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Teemo Jungle – Manco1

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This League of Legends Season 10 Ultimate Teemo guide is the only guide that you will need in order to play Teemo Jungle.  This guide will include builds, combos, counters, synergies, keystones and runes. Teemo is a Bandle Scout that will face dangerous and threatening obstacles in the world with unwavering pride. With the use of his signature weapon — a blowgun, he puts in his rare ajunta poison to struck enemies while he is swiftly hiding in the rift. It was written by our team of writers along with the help of Challenger player, Manco1, who is an expert in everything Teemo Jungle.  He is considered by many to be the best in the world at this champion and you can find him Streaming on Twitch and uploading content to his YouTube Channel.  He also has written an in depth Teemo Top guide as well for you to check out.

Teemo Overview Infographic

We put together a Teemo overview infographic that has the best builds, runes, strengths, weaknesses, combos, skill orders, counters, synergies and anything else that you need to quickly learn the basics of Teemo. Make sure to share with your friends and check back here to get the latest updates.  We will be updating this infographic as changes happen so check back often! 

Work in Progress Icon

Who is Manco1

Manco1 is well known for playing Teemo in the jungle where he maximizes the power of the bushes. The information in this guide will show his plays, stats, and rules to your Teemo into a whole new world of musclemo!

Kyle Manco, 26 years of age. Currently playing with summoner names Manco, manc0, and Ttv manco1. Over 5000 games as Teemo, he peaked at 723 LP in Challenger with 3 Million mastery points on Teemo. He has a KDA ratio of 4:1 with a 53% Win Rate. He came from playing World of Warcraft for 7 years and made into League of Legends where he says it is the only game he can compare. He got pooped on by a Teemo when he was in the Platinum division and picked him up afterward and never looked back! He now became the devil he is today. If you want to see more from Manco1, make sure to check out his Teemo Top guide.

Table of Contents

Why to Play Teemo Jungle

Before we start on the Ultimate Guide to Teemo we first want to tell you why you should play him.  His overall strengths and weaknesses are as follows:


  • Versatile
  • Poison Damage
  • Extreme Movement Speed Skill for Escapes/Chases
  • Split-pusher
  • Strong Snowball Potential


  • Global Taunt
  • Weak 1v1 potential
  • No hard CC
  • Squishy
  • Mushrooms easily countered by wards/lenses

Teemo Counters

These champions give Teemo a hard time in game due to having a kit that can stop him from doing what he wants to do.  Here are some of the biggest issues and how you can try to overcome the challenges they bring.

Ekko Icon


Ekko is considered a counter because he has the ability to one-shot Teemo with his combos. He snowballs really hard when he gets a kill in the early and will like to harass you in your jungle area reducing your effect in the game. You can try to avoid 1v1 fights in the jungle camps and focus on power-farming and helping your team gain a lead in their lanes.

Lee Sin Icon

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is considered a counter because he can use his Q(Sonic Wave) and gain vision to Teemo which can disable one of the techniques he uses to surprise enemies with his damage.  You can try to outmaneuver Lee Sin to avoid his abilities. Lee Sin is only effective when he gets close to you and does his combos and throws you off your game. Learn to perfectly kite skill shots while hard-hitting them with your poison darts to reverse the fight.

Elise Icon


Elise is considered a counter because she is currently a strong pick in the meta due to Season 10 being early game dominant. She has the ability to stun and burst you with her abilities by level 3 with 6 skills from human form to spider form giving her the edge when facing her 1v1 in the jungle. You can play around your teammates composition and avoid dealing with her alone. Determine where she will be going and counter gank her so you can have teammates who can lock her down for you to deal your E(Toxic Shot) while she can not move. She is a burst mage jungler you should be careful of

Teemo Synergies

These champions work well with Teemo and should be considered being picked alongside him if possible.  Here are some of the biggest synergies and how you can abuse them.

