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Vi Jungle – BlueRainn

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This League of Legends Season 10 Ultimate Vi guide is the only guide that you will need in order to play Vi jungle. This guide will include builds, combos, counters, synergies, keystones, and runes. 


With her wild pink hair, Vi was known for smashing every enemy she faced with her fists. She found a mentor who disciplined her to channel anger better, and quickly earned a reputation as someone who gets things done, no questions asked. Everything was going fine for her fortune-making schemes, until a gang she worked with left innocent lives to die. With power gauntlets on her fists, she administered a beating so legendary it is still a known story in Zaun. She eventually disappeared until she was soon seen with the Sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn, chasing a vicious gang. Rumors say she worked with her because of a certain blue-haired hellion in Zaun.


This guide was written by our team of writers along with the help of Challenger player, BlueRainn, who is an expert in everything Vi. He is considered by many to be the best in the world at this champion and you can find him streaming on Twitch and his Youtube channel.

Vi Overview Infographic

We put together a Vi overview infographic that has the best builds, runes, strengths, weaknesses, combos, skill orders, counters, synergies and anything else that you need to quickly learn the basics of Vi.  Make sure to share with your friends and check back here to get the latest updates.  We will be updating this infographic as changes happen so check back often! 

Vi's League of Legends Overview Infographic for Combos, Runes, Builds, Skill Order, Strengths and Weaknesses

Who Is BlueRainn?

BlueRainn, 24 years of age. Currently playing with summoner name BlueRainn. He has over 226,449 mastery points on Vi and peaked at 763 LP in North American Challenger. He has a KDA ratio of 6.5:1 with a 60% win rate. He started playing League of Legends at the end of season 1 because his cousin told him to try the game. He ended up at Gold in S1, to then become Diamond S2, and Challenger S3. When he was Challenger in season 3, he had a few offers to go pro (from XDG, C9, and Curse) but since he was in high school he couldn’t accept the offers, as his parents wanted him to go to college. When he started college he quit playing the game seriously for 5 years. Now that he has graduated, he is trying to pursue League again as his career. He is now a full-time streamer and uploads videos to Youtube every week! He peaked at GM this season and he hopes he can become a Challenger player again. He is also a coach for proguides.com and peaked at rank 32 back in season 3 and 4.

Table of Contents

Why Play Vi?

Before we start on the Ultimate Guide to Vi we first want to tell you why you should play her.  Her overall strengths and weaknesses are as follows:


  • Quick jungle clear.
  • Strong level 6 ganks.
  • Fast objective taker.
  • Strong late game.
  • Good team-fighter.


  •  Very weak early game.
  •  Lots of bad matchups.
  •  Needs a lot of items to scale.
  •  Does not have good ganks until level 6.
  •  Falls behind really hard if you die once to the enemy jungler.

Vi Counters

These champions give Vi a hard time in-game due to having a kit that can stop Vi from doing what she wants to do. Here are some of the biggest issues and how you can try to overcome the challenges they bring.

Graves Icon


Graves is considered a counter because he outscales you. He can bully you in all phases of the game, and if Graves is good it is impossible to ever hit him as he can dodge your Q (Vault Breaker) with his E (Quickdraw) and still has W (Smoke screen), Phase Rush, Nimbus Cloak and his R (Collateral Damage) to continue kiting you until you eventually can’t do anything. He can steal all your camps and eventually you will get so behind you can't play the game. Focus on counter-jungling him whenever possible, let him do the initiation first before you come in and use your abilities.

Olaf Icon


Olaf is considered a counter because he farms way faster than you. He can beat you 1v1 at anytime, and his ultimate (Ragnarok) directly counters your ultimate (Assault and Battery). There’s just no way to beat him, as he’s a stronger duelist than you and farms faster than you as well. Rather than trying to beat him as a jungler, focus on snowballing your allies and create skirmishes that will give your team a lead.

Kha'zix Icon


Kha’Zix is considered a counter, because once he hits level 6 it's impossible to beat him in a 1v1 as well. He outdamages you, especially with his evolved isolated Q (Taste Their Fear) and you can never get your damage off on him, as he turns invisible with his R (Void Assault). Try to avoid a 1v1 against Kha’Zix and focus on your team composition to get more objectives in the game.

Vi Synergies

These champions work well with Vi and should be considered being picked alongside her if possible. Here are some of the biggest synergies and how you can abuse them.

Orianna Icon


Orianna works well with Vi because she gives you the ability to not get one-shot. You bring in Orianna’s ball when you use your ultimate. As she activates her E (Command: Protect), you can charge with R (Assault and Battery), damaging the enemy extremely and allowing nasty wombo combos.

