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Renekton Splash Art
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Renekton Top – RTO

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This League of Legends Season 11 Ultimate Renekton guide is the only one that you will need in order to play Renekton. This guide will include builds, combos, counters, synergies, keystones and runes.  Renekton is a rage-fueled ascended being that has the versatility and mobility to slash through enemies. This once esteemed warrior of Shurima is a strong early to mid-game top laner that provides a single target stun, strong area of effect damage and self-healing ready to face anyone in his path. It was written by our team of writers along with the help of Challenger player, RTO, who is an expert in everything Renekton.  He is considered by many to be the best in the world at this champion and you can find him streaming on Facebook and uploading content to his YouTube Channel.

Renekton Overview Infographic

We put together a Renekton overview infographic that has the best builds, runes, strengths, weaknesses, combos, skill orders, counters, synergies and anything else that you need to quickly learn the basics of Renekton.  Make sure to share with your friends and check back here to get the latest updates.  We will be updating this infographic as changes happen so check back often! 

Renekton's League of Legends Overview Infographic for Combos, Runes, Builds, Skill Order, Strengths and Weaknesses

Who is RTO?

RTO is well known for playing Renekton in the top lane and dominating with his playstyle. The information in this guide will show you his plays, stats, and rules to take Renekton to the next level.

RTO, also known as Wes, is 26 years old, currently playing with summoner names RTO & RenektonTopOnly. With over 6000 games as Renekton, he has peaked at 520 LP in Challenger with over five million mastery points on the champion. He streams on Facebook, where RTO plays in the Master – Challenger ranked brackets in NA. He is part of the official League of Legends Partner Program with Riot Games. He is also active on Reddit, including subreddits such as /r/RenektonMains and /r/SummonerSchool. Has many guides on top lane champions as well as video guides on his YouTube channel. In Season 2, RTO peaked at Silver IV which shows that everyone can climb to high ELO by putting in work.

Table of Contents

Why Play Renekton

Before we start on the Ultimate Guide to Renekton we first want to tell you why you should play him. His overall strengths and weaknesses are as follows:


  • Strong early and mid game
  • Single target, unavoidable stun
  • Mobility with 2 dashes
  • Self healing
  • Insane split pushing power


  • Difficult matchups vs ranged laners
  • Falls off late game
  • Very reliant on flash
  • Must play around his cooldowns

Renekton Counters

These champions give Renekton a hard time due to having a kit that can stop him from doing what he wants to do.  Here are some of the biggest counters and how you can try to overcome the challenges they bring.

Teemo Icon


Teemo is considered a counter due to his ability to shut down your auto attack reliant combos with his Q(Blinding Dart). Look for windows to trade in lane when Teemo's Q is on cooldown. Use the “Panther Combo”, explained later in this guide, to burst down the yordle while quickly healing yourself and moving away from him after the trade. Keep doing this harass whenever possible until Teemo is low enough to go in for the kill.

Illaoi Icon


Illaoi is considered a counter because of her ability to win trades in lane. Like most Illaoi matchups, the most important thing is to dodge her E whenever possible. Try to stay behind minions as her E can't go through them. Look for trades after she misses E and it is on cooldown. Avoid facing her head on and move away from where her tentacles are in placed. This will significantly lower he damage output. When she is out of moves and low enough, you drop your E + AA + W + Q + A + E combo to burst her down and kill her.

Gangplank Icon


Gangplank is considered a counter because he can position his barrels defensively to zone you, making it impossible to trade with him. This makes it very hard to trade with him, as it can be difficult to actually get on him. Try to focus on building strong early game items to bully him in lane and punish him on any mistakes before he scales.

Renekton Synergies

These champions work well with Renekton and should be considered being picked alongside him if possible.  Here are some of the best synergies and how you can abuse them.

Orianna Icon


Orianna works well because her ball can be placed on him which, in addition to giving him a shield for a bit more survivability, can create a great setup for her R. Orianna's AoE abilities combined with Renekton's Q, E, and Tiamat, can shred enemy teams.

