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60 Best Challenger Tips to Gain ELO in Season 10 (In-Depth)


In this guide, I am going to give you 60 tips that I have used to get to Challenger.  These also are some of the biggest mistakes that I have seen over the last 3 years when I did Vod Reviews and Coaching.  These are primarily made for Top Laners, but these tips apply to everyone no matter what lane that you play.  This is super in-depth and will absolutely blow away everything else that exists for League of Legends.

If you seriously study and implement these actionable tips into your games, then you WILL gain Elo.  Guarantee it!  – RTO

So lets get started…

1) Have a Good Champion Pool

A Champion pool is a small roster of 3-5 champions that you’ve picked, to optimize your ability to win games, and climb. 

Why do you want a champion pool? Having a small champion pool helps you master the select champions faster than someone who changes constantly and does not know the ins and out of his chosen champion, – such as itemization, matchups and niche usage of abilities. It also provides you with the opportunity to counterpick your lane opponent, on a comfort pick.

Generally, you want to pick a main champion – one that is your favorite, (Like Renekton of course!) is fun to play, a comfort pick that you can easily master and would quite happily play every game on if you could! But what if your main gets banned? What if your opponent picks a hard counter? What if your team is full AD and you main an AD champ?

That is why you should have 3 to 5 champions that you are comfortable with where you can fall back onto if needed.

2) Know When to Dodge a Game

Dodging is the act of leaving the champion select before the game has begun, preventing the game from starting, and giving you a small timer before you can requeue.

Dodging games is something that we all hate to do, but sometimes, that small loss of LP and a 5 minute timer, is more than worth it. LP is only a visual representation of your actual ranking.  The MMR is what places you in the games and is the true stat to where your ranking is. When you dodge, you only lose your LP but you keep all of your MMR!  When you dodge a lot you will still have a high MMR despite a lower LP so they game will give you more LP per win and take away less LP per loss because it is trying to get your visual rank to what the Hidden MMR is!  So don’t be afraid of dodging! I do it all the time and so do many other high elo players. 

Let’s talk about some scenarios.

  • You load into champion select, open up OP.GG and you notice your jungler is a support main, autofilled and has a 25% winrate on the Sejuani they just picked. This guy will try his best, but we all know that it will most likely accumulate into a loss. We dodge, take the -3LP and go make coffee.
  • Your jungler “accidentally” bans your midlaners hover pick. Midlaner is now tilted, and instalocks Nunu with ghost/cleanse. There’s a good chance he himself will dodge, but don’t leave it until the last second incase the game accidentally goes through!
  • Your team is 3 assassins and you are against 2 tanks, one of which has very good peel. It’s not unwinnable, but it’ll be difficult and potentially end in a loss. -3LP or -18LP and a lot of wasted time?
  • You’re looking at OP.GG and notice your midlaner and their duo jungler are on a 4 game losing streak today. They’re probably tilted, or trolling. Don’t risk it!

Knowing when to dodge is a very important skill to climbing in ranks. Your MMR isn’t impacted and you can save yourself 20 minutes of suffering in a game you never had a chance to start with.

3) Comfort Pick is Better than Counter Pick

A comfort pick is a champion you’re.. Well, comfortable on! One you know how to play, enjoy playing, and have mastered at a higher level. A counter pick is a champion that counters the enemies pick, from either beating them in lane, stopping their win condition or making life extremely difficult for them – think Morgana into Thresh.

Counter picks are always an option when second picking after the enemy toplane, but it’s not always worth it. So, the enemy picked Renekton, and Gangplank is still open, who is a hard counter to the croc – he makes laning phase extremely rough, and his teamfight potential is way better. BUT! You’ve played Gangplank twice, and fed both times on him, you’ve no idea how to play him. Is it really worth taking Gangplankjust because he “counters” Renekton? NO! Because you can’t play him! If you don’t know why, or how to counter in lane, or even the basics of the champion, you’re not going to counter your enemy, and most likely, you’re just going to end up feeding him!

Sion is open, and although he hasn’t got the kill pressure vs a Renekton, and gets outtraded if you make a mistake, he’s your comfort pick. You know how to play him, you know his playstyle, and how to farm. This is the best scenario! You take a champion you know how to play, even if it’s not 100% optimal. As long as you’re comfortable on the champion, you’re more likely to counter the enemy just through outplays.

