Trinity components. 


Mistake #5 – Staying on the side lane when you are ahead. Grouping if you are in the lead is better than just staying on the side nonstop. Only helping when your side lane opponent groups after a Teleport is okay, but it is not effective all the time. Your Teleport does not cast instantly, and will give your enemies an opportunity to deal damage to your allies without you. So if you are able to help your team by just roaming, you should.

Similar Champions to Camille

Listed below are some champions you can use to replace Camille in the top lane. When she isn’t available because she is either banned or picked by the enemy team, knowing these champions will give you a variety to choose from, safeguarding your LP from going down and keeping your games awesome.

Fiora Icon


High potential damage, high mobility, and good survivability. She is similar to Camille, with a much better early game but much worse teamfights. She is super fun to face, because Camille vs Fiora is an excellent skill matchup where any of them can win.

Sylas Icon


Can steal opponents’ ultimates, has built-in sustain and great mobility. He is best on top, and there is just something peculiar about healing 600 HP every 4 seconds while dashing around and spinning. His ability to steal any ultimate turns a simple team composition into an amazing one. Super fun to play, but also super situational.

Mordekaiser Icon


Tanky damage dealer, lane bully, and great carry killer. If someone takes away Camille just pick this guy. Only the best Camille players can play this matchup properly, and I’m sure you won’t meet a lot of those. Mordekaiser has the ability to prevent Camille from escaping with his ultimate bringing her to the Shadow Realm (much like The Hextech Ultimatum, but on a larger scale). Super cool character and super fun to play as a giant death lord with a huge mace.

Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck on the Rift!


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  1. Levent Çelik Reply

    Hey, there are some typos in the guide, for example on the runes part at the top, it’s said to take bloodline if they have point and click cc and tenacity if otherwise, but it should be the other way around as explained below. Also, on the items section, there is a note saying “You should almost always go 3 items into full tank, but Sterak’s Gage could be a good item if you are snowballing hard.” and soon after we get an example build stating that 3 items into Gage into G.A will be the go-to build on 95% of our games.

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