Elise Icon


This is the combo feared by every top laner. Elise synergizes with Renekton because the stun from Renekton's W(Ruthless Predator) can hold targets in place to practically guarantee Elise's followup with her E(Cocoon) to cc chain a single target. This makes Elise Renekton a deadly 2v2 combo, and ganks with this combo are almost unavoidable. Lane opponents aren't even safe under tower, as Elise's spider form E(Rappel) can be used to reset tower agro, and Renektons R gives him extra health to tank a few more shots as well, making tower dives a piece of cake.

Sejuani Icon


Sejuani is deadly with Renekton because his W counts as multiple quick auto attacks for the purpose of stacking up Sejuani's E(Permafrost), allowing the two of them to chain stuns on a single target. This is another top jungle combo that wins almost every 2v2, and can easily dive thanks to Sejuani's tankiness.

Renekton Summoner Spells

Renekton’s recommended summoner spells top lane are Teleport and Flash. Flash is mandatory on Renekton as it is often needed to get onto enemies and is a great summoner spell in many situations. Teleport is taken on most top laners to provide allow you to impact the map more, as well as splitpush or catch side waves away from objectives.

If you want access to spells that can chase enemy targets while also escaping otherwise difficult engages from the enemy team, you can consider using Ghost and Flash to have stronger all-in potential. Ghost gives you that bit of extra movement speed that can be crucial to stay on targets.

Renekton Runes and Keystones

Renekton’s recommended runes are Precision primary with Conqueror, Triumph, Tenacity/Alacrity, and Last Stand with resolve secondary with Overgrowth and Bone Plating. These runes provide Renekton with more survivability and damage. This setup with Conqueror gives him the edge in extended fights where he otherwise could struggle with his long cooldowns early game. Take your choice between Legend: Tenacity or Alacrity depending on the amount of crowd control on the enemy team.

Renekton's Recommended Runes
Renekton's Recommended Runes

If you want a stronger early game build to dominate lane, you can consider using Press the Attack, Triumph, Tenacity/Alacrity, and Last Stand on Precision and Demolish with Bone Plating on Resolve as secondary. Press the Attack works great with Renekton, as he can proc the 3 hits with one autoattack and W. This gives him access to a lot more burst damage to kill a single target, but is weaker than Conqueror when facing multiple targets. Again, switch between Legend: Tenacity or Alacrity depending on the amount of crowd control the enemy team has.

Renekton's Secondary Runes
Renekton's Secondary Runes

Use Attack Speed, Adaptive Force, and Armor as your stat runes for both pages.

Renekton Builds

Renekton’s recommended items change depending on the situation, however, the following items will give you a good idea of what to build in different situations.

Starting Items

Doran's Blade and Healt Potion Icon

Start with Doran's Blade + 1 Health Potions as your standard starting items for Renekton in season 11 since it offers +8 Attack damage, 80 health, and +2.5% Omnivamp as it will surely keep your HP above 50% in the early laning phase.

Core Items

Goredrinker's Icon

Goredrinker is core on Renekton as it gives 20 Ability Haste, 45 Attack Damage, 400 Health, 150% Base Health Regeneration. It is your first priority item as it the active works well with your Q (Cull The Meek) which slashes enemies around him. Not only that, your Attack Damage increases when you lose more HP as it's passive.

Black Cleaver Icon

Black Cleaver is core on Renekton because the item has been upgraded and it delivers even more power to him. Not only does it shred armor to a target when you deal damage, basic attacks on-hit and damaging abilities deal more damage to the shredded targets which makes your skills much more scarier to face.

Ravenous Hydra Icon

Ravenous Hydra is core on Renekton because this item has been updated and all attacks included your abilities deal splash damage around nearby enemies which also helps you sustain your HP through it's new added Omnivamp effect.