There are a ton of One Trick Ponies in high elo that only play a single champion no matter if it is into a counterpick or not. They are just so incredibly skilled with the champion, that they are able to overcome the disadvantages. Solarbacca on Gangplank, Dragoon on Darius or even myself with Renekton, are some great examples that your comfort pick can get you to a very high elo alone. Each one of these guys has a guide on this website, so check them out.

4) Why You Need to Play with an Unlocked Camera

If you’re used to playing with a locked camera, now is the time to try and break yourself out of that habit. It will be hard, it will be weird, and you will end up worse at the game until you get used to it. Don’t go into ranked like this, just play normals, or ARAMs – you need to get used to it first.

The advantages of unlocked camera are immense, and can benefit you in multiple ways. Let’s talk about some of these advantages.

  • You get to check out other lanes, how are they doing, is there a teleport opportunity during the middle of a fight? 
  • You’re playing Gangplank, and it’s so much easier to be able to pan the camera around the map, to see where there are possible ultimate opportunities, and being able to get the correct placement.
  • Map Awareness is extremely important the higher in elo you go.  Some of the best players in the world watch other lanes more than their own, so they can always be planning out their next move and making informed decisions.  

Remember, you can still use the spacebar to recenter your camera onto your champion, so you don’t lose your placement. But hitting skillshots is going to be a lot easier, and keeping an eye out for incoming ganks, gets a lot less scary.

5) Importance of combos and animation cancels

Certain champions (looking at you Riven) have very important animation cancels and combos. You can definitely play the champion without these, but you will be outputting subpar damage, and opening yourself up to counterplays, whereas if you use these cancels and combos, you can do crazy outplays and one-shots.

With combos, it’s generally the basics of every champion there is. Renekton, Jax, Gnar, even supports like Lux and Janna have their combos. They are there for you to maximize your damage output, and for crazy clutch escapes.

Just for Renekton, you have certain combos that will greatly improve your damage output.  This is an example of such an instance.

Utilizing when or where to cast your combos can greatly affect teamfights in the game. Know when to all in or add auto attacks and active items to boost your damage to the target.

6) How to Itemize

Buying the right items for each game can greatly affect your champion’s performance…

From simple itemization to various items on specific champions, you should have the knowledge when to buy it in the current situation you are having and use its capabilities. In most cases, players will build items that will increase the damage of their champion. Here are some of the reasons you change your build.

  1. Adapting to the enemy composition – If you are in the lead, you can make the most of it and boost your damage and just build offensive items. Just one catch…when your enemies try to deal with you together, you’ll easily get run down. That is why having a few defensive items depending on the most stat in the enemy team(AD or AP) will greatly increase your chance of survival.
  2. Tank variation – When building as a tank, you want to lean more towards your champion. If your champion let’s say is Malphite, you’ll have to focus a little more on armor to boost your damage. But remember: you don’t want to go all out armor and damage to him. Vary your build by determining the composition of the enemy. If they 1 AP and 4 AD champions, you can build a Spectre’s Cowl or a Negatron Cloak early before focusing on armor items. This will balance your items and greatly soak damage for the team.
  3. Carry champion – When you are a carry champion, your usual build path for defenses is Maw of Malmorthius, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Banshee’s Veil, and Guardian Angel. These are one of the best items you can take while also building damage items specifically for your champion. You’ll have both offensive and defensive stats that will save you in skirmishes.
  4. Even split type – Sometimes enemy teams will build a 3/2 composition which is even in stats. In this situation, you want to itemize on the champion that has the greatest threat to you or focus on items that will make your champ effective in the game. For most top lane, you’ll likely build more health so you can tank and soak up more damage for your team while carries will solely focus on items that will drastically increase their damage.
  5. Playstyle – Choosing the items is not solely dependent on the enemy team. Champions have different statistics, playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses that you have to learn. For example, a champion like Aatrox would love Death’s Dance as he can utilize the lifesteal as well as the damage, CDR, and additional defenses for him. Your goal is to learn the champ and look for the best item that can transform him into a god.
  6. Versatility – Some champions can build various kinds of items. In this situation, you have to focus on what the team needs against the enemy team’s composition and use that build on that specific moment. Champs like Gragas, Shaco, etc cam work around their build to suit game in their favor.

These are some things to keep in mind. Remember that League of Legends is ever-evolving and you must learn to maximizes every item available by trial and error. Knowing when to use the right items will help you face any champion in the game. You can read all the items through the collection section.

7) Lethality vs AD and Health or MR/Armor

Items have different subitems that combine into a stronger one. To play great in the game, you have to determine the best suitable build path for your champion. Let’s say we’re going to work with my favorite champion — Renekton we’d have to focus on some AD and lethality as well as defensive items to be that fearful croc we can be.