Yuumi Icon


Yuumi works well with Vi because this champion is honestly just busted. She gives Vi the ability to chase down any target while she heals, allowing Vi to not get one-shot when ulting in on the backline. While you’re channeling your R (Assault and Battery), Yuumi can channel her R (Final Chapter) as well to get an instant snare after the knock-up.

Morgana Icon


Morgana is a great compliment to Vi. When Vi is ulting in, Morgana can activate E (Black Shield) to help her not get one-shot when going in on the backline. Hitting Vi’s ultimate (Assault and Battery) allows Morgana to use her Q (Dark Binding) and quickly use R (Soul Shackles) on the target, leading to a guaranteed kill.

Vi Summoner Spells

Vi’s recommended summoner spells are Smite and Flash. Vi is mainly a jungler, so Smite is necessary and Flash is essential for her to get in range to ultimate mispositioned targets. Additionally, you can use Q (Vault Breaker) and Flash as Vi, just like Gragas’ E (Body Slam) + Flash.

Vi Runes And Keystone

Vi’s recommended runes are Hail of Blades, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, and Relentless Hunter on Domination as primary, and Cosmic Insight with Magical Footwear on Inspiration as secondary. Hail of Blades really compliments Vi’s kit, and if you miss your Q (Vault Breaker) it gives you the ability to proc your W (Denting Blows), still giving you that armor shred, % of health damage, and attack speed buff. CDR is also core on Vi, and she is a very item dependent champion. Not having to buy boots is massive, as well as having the bonus 10 movement speed of Magical Footwear, as closing distances is extremely crucial for a champion like Vi.

Vi's Recommended Runes
Vi's Recommended Runes

If you want to be tankier for the team, you can build Aftershock, Shield Bash, Bone Plating, and Overgrowth on Resolve as primary, and Cosmic insight with Magical Footwear on Inspiration as secondary. This choice is better when your team lacks a tank and you need to survive against an enemy team composition that has a lot of one-shot champions like Syndra, Leblanc, Rengar, etc. Inspiration will always be a great secondary tree option for Vi, as it delivers great stats for her.

Vi's Secondary Runes
Vi's Secondary Runes

Both rune pages will be using +10% attack speed, +9 adaptive force, and armor/magic resist depending on enemy team composition.

Vi Builds

Vi’s recommended items change depending on the situation, however, the following items will give you a good idea of what to build in different situations.

Starting Items

Hunter's Machete and Refillable Potion Icon

Vi starts with Hunter’s Machete and Refillable Potion. These give her the necessary early game sustain when clearing the camps.

Core Items

Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior Icon

Skirmisher’s Sabre - Warrior is core on Vi because it is a massive power spike for her. It gives her plenty of AD and cooldown reduction. She has really high CDs in the early game, and this helps her remove that weakness and deal more damage with her abilities in teamfights. Pick blue Smite if you’re against squishy targets that are hard to stick to.

Trinity Force Icon

Trinity Force is core on Vi because it really compliments her kit with more CDR, gives her HP, lots of damage, and Phage’s movement speed, which is crucial for her to get close to squishies while being kited. Finally, Vi is amazing at utilizing Sheen in clashes.

Guardian Angel's Icon

Guardian Angel is core on Vi, as she is a “diver” type champion. It gives her the leeway of ulting an important target like the ADC or midlaner in teamfights without getting instantly one-shot.


Mercury's Treads Icon

Use Mercury’s Treads against team compositions that have heavy CC or magic damage.

Ninja Tabi Icon

Use Ninja Tabi against heavy AD compositions.

Offensive Situational Items

Sterak's Gage Icon

If you want additional firepower, you can build Sterak’s Gage. This is an amazing item that provides 450 health and a passive that grants 50% of your base AD as bonus AD. It also gives Vi an extra leeway if Guardian Angel is still on cooldown, giving you tenacity and a shield to not get one-shot instantly.

Death's Dance Icon

If you want to have lifesteal while also having extra defenses, you can build Death’s Dance. It increases your AD and provides cooldown reduction, as well as armor and magic resist because of the additional Aegis of the Legion in it. This can help you take more hits while also getting some HP back every punch you hit.

Defensive Situational Items

Guardian Angel and Gargoyle Stoneplate Icon

If you are playing Aftershock Vi, you can replace Guardian Angel with Gargoyle Stoneplate. It gives more defenses to Vi when you are planning to peel for your team. This allows you to be in the middle of teamfights and have enough endurance to survive longer and punch the enemies more.