Mercury's Treads Icon

Use Mercury's Treads if you need early magic resistance vs AP matchups, and/or the enemy team has crowd control that you need the tenacity for.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity Icon

Use Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you want to spam more abilities in teamfights and create more plays. Also, it now gives 10% summoner spell haste reducing your Ghost and Flash cooldowns even faster.

Offensive Situational Items

Lord Dominik's Regards Icon

If you want to penetrate through their defenses, you can build Lord Dominik's Regards. It provides 25 Armor Penetration, 30 Attack Damage, 20% Critical Strike Chance helping you shred through frontline tanks. With the added critical strike, you could also have a chance to burst out squishy targets in a flash!

Mortal Reminder Icon

If you are against enemies with high health regeneration, you can build Mortal Reminder. It gives 20 Attack Damage, 25% Attack Speed, 20% Critical Strike Chance, 7% Movement Speed. Renekton focuses on building more damage but having extra Attack Speed and Critical Strike while adding the Grievous Wound effect won't do any harm.

Defensive Situational Items

Death's Dance Icon

For more damage, and ability haste, and movement speed consider buying a Death's Dance. Lifesteal and Magic Resist has been removed from this item but it added more armor and a pickaxe that will surely aid you in any battle and return back the damage you're going to be receiving from your enemies.

Sterak's Gage Icon

Sterak's Gage is another defensive item you can pick up for Renekton. It only adds 50 Attack Damage and 400 Health but its passive not heals you after you've dealth a ton of damage to your target but also a shield once your health drops to 30%.

Guardian Angel's Icon

If you want to have a second life in almost every team fight, you can build Guardian Angel. It gives you more damage and armor, and the passive allows you to go deep in teamfights while still surviving with the revive. Consider buying Guardian Angel especially when the rest of your build is focused on offensive items, as the revive can be thought of as giving you very efficient tankiness.

Thornmail Icon

Thornmail is another item to consider when the enemy team has a lot of physical damage. It gives tons of armor, HP, and returns damage to auto attackers while applying grevious wounds to them. Great for dealing with AD carries. With season 11 updates, it now adds more Grievous Wounds to immobilized champions which is perfect for Renekton since his W (Ruthless Predator) can stun a target.

Gargoyle Stoneplate's Icon

If you need more ability haste, armor, and magic resistance then Gargoyle Stoneplate is the way to go. Now, the item doesn't add armor and magic resist when there are more enemy champion nearby. It increases when enemies constantly deal damage to you which makes it a viable item for Renekton since you are bruiser that loves to go in and out of fights.

Full Build Example

An example full build can consist of:

  • Goredrinker
  • Mercury’s Treads
  • Ravenous Hydra
  • Black Cleaver
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate
Renekton's Full Build Example

This is an example 6-item build for Renekton. It contains both offensive and defensive items providing him the ability to deal damage while also having the strength to take hits. Most Renekton builds should look for a healthy mix of offensive and defensive items, as he benefits a lot from being able to do damage while also having the durability to go in on the enemy team. Look for synergies with your items. For example, consider buying a Guardian Angel when you want to deal more damage as soon as you go in but don’t want to die immediately. Other recommended items can be used based on what enemies you are dealing with. 

Renekton's Abilities

Passive - Reign Of Anger

Renekton's Passive Ability Named Reign of Anger Tool Tip
Renekton's Passive Ability Named Reign of Anger Animation
Renekton's Passive - Reign of Anger

Renekton has a unique resource bar called Fury. Renekton gains 5 fury per auto-attack and loses 4 every second he is out of combat. Renekton generates 50% more fury when below 50% health. When at, or above 50 fury, Renekton’s next ability is empowered, making the ability more powerful and consuming 50 fury. His passive gives lots of outplay potential, timing your fury and baiting enemies into fights that look good for them can turn fights around and secure kills for yourself.