It can also be called a flat armor penetration. Imagine an enemy champion that has 40 Armor. When you have a lethality of 30 flat armor penetration, your target will now only have 10 armor and will possibly get deleted. For our boy Renekton, we prefer building a lethality item like Youmuu’s Ghostblade than pure AD because our Fury increases our damage. We want to shred enemies with by ignoring as much armor as possible.


Attack Damage

This is one of the major champion stats in League of Legends besides AP(Ability Power). It emphasizes on increasing your auto attack’s damage and dealing more to your target per hit.

If you ask me, Lethality or AD? Well, it depends…

Lethality is great for champions focuses on assassinating targets in just a few seconds such as Zed, Kha’zix, Qiyana, and many more.

AD itself is still part of lethality items as well as crit items. It is a component of builds towards champions that want to either go lethality type or critical type.

It all depends on the kit your champion is supposed to need. YOU have to try what’s best for your favorite champ!

If you’ve followed my guide on, I usually build Black Cleaver, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, and Ravenous Hydra. A combination of both armor shredding and damage dealing items to your target.

Renekton's Full Build Example


Also known as HP is a stat in the game that refers to the amount of life of a unit, structure, or champion. When one runs out of health, death occurs. Health in champions passively regenerates over time. Regaining back health can happen in 3 things: Healing - through utility supports or summoner spell, Lifesteal - through AD items and abilities and Spell Vamp - through champion abilities that convert damage into health .

Anyone can build health to avoid being killed. But remember, stacking HP isn’t important when your enemies have enough damage to deal with you.

Having the defensive stats is also a necessary knowledge in League. That is where Armor and Magic Resist comes in.



It is a defensive stat shared by units, monsters, and buildings. Acquiring armor reduces the AD or AP you are going to receiving. Let’s just say that you have built 50 Armor on your champion. If the enemy can deal 60 AD, then only 10 AD will damage your HP. This is a great way to counter assassins, ADCs or Bruisers that emphasize on dealing as much damage in a short amount of period. Note: they can also build armor penetration or lethality to deal with your armor stats.


Magic Resistance

This is the opposite of armor. It is also a defensive stats for units. Not for all monsters though(some have negative magic resist), minions, and buildings. The main goal for taking MR items is to avoid getting burst down by mages like Leblanc, Ahri, Kassadin, and many more.

Armor and Magic Resist reduces the damage you take from different types of champions. Whenever you go into the summoner’s rift, it is best to build a balance of everything. But if you are dealing with just one type of champion, then why waste an item slot for MR if all of your enemies are AD right?

It is crucial to know what items you should focus on and when to use it. This will give you a better damage output or a stronger defense whenever leading into a teamfight. You can look at all these items in-game by clicking their names on the left side after clicking P(purchase) on the base.

8) What is a win condition, how do you recognize it and how do you abuse it?

When playing League of Legends, you have to understand the value of team composition and playstyle. The biggest tool for winning games is to properly determine your win conditions. But how do you do that?

Win conditions are a series of steps you need to know and learn to abuse. Seek out the best position and situation will allow you to destroy the enemy team’s Nexus.

Now let’s get right into it!

  1. Pick/ban phase – This is the first and one of the most neglected conditions players do not think of in the game. Right as you start loading in, you should determine the strengths and weaknesses of your team composition. If your team has the ability to stun one single target then you’d want to reduce their numbers before going all in. Champions like Pantheon and Taliyah are great at this. Well, if your team decided on a composition that has amazing CCs like Malphite and Orianna, then you are better at fighting in groups. Learning the capabilities of your champions and positioning yourself in your team’s favor will give you a better chance of winning the game.
  2. Adapting your conditions – Teams will have multiple win conditions. The vast amount of champions in League of Legends makes it an ever-evolving game to play. Let’s say your composition consists of Tryndamere, Vi, Leblanc, Xayah, and Rakan. These 5 members are not typically well group together. Xayah and Rakan are amazing at teamfights, Leblanc and Vi are great at picking enemies, and Tryndamere loves split pushing. Games will not always work on your favor as some players have limited champions, that is why adapting to the conditions gives you a far greater opportunity. You can make Tryndamere split push and give pressure in the top lane to make 2 enemy champions cover the area. Let Vi setup focus a target, then Rakan will aid him and lure everyone in a single area for Leblanc and Xayah to destroy. Work on the strengths your team has and you’ll be one step closer to beating the other team.