Ornn Icon


Ornn works well with Teemo because he can be the front-liner that can protect the yordle. Using his abilities he can stun the enemies and knock them up with his W(Bellows Breath) and R(Call of the Forge Gods) which enables Teemo to move around the team-fight and place his R(Noxious Trap) at the right place at the right time providing slow and DPS for the team. Top champions like Malphite, Darius, Irelia, Maokai, etc that can soak in hits while dealing damage in the front can aid Teemo and position him to effectively use his abilities.

Cassiopeia Icon


Cassiopeia works well with Teemo because she also uses poison to constantly damage her enemies. With Teemo's E(Toxic Shot), she'll be able to hit multiple E(Twin Fangs) with ease and move in unison with the Yordle. Her ultimate(Petrifying Gaze) can lock down targets and stun them while Teemo can freely hit his abilities gaining more advantage.

Leona Icon


Leona works well with Teemo because she offers a lot of CC for his team. Using her E(Zenith Blade) and Q(Shield of Daybreak), she can initiate for Teemo giving him untapped seconds to constantly hit the enemy with his E(Toxic Shots). Also, her ultimate(Solar Flare) can aid Teemo to place a bomb in front of many enemy champions, damaging and slowing them without being hit. This will create perfect opportunities for Teemo to shine.

Teemo Summoner Spells

Teemo’s recommended Summoner Spells are Smite and Flash because you want to deal as much damage as you can against monsters and build your jungle item to help you survive and farm better in the jungle camps while gaining the right amount of experience. It is the most utilized spells when you are a jungler.

Teemo Runes and Keystones

Teemo’s recommended runes are Hail of Blades, Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, Ravenous Hunter on Domination as primary and Alacrity with Coup De grace on Precision as secondary because you want to have your fastest attack speed for your auto attacks in just 3 hits and deal tons of damage with your E (Toxic Shot). This build is great when facing enemy compositions with fewer tanks in them giving you the opportunity to drop their HP down easily.

Teemo's Jungle Recommended Runes
Teemo's Jungle Recommended Runes

If you want to increase the damage of your attacks so you can gank your team’s lane and utilize the damage of your skills especially your E (Toxic Shot), you can consider Press the Attack, Presence of Mind, Alacrity, and Cut Down on Precision as primary and Cheapshot with Ravenous hunter on Domination as secondary because you want to increase your auto attacks to the enemy champions when ganking using 3 consecutive basic attacks making them vulnerable and easy to destroy especially when facing tanks while also letting them take magic damage from your harass.

Teemo's Jungle Secondary Runes
Teemo's Jungle Secondary Runes

Both builds will be using +10 Attack Speed on Offense, +9 Adaptive Force on Offense, and +6 Armor on Flex.

Teemo Builds

Teemo’s recommended items change depending on the situation, however, the following items will give you a good idea of what to build in different situations.

Starting Items

  • Start with Hunter’s Machete if you want to deal bonus damage to monsters while also having the life-steal while you kite through them early on. You then combine this with refillable potion which can help you sustain both health and mana.

Core Items

  • Skirmisher’s Sabre – Runic Echoes is used very well because Teemo needs to prioritize his jungle item to gain early ability power damage and survivability in the role.  This item also gives you an additional magic damage that hits surrounding enemies using Runic echoes proc.
  • Nashor’s Tooth is used very well because of the additional attack speed, ability power and cool-down reduction it provides to the Yordle. This item works efficiently with his E(Toxic Shot) where he can further hit more auto attacks to his jungle while also dealing more abilities to enemies in the lane when he attempts to gank.
  • Liandry’s Torment is used very well because of its ability to gain more damage for each second in combat with champions. Teemo wants to prolong team-fights and position himself in a spot where he can constantly hit his E(Toxic Shot) and continuously damage enemy champions while also blinding AD ones with his Q(Blinding Dart) to reduce the damage output they can place unto your team.