Dead Man's Plate Icon

If you want more protection against AD champions, you can build Dead Man’s Plate. It works well with Vi’s items and can help her charge in faster while being tankier than usual. This will avoid instant one-shot from hard carries of the enemy team.

Spirit Visage Icon

If you are having trouble with AP champions that burst you, you can build Spirit Visage. It gives you health regeneration, magic resist, and HP. It also increases your CDR, which you need to max out to use more abilities in teamfights.

Full Build Example

An example full build for Vi can consist of:

  • Skirmisher’s Sabre – Warrior
  • Trinity Force
  • Guardian Angel
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Mercury’s Treads
  • Death’s Dance
Vi's Full Build Example

This is the most recommended build path for Vi, as it gives you a ton of AD, health, max cooldown reduction, lifesteal, healing, and the ability to revive when diving in with your ultimate (Assault and Battery). This build brings a ton of defensive stats, and ultimately the ability to outduel almost any champion in a 1v1.

Vi's Abilities

Passive - Blast Shield

Vi’s passive is essential in her kit. It grants her a shield of 15% of her maximum HP for 3 seconds. This passive scales really well into the late game, because once you purchase some health items they will make the shield bigger. Additionally, every time you trigger her W (Denting Blows) the cooldown of her passive will be reduced by 3 seconds. This is crucial to know, because sometimes you need to hold spells to ensure you proc your passive multiple times while dueling someone or even against jungle camps.

Vi's Passive Ability Named Blast Shield Tooltip
Vi's Passive Ability Named Blast Shield Animation
Vi's Passive - Blast Shield

Q - Vault Breaker

This ability is your main gap-closer. It allows you to cut distances and get on top of your opponent. It is crucial to not miss this spell, as it is practically all your damage and it gives you the ability to proc your W. A lot of players are unfamiliar with the fact that Vi can Q first then Flash to instantly hit her target without them being able to react if done correctly, just like how Gragas can E + Flash.

Vi's Q Ability Named Vault Breaker Tooltip
Vi's Q Ability Named Vault Breaker Animation
Vi's Q - Vault Breaker

W - Denting Blows

It deals a % of the enemy’s HP as damage when you apply 3 stacks. It also gives you bonus attack speed and reduces the target’s armor by 20%. A great ability to shred through tanks and objectives. This is how Vi deals with them and blasts through their defenses.

Vi's W Ability Named Denting Blows Tooltip
Vi's W Ability Named Denting Blows Animation
Vi's W - Denting Blows

E - Excessive Force

Vi’s E is an auto-attack reset that empowers her next basic attack to deal damage in a cone. It is crucial to auto-attack-reset with this ability to maximize Vi’s damage. You can also use this to hit a minion, monster, or champion, and kill a low HP champion behind them.

Vi's E Ability Named Excessive Force Tooltip
Vi's E Ability Named Excessive Force Animation
Vi's E - Excessive Force

R - Assault and Battery

Vi’s ultimate is a point-a-click ability. One thing that a lot of players don’t know is that you can Flash while you’re channeling Vi’s ultimate. This can be used in multiple ways to create insane outplays. For example, if you press R on Sivir from max range, you can instantly Flash on her to make your ultimate knock her up instantly, giving her no time to use her E (Spell Shield). Another example is if you are low on health and see the enemy using a skillshot, you can Flash to dodge it. Your ultimate will finish the channeling after the Flash.

Vi's R Ability Named Assault and Battery Tooltip
Vi's R Ability Named Assault and Battery Animation
Vi's R - Assault and Battery

Ability Skill Order

Vi's Ability Skill Order
Vi's Ability Skill Order

The skill order for Vi is R – Q – E – W. You start W, Denting Blows as it is crucial to clearing jungle, then E, Excessive Force level 2, afterwards you put all your points into Q, Vault Breaker, and R, Assault and Battery when you can. You max E second on Vi unless you’re playing against a bunch of health stacking tanks then you max W 2nd.

Vi Power Spikes

A power spike is when a champion reaches a level or builds an item that makes them a lot stronger than other champions in the game. Vi hits a massive power spike when she reaches level 6, as a great part of her ganking power resides in her ultimate. Since her R (Assault and Battery) is a point-and-click ability, it is extremely difficult for the opponents to have any counterplay, and landing a guaranteed knock-up leads to free skillshots for your teammates. Having your Skirmisher’s Sabre – Warrior and Trinity Force are the 2 biggest power spikes for Vi. Warrior gives her CDR and a ton of AD. Trinity Force is the same concept. Even though you do not get as much raw damage, you get a lot of damage in many different aspects. Vi utilizes Sheen extremely well, and she gets more MS more CDR, and a bunch of attack speed, which gives her the ability to one-shot backline targets who are mispositioned. 