Recognizing a win condition will let you determine when you will make plays and create the plan of action that will ultimately win you the game. You can check out the counters of your favorite champion right here on RTOAcademy and ban them.

9) How to play an early game champ vs late game champ

Champions have different strengths to play in the game’s phase. Some work best when enemies do not have a lot of items yet. And some massacres the enemy team when they have fully built all their items.

Determining the major effect of your champion can alter the result of the game.

When playing early game champions, like Lee Sin, Rek’Sai, Talon, Pantheon and Elise, you have to take advantage of your kit as early as possible. Champions with strong overall abilities in level 3 can deal a lot of damage in lane.

When you take down enemy champions, your goal is that snowball that lead and gain more pressure in the game. Taking plates from turrets, acquiring dragon souls, and placing shelly on enemy turf can give you more pressure on the map.

Early game champions’ goals are one thing only…to not prolong the game!

They want to reach the mid game phase and possibly end the match. Prolonging the game will most likely turn the tide around losing all chances of winning.

Late game champions focus on the opposite. They want to play safe for as long as possible, earn as many gold and gain as many items with it. Late game champions like Master Yi, Jax, Vayne, Kassadin and Kayle can easily reverse any fight when they have tools to burst or kite enemy down.

Champions in League have different skillsets and using the right skill set on the composition is the way to win any game. It is important to study the champion you are playing and not just blindly go into a Ranked game without knowing their capabilities. Try them out on the “Training” when clicking Play before picking them.

10) Recognizing your role in the game and how to build

Every champion has a different role in the game…

There are 5 major options when choosing a role for your team:


Top Laner

Bruiser or tank champions usually take the top lane. Tanks lock enemies down and let the team start a teamfight. They also help protect weaker players and soak in the most damage in the team. Bruisers, on the other hand, has a combination of both damage and tanking skills. It effectively removes enemies as many as possible then later protects his/her teammates. Tanks build defensive items while Bruisers mix it up.



Junglers collect gold and experience through monsters and objectives. You help laners take control of their area of the map by ganking and fighting into a 2v1,2v2 or 2v3 situations. As a jungle you want to check all available chances you can do in to snowball a lead to your allies as well as yourself. Reigning over the jungle will give you both pressure and game advantage of your enemies. Depending on the jungler you choose, jungler usually takes 3-4 offensive items and takes 2 defensive ones for precaution.


Mid Laner

Mid laners work the same way as Top laners. You want to take advantage and solo lead your lane. Assassins and APC(Ability Power Carry) are often utilized in this lane. Champions that specialize at roaming and killing high-value targets make mid laners similar to junglers. Influence pressure around the map when you have taken lane advantage. Assassins go all out lethality and armor penetration and sometimes get items like Guardian Angel and Edge of Night that has protective components. APC also does a similar path and go all out offense while having items like Zhonya’s Hourglass and Banshee’s Veil for protection.


AD Carry

Stands for Attack Damage Carry. This position may also be called Marksman and its sole purpose is to eliminate targets with heavy amounts of damage. Most of the items he/she builds focus on increasing the offensive ability of the champion. You want every auto attack to smack straight to the head of the enemy. ADCs keep the farthest distance in teamfights and avoids getting in the middle of multiple targets. You’d want to be close to your support protecting you as you have the least amount of defensive items.



The main goal of a support is to protect his/her allies especially the ADC. If the ADC has the most offensive items, the support has the most defensive items. ADCs can kite freely with a support on their side as they keep them from harm’s way. Supports add vision, setup plays through CCs, and sustain HPs for allies. This is a diverse role with a rewarding effect on the team. You can use items like Redemption, Iron Locket of Solari, Zeke’s Convergence, Knight’s Vow, and many more!

Roles determine your purpose in the game. Pick one and utilize its strengths and avoid getting caught by your weaknesses to push your enemies to the edge of the game. Utilize your role by picking the best champion that is available for you. You should also know how to use it rather than picking it because your team says so. You can check every role in the “Collection” section.

11) Trading and power spikes

When you are in going into a matchup. The first thing you have to set up is how well will you trade against your opponents. 

When matchmaking starts, pick and ban champions you don’t want to face. When you are a one-trick pony, these are basically what you need to know before going into the rift:

    1. Ban the champions that are too difficult for yours to face. Setting yourself to failure is the worst thing you could do. It is better to ban the champions that counter you than go 50/50 and possibly not win the game.
    2. Arrange your runes and summoner spells. This will determine whether or not you go aggressively to your opponent or defensively and wait to build strong items in the late game to beat them.
  • Have a game plan. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses of your champion as well as your enemy laner. Devise a plan before the laning and where you should and should not play aggressively. It is best you know where your item and ability power spikes are.