  • User Sorcery Shoes to increase Teemo’s magic penetration with his abilities burning more damage through when ganking

Offensive Situational Items

  • If you want to deal with an insane amount of damage after your Q(Blinding Dart) to your target, you can build Lich Bane because acquiring this item will provide extra movement speed as well as ability power and Spellblade which will proc your sheen and strengthen your auto attack base on your basic attack plus your ability power. This will surprise the enemy after being blinded giving you more room to hit your E(Toxic Shot) with an additional early empowered auto.
  • If you want to have more magic damage, can build Morellonomicon because taking this item will increase ability power as well as magic penetration. It also works well with Teemo’s core items inflicting grievous wounds to enemies.

Defensive Situational Items

  • If you want to defense against assassins or AD bruisers, you can build Zhonya’s Hourglass because taking this item will not only give you the armor you need but also the magic damage and the ability to go into statis for a few seconds which will save you from being killed.
  • If you want to have more protection to an enemy team with heavy AP damage dealers, you can build Banshee’s Veil because this item provides more ability power to Teemo while also granting a shield that blocks the next ability from the enemy giving you the chance to counter their burst or escape their premise.

Full Build Example

An example full build for Teemo can consist of

  • Skirmisher’s Sabre – Runic Echoes
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes
  • Nashor’s Tooth
  • Liandry’s Torment
  • Void Staff
  • Rabadon’s Death Cap
Teemo's Jungle Full Build Example

This is the most recommended build path to Teemo as you’d want him to deal a lot of AP damage when ganking and kiting in team-fights. You should be able to move around the enemy while facing them and deal a lot of damage with your ultimate(Noxious Trap) and your E(Toxic Shot). Your Q(Blinding Dart) is often used when you are facing junglers like Master Yi, Lee Sin, Kindred, Jax, etc, who’d want to kill you. You will be blinding them when they approach your area because they will attempt to harass you as you are a squishy jungler. Maximize your hard-hitting AP damage and either killing them or making them run away. Acquiring the stats of Nashor’s Tooth will make your damage from your poison be faster while burning them with the Liandry’s Torment as the skirmish takes longer. Your other AP items will provide added damage as well as protection to enemies who are trying to assassinate you in the team-fight. This is the perfect combination of burst and sustainable items for a Teemo jungle.

Teemo's Abilities

For a complete breakdown of Teemo’s Abilities, click here.

Ability Skill Order

Teemo's Jungle Ability Skill Order
Teemo's Jungle Ability Skill Order

The skill order for Teemo is R – E – Q – W.  The reason is you always max your ultimate whenever possible which is on levels 6, 11, and 16. Then you’d want to emphasize on Teemo’s E(Toxic Shot) so every auto attack you do does tremendous damage to the enemy. Q(Blinding Dart) should be next as this is a great counter for hard-hitting champions that will face you and lastly, you will max W(Move Quick) as this will be used as either initiation or escape tool.

Teemo Powerspikes

A Power Spike is when a time champion reaches a level or builds an item that makes them a lot stronger than other champions in the game.  Teemo’s Power Spike is when he reaches level 6 and higher because he scales better in the late game and gives more utility to the team as well as when he completes his core items Stalker’s Blade, Nashor’s Tooth and Liandry’s Torment because of his kiting potential, the protection, and the burning effect that he can damage to the enemy lane giving him more spaces to work within the top lane.

Teemo's Combos

For a complete breakdown of Teemo’s Combos, click here.

Jungle Path of Teemo

These routes will be used when maximizing Teemo’s capability to survive in the jungle camps.

Teemo will go Red Brambleback  – Blue Sentinel – Wolves – Gromp -Scuttler/Gank and take this route because you want to utilize red buff’s additional damage while also taking as much experience and you want to be at your Blue buff when the enemy jungles tries to steal it thinking that you won’t be able to beat then 1v1. After you’ve taken both buffs, Teemo emphasis on power farming to gain as many experience and gold as possible to be ready for team-fights later on.