Q - Cull the Meek

Renekton's Q Ability Named Cull the Meek Tool Tip
Renekton's Q Ability Named Cull the Meek Animation
Renekton's Q - Cull the Meek

Renekton swings his blade dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies, healing from non-champion and champion hit. Additionally, he also gains 2.5 fury per non-champion hit and 10 fury per champion hit. Renekton can not regenerate more than 30 fury with a single Q.

Fury Empowered: When Renekton is at or above 50 fury and uses Cull the Meek it’s damage and total healing increases by 200%. His healing cap is also increased by 300%. 

This ability is great for clearing waves in lane. It also provides instant damage and self-healing increasing your sustain in the laning phase. When facing enemy laners use an empowered Q only when it is necessary for dealing with your opponent 1v1.

W - Ruthless Predator

Renekton's W Ability Named Ruthless Predator Tool Tip
Renekton's W Ability Named Ruthless Predator Animation
Renekton's W - Ruthless Predator

On activation, Renekton’s next basic attack will have 50 bonus range and strike twice, dealing bonus damage, procing on hit effects twice (like Blade of the Ruined King or Tiamat) and stunning the target for 0.75 seconds. He gains 10 fury when attacking an enemy champion.

Fury Empowered: When Renekton is at or above 50 fury and uses Ruthless Predator his next attack will strike three times, dealing more damage and stunning the target for 1.5 seconds. This attack also instantly destroys any shields on the target, dealing damage after breaking the shield.

Ruthless Predator is an insane trading tool. The stun can be comboed with your other abilities to deal massive, unavoidable damage. Always try to use your 50 fury on an empowered W during a 1v1, as it is Renekton’s strongest ability in these situations. On activation, this ability also resets Renekton’s auto attack timer, so try to use one auto attack before activating the ability to sneak in an extra auto. Keep in mind that you gain 50 bonus range with this ability enabling you to finish off that slippery target if you’re just out of range.

E - Slice and Dice

Renekton's E Ability Named Slice and Dice Tool Tip
Renekton's E Ability Named Slice and Dice Animation
Renekton's E - Slice and Dice

Slice: Renekton dashes forward, dealing damage to all targets hit and generating 2 fury per non-champion hit and 10 fury per champion hit, up to a cap of 30 fury generated. If he hits an enemy with Slice, he can recast his E to use Dice in the next 4 seconds, which is the same ability as Slice but can be empowered.

Fury Empowered: When Renekton is at, or above 50 fury and uses Dice, Dice does increased damage and shreds the target’s armor by up to 30% at max rank.

Note: Renekton’s first cast of E, Slice does not gain any bonus effects from being at or above 50 fury. Only Dice, the second cast of Renekton’s E, will consume fury and be stronger than a normal cast.

This ability is Renekton’s only form of mobility in his kit. In the laning phase, you can use it to dash in, get your W, Q, and a few autos off, and dash out for devestating short trades that the enemy will have a hard time answering. The fact that the first cast will not use any fury is vital for Renekton’s trades, as he almost always wants to prioritize using his fury on his W or Q instead of his E. This allows him to dash in and still have the fury left over to use on his other abilities.

R - Dominus

Renekton's Ultimate R Ability Named Dominus Tool Tip
Renekton's R Ability Named Dominus Animation
Renekton's R - Dominus

Renekton empowers himself with dark energies, gaining 20 fury instantly on cast, increasing in size and gaining flat bonus HP for 15 seconds. While empowered, he deals magic damage every 1/2 second to all nearby enemies and generates 5 fury per second. You should use Dominus before fighting rather than waiting to take advantage of the fury build up and initiate the fight with empowered abilities.