And now we are going to talk about power spikes.

What is a power spike?

It is a point in time where your champion has a peak in your strength compared to other champions.

There are 5 types of power spike you have to know in the game:

1. Level – Most of the time players tend to play aggressive ones they get to level 3. But some of you might not know that other champions have a level 2 power spike or even level 1. Champions like Caitlyn can deal an insane amount of damage in level 1 due to her long-range capabilities. Others like Blitzcrank can be an insane damage dealer when he gets to level 2 and has the key to pull and knock up targets easily. Junglers like Elise benefits a level 3 power spike as her kit provides 6 abilities can use. And finally the level 6 power spike is the most common of all champions as your ultimate is one of the strongest abilities you can have in the game.

These are some levels to also keep in mind:

  • 9 – Maxed out your first ability
  • 11 – You get a second point in your ultimate
  • 13 – Max your second ability
  • 16 – Max out your ultimate
  • 18 – Totally max out all abilities
Renekton's Ability Skill Order

Knowing which level your champion excels at will give you an upper hand in the game.

2. Items – Some champions scale really well when they level up. But others are more item reliant. Let’s take ADCs from example. If their lane is being zoned out more often and they lose a ton of CS, they will be in big trouble. 

Most ADCs need items to hit their power spikes. Champions like Ezreal and Corki focus on taking as much gold in the early game as possible to get heavy items such as Trinity Force in order to trade better. This will then impact the game and overall gain a greater position in winning the game.

If you know your enemy has just hit a power spike in their items, you might not want to go for that trade. Instead, wait for the opportunity that you have hit your own item power spike

3. Stacking effects – From items to level, champions have also another component for power spikes. Stacks!

Champions such as Bard’s meeps provide additional damage and slow while Annie’s passive creates a temporary power spike on her 4th ability as she will be able to stun her targets.

Some items also provide a stacking effect like Mejai’s Soulstealer, Luden’s Echo, Statikk Shiv, and Dead Man’s Plate which provides more damage to your enemies. 

4. Toolkit – Champions have a various toolkit that they can use to counter their opponents. Champions with more abilities such as Elise, Jayce, and Nidalee provide more fear to their targets once they hit level 3. Some like Garen, Riven, Katarina take advantage of their zero mana or energy skills they use. You can oftentimes bully your target when they rely heavily on mana or energy in the lane.

5. Game phase – All champions are strong somewhere in the game. Whether its early, mid, or late, you have to know where you should be working on to provide the most out of your champions. Champions like Lee Sin or Rek’Sai take advantage of their early items and gank as much as possible. Renekton, on the other hand, works best in the mid game. ADCs more often like Vayne and Caitlyn heavily wait out the late game as they take advantage of having full items to shred everyone easily.

Trading and power spikes let’s you determine when you are going to attack or defend against an enemy. Not learning these 2 components will lead to a death or even a loss in the game. Know your trading capabilities to harass your opponents at the right time and also learn your power spikes to dictate the game into your favor. Memorize your needed items and time the levels you can trade.

12) What is Lane Priority and how to use it

When playing in the lane, one should learn how to lane prioritize in the game. This will give you the opportunity to work with your team and get a better lead. Lane priority is having the ability to push a minion wave faster than your enemy in the lane. There are 3 things you can do:

  1. Kill pressure – This is where you use your ability power spikes and deal enough damage for your enemy to back off in their tower. Being aggressive has its perks, and pushing them will give you a great lead.
  2. Wave clear – Another way is that your champion has more wave clear which makes it easier for you to roam around and help other lanes. Low ELOs tends to lose a lot of minions in the game as they are not used to CSing defensively. Use this to your advantage.
  3. Jungle presence – Having a jungler to ward and place vision around the lane makes it easier for you and your jungler to move around. This also makes your enemy play more defensively at the risk of being ganked.

Having the lane priority will give you a lot of time to gain more areas around the map and secure more gold for your team. Leveling faster than your enemies and getting more gold for items. Which transitions into amazing fights in big objectives like Baron and Dragon later in the game. 