Vi Combos

Q + AA + E + R Combo

This is Vi’s most basic combo. Making use of your W’s (Denting Blows) armor shred is crucial for maximizing Vi’s damage, so ideally you want to proc your W on the target before you hit ultimate.

Vi's Q+AA+E+R Combo
Vi's Q+AA+E+R Combo

Q + AA + E + Space Forward + AA + E + AA + R Combo

This is a more advanced combo. With Hail of Blades, you can proc your W (Denting Blows) twice within 2 seconds. This gives you a ton of damage and usually baits the opponent to Flash. The second they Flash is when you latch onto them with your R (Assault and Battery).

Vi's Q+AA+E+AA+E+AA+R Combo
Vi's Q+AA+E+AA+E+AA+R Combo

R + AA + E + Q Combo

This is the combo you use in the late game. If you want to catch an important target with your team, instantly cast Vi’s ultimate (Assault and Battery), which brings her behind the target. As you finish your ultimate animation, use the opportunity while they’re still under CC to AA + E (Excessive Force) to maximize your damage. After that, hit Q (Vault Breaker) to proc your W (Denting Blows), reducing their defenses and bumping them closer to your teammates.

Vi's R+AA+E+Q Combo
Vi's R+AA+E+Q Combo

Jungle Path of Vi

These routes provide the best ganking potential Vi can have as a jungler.


Vi will go Blue Sentinel > Gromp > Wolves > Raptors > Red Brambleback > Krugs > Scuttler. This is the most optimal jungle route for you to use.

Blue Sentinel - Gromp - Wolves - Raptors - Red Brambleback - Krugs - Scuttler Route
Blue Sentinel - Gromp - Wolves - Raptors - Red Brambleback - Krugs - Scuttler Route

Vi will go Red Brambleback > Enemy Blue Sentinel > Enemy Gromp > Reset to your jungle. When playing against a farm-heavy jungler like Karthus, Zac, or Kayn, you can use this, as Vi clears jungle camps extremely quick. Her only issue is that early game she gets quite low on health. This path is optimal because by the time they fully clear their red side and move towards their blue side, you’re already level 3 and back to your jungle.

Red Brambleback - Enemy Blue Sentinel - Enemy Gromp - Reset to your jungle Route
Red Brambleback - Enemy Blue Sentinel - Enemy Gromp - Reset to your jungle Route

Vi will go Red Brambleback > Blue Sentinel > Gromp > Wolves > Scuttler > Gank Bot. If you’re against an aggressive jungler who can bully you early, you want to start at your top side. Let’s say it’s red in this case. Path towards your blue, and then Gromp. Afterwards you can do Wolves, Scuttler, and then look for a gank by pathing towards your bot lane on your clear. This gives you the number advantage, as there are 2 players in the bottom and if the enemy is invading you, that means your teammates can react first before the enemy.

Red Brambleback - Blue Sentinel - Gromp - Wolves - Scuttler - Gank Bot Route
Red Brambleback - Blue Sentinel - Gromp - Wolves - Scuttler - Gank Bot Route

How To Play Vi

Early Game

The early game is crucial to your development as a jungler for your team. Try your best to avoid the enemy jungler, as you are very weak and volatile early. You want to farm up and take as much gold as you can or fight in small skirmishes around the map for your allies to snowball a lead. This will benefit you as long as you avoid dying and getting behind against the enemy jungler. Your goal is to hit level 6 as soon as possible and get a winning lane ahead. This will boost their position and pressure the enemy in the lane, which gives you area to maneuver.

Mid Game

By this time you should have your ultimate ready to use. Ideally, you want to play around your winning lanes, get vision on their areas, and look for those guaranteed picks with your ultimate. Afterward, you can translate that pick into getting objectives like Dragons, Rift Heralds, and free counter-jungling.

  • Split-pushing – Vi is a strong duelist but she shines hard in teamfights. Ideally, when playing Vi, you want to prioritize getting vision with your teammates. Avoid being far from your allies, as your team can greatly benefit from your picking abilities. Placing vision generally translates into getting free picks, which leads to free objectives.