Ability Skill Order

Renekton's Ability Skill Order
Renekton's Ability Skill Order

The skill order for Renekton is R > Q > E > W.  The reason is you want your Q(Cull the Meek) to help you sustain in the early trades and pushing waves with your increased healing and damage. Renekton simply gets the most out of maxing Q first as the ability scales better with levels than E or W. Max E second because the cooldown is very long and matches up with the rest of your cooldowns better as you get more points in it. Even though W is a very strong ability, it doesn’t get much more powerful by putting points into it so max it last. Always level up your R whenever possible at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Renekton Powerspikes

A Power Spike is a time champion reaches a level or builds an item that makes them a lot stronger than other champions in the game at that time.  Renekton power spikes when he reaches level 3 because he can use all of his abilities and smash the enemies with his combos early in the game as well as when he completes his first full item, Black Cleaver, because upon completion of the item he gains a lot of stats that make him much stronger than most champions in the game at that time. Use this upper hand wisely and drive through the game to snowball into more of an advantage.

Renekton's Combos

Tiamat + Q

This combo utilizes a small animation cancel by overlapping the wind down of the Tiamat animation with the startup animation of Renekton’s Q. Use these two AoE abilities together to cut down waves quickly.

Renekton's Tiamat+Q Combo
Renekton's Tiamat+Q Combo

W + Tiamat

This combo uses another animation cancel with W + Tiamat and is essential in some of the more advanced combos you’ll find further down. You use this combo by casting your Tiamat while your W autoattack animation is going off to cast Tiamat during your W, maximizing your DPS.

Renekton's W+Tiamat Combo
Renekton's W+Tiamat Combo

E + AA + Q + E

This combo is used for an all in level 2 which allows you to take a big chunk of the enemy’s health bar very early in the laning phase. This is a good combo to utilize early in your lane to gain an advantage.

Renekton's Level 2 Combo E+AA+Q+E
Renekton's Level 2 Combo E+AA+Q+E

E + AA+ W + Q + AA + E

This is Renekton’s level 3 all in combo which adds your W and stuns the enemy target. Make sure to weave in autoattacks before your W and after your Q to maximize your damage potential.

Renekton's Level 3 Combo E+AA+W+Q+AA+E
Renekton's Level 3 Combo E+AA+W+Q+AA+E

E + Q + AA + E (Panther Combo)

This combo is called the “Panther Combo”. When you use your E(Slice and Dice) and Q(Cull the Meek) then quickly clicking your auto attack your Q animation will be canceled which will surprise the enemy with a combo that offers an unexpected burst and is invaluable to Renekton’s damage kit.

Renekton's Panther Combo E+Q+AA+E
Renekton's Panther Combo E+Q+AA+E

E + AA + W + Ignite + Q + AA + E + AA

This combo is used to maximize the damage output Renekton can deal to his enemies. You can further add more damage to this combo by placing Tiamat during your W. This combo requires practice as you will be clicking a lot of buttons to perfect it. Luckily we have the practice tool for that.

Renekton's Maximum Damage Combo E+AA+W+Ignite+Q+AA+E+AA
Renekton's Maximum Damage Combo E+AA+W+Ignite+Q+AA+E+AA

W + R + E

This combo cancels the animation of your W and R by overlapping the animation of your R with your W, then cancelling the remainder of your R animation by using E. This combo can be very useful to initiate fights when you already have 50 or more fury and don’t need to use your R to generate fury.

Renekton's W+R+E Combo
Renekton's W+R+E Combo

W + Flash

This combo is difficult to use when you are just starting as a Renekton player as it requires precise input. When you click W and hit an enemy, you want to flick your mouse and flash immediately to a different spot. This will stun the enemy and put you where you flashed to making it a great way to escape an opponent.