Red Brambleback  - Blue Sentinel - Wolves - Gromp -Scuttler/Gank Route
Red Brambleback  - Blue Sentinel - Wolves - Gromp -Scuttler/Gank Route

Teemo will go Krugs – Gank Bot/Raptors  – Gank Mid/ Wolves – Gromp – Gank Top/Mid or Recall and take this route because you want to focus on ganking your lanes as much as possible to maximize your E(Toxic Shot) early in the game. You should give more kills to your team early on so they can lead you into a better mid to late game phase.

Krugs - Gank Bot/Raptors  - Gank Mid/Wolves - Gromp - Gank Top/Mid Route
Krugs - Gank Bot/Raptors  - Gank Mid/Wolves - Gromp - Gank Top/Mid Route

Teemo will go Red Brambleback – Krugs  – Scuttler – Blue Sentinel – Gromp – Scuttler – Gank Mid/Bot – Wolves – Base and take this route because this is also an alternative of your first easy route with extended areas to add more farm and experience while you wait for possible ganks on your team’s lane.

Red Brambleback - Krugs  - Scuttler - Blue Sentinel - Gromp - Scuttler - Gank Mid/Bot - Wolves - Base Route
Red Brambleback - Krugs  - Scuttler - Blue Sentinel - Gromp - Scuttler - Gank Mid/Bot - Wolves - Base Route

Teemo will go Krugs  – Gank Top/Mid or Wolves/Gromp – Gank Bot/Mid and take this route because this focuses on cheesing the enemy early on and burning them with your poison dart. Lanes in which your team has Ignite as summoner spells help to easily destroy the enemy.

Krugs  - Gank Top/Mid or Wolves/Gromp - Gank Bot/Mid Route
Krugs  - Gank Top/Mid or Wolves/Gromp - Gank Bot/Mid Route

Teemo will go Red Brambleback – Krugs – Blue Sentinel – Gromp – Scuttle – Base/Gank and take this route because you want to clear one side of the map and gain vision then attempt to gank if possible. Teemo is great at dealing damage in the early so use it to your advantage.

Red Brambleback - Krugs - Blue Sentinel - Gromp - Scuttle - Base/Gank Route
Red Brambleback - Krugs - Blue Sentinel - Gromp - Scuttle - Base/Gank Route

Teemo will go Red Brambleback –  Scuttler – Counter-jungle – Dragon – Rift Herald – Gromp – Wolves – Raptors/Krugs and take this route because you want to power-farm and take every jungle camp you can get. You want to focus on farming while also gaining vision to the enemy jungler while you ramp up and get stronger in the late game.

Red Brambleback -  Scuttler - Counter-jungle - Dragon - Rift Herald - Gromp - Wolves - Raptors/Krugs Route
Red Brambleback -  Scuttler - Counter-jungle - Dragon - Rift Herald - Gromp - Wolves - Raptors/Krugs Route

How to Play Teemo

Early Game

When Teemo is in the early stages of the game, focus on clearing the jungle camps. Doing your jungle pathing every time will help you earn more farm. Always communicate to your team that you will be power farming to help them later in the game. When you see enemies pushing the waves of your team’s lane, then you can combine your skills with them especially if your lane has a great CC to which Teemo will be focusing on poisoning the opponent and either taking their flash out or killing them in the lane. You want to hide first and activate your passive(Guerrilla Warfare) and then run to your target with your W(Move Quick) and hit them with your increase in attack speed. This will optimize your ganking potential and may lead to team kills and assists. When you get to level 6, use your shrooms to clear the camp faster. Farm camps on the way to ganking as this is the most optimal strategy when playing him as a jungle.

Mid Game

Use shrooms and pinks to get a stranglehold on your jungle vision. Keep in mind that Teemo should not be facing more than 2 enemies around the map as it would be difficult for you to gain leads. Play around your team’s composition and be the second APC jungles they need. Place shrooms to enemy targets that have been CCed by your team so they slow down a d take more hits from your E(Toxic Shot) which will give you more areas on the map when you’ve taken.