  • Objective control –Vision is the key to control objectives when playing Vi. l buy lots of Control Wards and sweep the objectives before hitting up the area. It’s up to you to ensure that the enemy has no vision. Don’t rely on your allies too much to know if the objective is warded. When the enemy goes to ward the objective when it spawns, your team can look for picks with your ultimate (Assault and Battery) to give you numbers advantage. Hopefully, your laners will get more deep vision for the team on the objective as a teamfight is bound to happen.

Late Game

During the late game, your goal is to catch important targets with your ultimate (Assault and Battery), like the ADC and midlaner. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself in order to win a teamfight. That is why having a Stopwatch or Guardian Angel is crucial for you to live. Having this item will help you use your ultimate on the ADC in a 5v5, and possibly get a follow-up from your allies so you can escape and rethink your next moves. Avoid charging in if your teammates are not ready to help you, as you’ll be wasting abilities and the CD of your GA. Force teamfights where you get to pick someone out of position and remove them before a full 5v5. After the fight you can siege turrets, take Baron or Elder Dragon, destroy inhibitors, and possibly win the game.

Vi Tips And Tricks

  • Vi can Q and then Flash, making it impossible for the enemy to react to it.
  • Vi can Flash while she is in her ultimate channel to either instantly knock the target up or dodge a skill.
  • Vi’s passive is lowered by 3 seconds every time she procs her W.
  • Make sure you’re using E to constantly auto-attack-reset
  • Vi is a monster at slaying objectives, so if you ever see the enemy jungler across the map you can instantly look to either solo the Dragon or Rift Herald early (also keep in mind that the first 2 Dragons of the game are significantly weaker).

Vi Gameplay

These below videos are great gameplay examples for how to play Vi. Coming soon.

Frequent Mistakes/Noob Traps

These are things most Vi players do that shouldn’t be done at a high level ELO.


Mistake #1 – Players do not stay away from the enemy jungler and get smacked due to Vi’s awful early game. You should learn the strengths and weaknesses of this champion and avoid fights that are not in your favor.


Mistake #2 – Players do not prioritize farming early. Vi really needs level 6, and if she gets slightly behind it is extremely difficult for her to catch back up. You can prevent this by focusing on taking more jungle camps and maybe some Dragons or Rift Heralds when you know the enemy jungler is on the other side of the map.


Mistake #3 – Players use their E charges before their passive is up (W resets your passive’s CD by 3 seconds). Having a passive available gives you a shield that can protect you from incoming damage that can possibly kill you instantly. Learn how to cycle your abilities right on the cooldown of your passive to get protection from it.


Mistake #4 – Do not auto-attack-reset with her E. Your Excessive Force can be used as an animation cancel for your auto-attack. Do not rely too much on your abilities and use auto-attacks in between your hits to utilize its power.

Mistake #5 – Instantly pressing R in a teamfight before you have Guardian Angel or Stopwatch. Playing Vi in teamfights is extremely tricky when you only have Warriors or Trinity Force. She is very squishy, so if you use your ultimate on their backline against decent players, you will be focused and potentially even one-shot before your ultimate lands. You need to wait for them to use ‘big abilities’ before ulting in on fights unless the enemy is extremely mispositioned. The best situation is to have Guardian Angel or Stopwatch on your items and wait for its cooldown before trying to go in with your ultimate.

Similar Champions To Vi

Listed below are some champions you can use to replace Vi in the jungle. Similar to her, they also charge in fights and deal tons of damage to their targets. When she isn’t available because she is either banned or picked by the enemy team, knowing these champions will give you a variety to choose from, safeguarding your LP from going down and keeping your games awesome.

Lee Sin Icon

Lee Sin

Multiple combos. Early game ganker. Great at making plays for the team. Playing Lee Sin is one of the best things you could do. His versatile abilities can create amazing plays that will impress anyone watching. If you are in for the thrill, you can maximize this blind monk’s skills and kick enemies to your allies while you are being swift and cunning around the map dodging enemy skill shots.

Nocturne Icon


Good scaling. Can carry a team. Good outplay potential. Nocturne has a similar gameplay to Vi’s, but with more darkness in his abilities. He negates enemy vision and charges to their position to strike them down with fear. If you want to charge in without being seen, use this champion. Attack all the way with a protective shield and a team to follow you up.

Jarvan IV Icon

Jarvan IV

Great damage in the early game. High burst potential. Strong early ganks. When you are looking for a champion that also charges against enemies, you can try Jarvan IV. He has the ability to get close by landing flags and striking his lance. He knocks foes up for his allies to attack and kill. He can finally land a Cataclysm to prevent any enemy from escaping. No one shall escape the wrath of the king!

Comment below what you liked or think should change about this guide. Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful. Good luck on the Rift!


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