Renekton's W+Flash Combo
Renekton's W+Flash Combo

How to Play Renekton

Early Game

When playing the early game with Renekton, determine where the enemy jungler started and what lane they will clear towards. You should be aware of where they plan to go especially if they are an early game jungler who will likely gank you 3 minutes into the game. Assist your jungler if they are starting topside and need a leash. If not, then go back to your lane and autoattack minions to slowly push the wave out because you want to get level 3 as fast as possible so you can start trading effectively. Farm as safely as possible while minding ganks from the enemy jungler and when your jungler is ready, try to communicate with them to gank your lane and secure kills to get a lead. Play safe and don’t push against ranged top laners as you don’t have the tools to trade with them until level 3. Use the bushes as cover to keep their harass to a minimum. Don’t be afraid to give up CS early against ranged matchups. It is much more important to have the HP to trade when you hit level 3.

mid Game

During the mid game Phase, Renekton has built items where he can be a strong split pusher or an initiator in a fight. It all depends on what the team needs at the moment. As a Renekton player, you should determine the right move and create the play that you can do to help your team out. Never try to engage when you don’t have the sufficient information around the map that tells you whether the opponent you are targeting is without back up. Small skirmishes will either give you bigger leads or leave you with a disadvantage. When you gain 40% cooldown reduction on your items, play to your strengths and harass your targets as you are very effective at this time and your abilities will be back up in just a few seconds. Renekton is very slick and can move through enemies with his abilities as you can now shred and slowly grind their HP down. 

  • Split Pushing – Renekton is very good at split pushing, particularly in the mid game, the strongest phase for him when the enemy team may need to send 2 or 3 champions to stop him. Always place wards around you after you have finished pushing the wave or taking down the turret so you can have some vision in the area as enemies will likely come to stop you. This will give your team time to take control of the other side of the map and gain all the gold from jungle camps, buffs, and objectives.

  • Objective Control – You should always prepare your Teleport to help your team take control of an objective. When your bot side is planning to take a Dragon, communicate and tell your team to place a ward where you can Teleport and join in the team-fight. When the enemy top laner is also planning to Teleport, try to cancel their Teleport by stunning them with your W. If your Teleport is still up, look to TP in now when the enemy top laner cannot follow. Either way, try to play with your team and prepare for 5v5 teamfights. In teamfights, try to destroy their back-line as you have 2 dashes and a flash which can give you access to the enemy backline. Also, when taking Rift Herald, try to use it while turret plates are still up to break the plates and get more gold. Renekton works best when having a great lead from early to mid game which he can utilize to prepare for the late game.

Late Game

Renekton’s late game is not the best as he gets outscaled by most top laners. Focus on split pushing and picking off enemies as this is your best choice at this stage. In late game team fights when the rest of your team is not too far behind, oftentimes it is Renekton’s job to peel and kill enemies that are trying to kill your primary damage carries, as they have a higher damage output at this stage of the game than you and are more important to keep alive. Of course, if the enemy carries step out of position don’t hesitate to jump on them if you can kill them or your team can follow up and kill them. If you are fed and your team is behind, then you will have to play more aggressively and take more risks, as its on you to carry or to make plays to get your team rolling. If your team is fed, play less aggressively and take fewer risks as you provide support to prevent any casualties. Facing enemies in the late game is difficult as carries at this point have penetration items that can deal with your defenses. Most fights at this stage of the game will take place around neutral objectives like Baron and Dragon. Make sure that you and your team set up proper vision around these objectives and try to make picks with your superior vision when the enemy team has to facecheck.

Renekton Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t save your ultimate, use it immediately to gain more fury 
  • Your ultimate is not heal, so even if you are ignited or have grievous wounds, you will get the bonus health
  • Always auto-attack before using W(Ruthless Predator)
  • When a ward is placed near you, dash to it, auto-attack, and use W. W hits twice so the ward will die before going into stealth.
  • During Renekton’s W animation, he is stunned briefly. Use the active of Tiamat immediately after hitting your W  for more added damage to your combos


  • An unempowered W will grant you the kill on a minion even if the attack does not kill it.  You can use it on cannons to ensure you get the last hit.

Renekton Gameplay

These below videos are great game play examples for how to play Renekton.

Frequent Mistakes/noob Traps

These are things most Renekton players do that shouldn’t be done at a high level elo.

Mistake #1 – Do not Max W before E. The scaling isn’t worth it. You’ll fall into a difficult situation as your only tool for going in and out of teamfights will decrease drastically.