  • Split Pushing – Teemo must not focus on split pushing as he is very squishy and requires a team to back him up. He is easily destroyed by CC and will likely be killed if you try to do so. Focus on grouping up with your teammates and be the second ADC of the team. Position yourself where you can hit your E(Toxic Shot) multiple times while avoiding any assassinations from the enemy team giving you the advantage of blinding their ADC and preventing further damage to your team.

  • Objective Control – Season 10 has been dominant to the early to mid game phase and you should be prepared to take more leads even though you need to scale. When trying to take objectives, place shrooms in areas where you know the enemy team will be coming from. Help damage the objective like the Rift Herald and Dragon but position yourself where you can easily flash or use your W(Move Quick) to escape. Do not be a hero and be in front of enemy lines as you will lose your chances of gaining more leads in this phase. Your goal is to prepare your team in the late game with as many buffs as possible to increase their potential while you give the highest damage output you can offer.

Late Game

Teemo with a complete build can be very destructive. Whenever initiators from your team try to engage the enemy champions and hit their CC, assist them by planting shrooms in front of the clash then backing off to a position where you can kite the enemies in front of you without being hit by any abilities from them. This will burst the enemies with your AP while slowing them down allowing more opportunities of your teammates to hit abilities. Team-fights with you in the perfect spot can provide damage and win the trades. When you have dealt with the enemy jungler or reduce their numbers you can try to take on the big buffs and gain more momentum in the game. As you approach either the Baron or Elder, you can plant shrooms close to the river where you know they will be trying to contest. Communicate with your support and collaborate on placing visions and traps with your ultimate(Noxious Trap) to prevent the enemy team from doing anything drastic. If you are in no position to win a big buff, then you can try to let your teammates distract them and hold them off as you split push on the other side of the map. Teemo can easily shred towers and inhibitors which will bring more pressure to the enemy team. If their team tries to recall back and chase you down, its time for you to run with your W(Move Quick) and bait them for your team to gain the advantage of taking the buff. Play around your team’s composition and utilize your empowered auto attacks to bring down enemies to your knees.

Teemo Tips and Tricks

  • Make use of Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Be adaptable in the game
  • Build AP every game
  • Use your shroom mostly on jungle camps

Teemo Gameplay

These below videos are great game play examples for how to play Teemo.

Frequent Mistakes/Noob Traps

These are things most Teemo players do that shouldn’t be done at a high level elo.

Mistake #1 – Wrong builds/ wrong runes – not having the right equipment in battle will lead to an early defeat. Use the most effective builds and runes for Teemo jungle to avoid losing the game

Mistake #2 – playing TOO SAFE – Teemo does a shit ton of damage and can 1-shot very often. Use this opportunity to burst out enemies and weaken them through your poison darts. Giving you an advantage for sieging turrets and taking objectives like Baron, Dragon, and Rift Herald.

Trap #1 -Powerfarming – focusing too much on clearing camps will lead to your downfall. Your goal is to be a heavy damage dealer so try to gank and take objectives as much as possible to boost your team’s chances of winning.
Trap #2 – Low elo never pushes wave after a good gank. This is one of the worst mistakes players do in the game. When you have successfully killed a laner, push the wave and take some plating to earn more gold that will snowball the fight.

Similar Champions To Teemo

Kindred Icon


High mobility, Built in sustain and Tank shredder. Kindred is a ranged champion that focuses on gaining stacks with her passive. This increases his damage as he targets monsters and champions all together. Lamb's Respite will save you and your allies lives when needed. Reversing any teamfights that not possible without her.

Graves Icon


High damage, Good at 1v1 and Good carry potential. Graves holds a shotgun and hits you hard. He dashes and blinds you so he can close the gap and smack some bullets right in your face. He has high damage that will easily squishy targets. Carry the game with a few cigars on your mouth.

Nidalee Icon


Good DPS, Map control with ultimate and Decent scaling. Nidalee hunts swiftly through the jungle. Her ability to swap into human and cougar form makes her a scary animal to face. She throws javelins and chases you down. Picking the right moment slash you into pieces.

Comment below what you liked or should change about this build.  Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful.  Good luck on the rift!


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