Mistake #2 – Holding onto your ultimate for too long.  Dominus can increase the speed of your rage bar which empowers your abilities. Use it before engaging in a fight and tranform into a monster that can delete enemies instantly.

Mistake #3 – Using empowered E  more than Q and W. 99.9% of the time it is better to strengthen these 2 abilities as the damage output in skirmishes is way better than the increase in damage and armor shredding of E.

Trap #1 – Renekton should not be built as a tank. He doesn’t have the percent damage or utility late game to justify it. You will be losing the boost you gain from your core items and will likely be sitting ducks in the middle of a fight not dealing much damage to your targets.

Trap #2 – Teamfighting without Flash and your Ultimate is always a bad idea. Dominus will boost your damage by empowering your abilities which can help turn fights in your favor while Flash can help you stick to targets or escape better. Engaging without these 2 will give the enemy team a fighting chance.

Trap #3 – A combo is not complete unless you throw an emote in the middle of it. If you want to be the best of the best, you want to learn how to add an emote in your fight. This will enrage enemies and will likely play aggressive just to kill you. But everything is according to plan, smashing them to pieces.

Similar Champions to Renekton

Listed below are some champions you can use in place of Renekton whenever he isn’t available. These champions all have aspects of their kit or playstyle that achieve similar things to what Renekton would do in game.

Darius Icon


Snowballs hard, can turn around fights even when outnumbered, Deals incredible amounts of damage and he is a Truly mid game menace. The Noxian general apprehends enemies and make them bleed. He decimates them and cripples them until they have no hope left in them. An axe will come flying through their heads right after. This is the might of Noxia.

Garen Icon


Early game warrior, Manaless champ great for players who just want to smack enemies relentlessly and a durable front-line with high damage. Garen is the defender of the throne of Demacia. He serves the city and delivers mighty blows with his broadsword.  He brings justice through decisive strikes and judgement. This is all for the cause! For Demacia!

Ornn Icon


Tanks for the team while dealing heavy crowd control to the enemy, Late game power upgrading teammates' items and Deals very high damage for a tank. Ornn is a frontline blacksmith that creates weapons on the go. He transforms them into items that can  be useful in the rift. Ornn can upgrade your allies weapons and make everyone a lot stronger. Wait for the horn and witness a might ram straight through your opponents.

Comment below what you liked or should change about this build.  Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful.  Good luck on the Rift!


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  6. PhaantomDK Reply

    Hey man, thanks so much for the YT channelans for this amazing site, good job and idea, already recommended to some friends.

    I had a 7-8 year break from lol, back now, stumbled upon your YT channel, and decided to OTP Renekton, so now I’m taking baby steps in learning the game again, alot has changed since last time, but I’m learning alot by this guide and the videos, so thanks again man!

  7. Bobby Reply

    This is literally the best site for LoL or Riot games in general from all out there,I would consider it better then the official LoL site as well,and its not even fully developed yet in terms of champion guides.I just wanna say Thank you for working so hard to educate us.And would suggest a top lane guide for Tryndamere from Foggedftw2 if he agree to cooperate.Be save!

  8. Thibaud Reply

    Hello RTL,
    Thank you so much for this guide it help me a lot to climb in ladder, i think it’s one or the best guide that i’ve seen :). Sorry for my bad english, i’m French ;).
    But i have a question Concerning Botrk, i saw that you use it now in Many live, and m’y question is : When do i have to rush it as 1st over tiamat ? In which case do you build it or not ?
    Thanks in advance RTO, bye

    1. Wettnoodles Reply

      I would rush botRK over Tiamat when you don’t want to be shoving. If you want to let the lane push into you (such as against ranged laners) then rush BotRK over Tiatmat – if you want to be shoving and roaming/invading then go Tiamat BotRK

  9. Filip Barwi?ski Reply

    Hi! What do you think about divine sunderer renekton i know i played it on stream and i saw this game.

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