13) Using Bushes to your advantage

Bushes are one of the great aspects of summoner’s rift. It creates that vibe that nobody is safe. You’ve gotta learn the proper use of bushes and make this an advantage for your team. These are some you may think of…

Vision – most players in the low elo division tend to forget that bushes are very crucial in any kind of game. Even at season 1 of League of Legends warding bushes was one of the most important things you have to learn to be a better player. Now…with plants on the table, you can approach ganks on a whole level. That’s why you should always bring a control ward. (some still call it pink ward) This increases your chance of keeping the lane in your favor. Tip: for bot laners, warding the 3rd bush near the enemy turret can setup Teleport ganks for your top lane. And of course, don’t forget about the tribush and the one in the river entry.

Synchronized ability with bushes – Some champions utilize the power of bushes in their favor. Champions like Rengar, Kha’zix even Teemo make use of bushes and take advantage of it. You want to learn the abilities of your champions that may use bushes to turn the tide of the game.

It is important to properly use a bush will turn the tide around. Even a single death from killing a face-checking enemy will lead to advantages like turrets, dragons, more minions, Barons, and numbers advantage in teamfights.

14) Experience is King!

Experience is King! That is so true.

You could never be a great League of Legends player if you don’t take the time and effort to learn the game. Most streamers like me take 8-10 hours a day to play the game and look for new things to improve. We play matches while having fun but behind the camera, we study our plays by recording ourselves and determining why I made a mistake in that area or why that was a great teamfight.

The key to ramping up your division and playing with the big boys is through trial and error. That was always the path to take. You have to test the waters and find your most comfortable champion along with it. I didn’t start playing Renekton in my first few games of League, I was a Lee Sin player before. All you have to do keep playing and for sure you’ll manage to tweak and be a stronger player.

Whether you win or lose in a game, you’ll learn to manage minion waves, roam to assist your allies, create big plays, and gain more pressure around the Summoner’s Rift. Take this experience and write them down if needed. You can also download your games so you can study them.

15) Abusing Cooldowns

Every champion has abilities. And all abilities have cooldowns…

Let’s give an example.

Caitlyn with Blitzcrank and Lucian with Morgana are both fighting in the bot lane.

When both duos are have already reached level 3, they will try to harass their enemy to prepare for ganks. Who do you think will have a better advantage in terms of ability cooldowns?

If your answer is Lucian and Morgana, then you are correct.

Even if Blitzcrank holds off his Q, Rocket Grab until the last second due to Morgana’s E, Black Sheld, his ability cooldowns are far longer than Morgana’s which gives them the edge in terms of supporting their ADCs. 

Situations like this can make or break the game that is why determining your enemy’s cooldowns and knowing where you should use your abilities…That’s how a regular player becomes a high-level Challenger.

Learn how long an ability can last and how long will it go up so you can charge confidently into fights knowing they are in a losing situation.

16) Understand Jungler Priority

When playing as a jungler in high ELO, you should determine these 3 things:

  • What champions should you be taking
  • What are the most important jungle camps to get
  • Which ones are the most important to counter jungle

As you all know the Red Brambleback and the Blue Sentinel (also known as Red and Blue Buff) are the 2 most important jungle camps you prioritize.

This is also the 2 most important ones to counter jungle that will ruin your enemy when invading. 

For most junglers, the red buff is the most valuable asset as it provides a slow, health regeneration, gives you burn damage, and helps you in dueling enemy champions.

For other champions like Olaf, Karthus, or Hecarim (there are many more) basically any champion that is using a lot of mana. Blue buff is more important to them.

In season 10, League of Legends buff Gromp and nerf the other three and made him the go-to jungle this season. So if you are planning to counterjungle, this is also one of the camps you should take from the enemy.

Wolves and Raptors have the same value so you can take any of them as a fourth option to clear. Wolves are easier to take for most junglers but if you have a great ability to clear camps for champions like Kayn, Fiddlesticks, Rek’Sai, etc, then you will not have a problem with them.

Krugs are great in terms of gold but it takes very long to clear them that the other jungle camps have most likely respawned again. So prioritize this last.

And lastly, take Scuttle Crab whenever it’s up as it provides vision in the river which will help you determine the movement of the enemy jungler.

Image for Beginners Guide to League of Legends 13

Understanding what jungle you should prioritize will give you an upper hand against the enemy jungler. Which makes you level faster and obtain gold better.

17) Being camped in the top lane. Now what?

Being camped in the lane is one of the hardest things to handle as a solo laner. It frustrates you because it disables you to prepare or react to these kinds of ganks.

Now, what do you?

One of the things you should do is VISION. Adding more vision in your lane can help you reduce your chance of being ganked over and over again. Look at the mini-map more often and watch the rotation of your enemies. This will determine your next move whether you push the wave to the enemy’s current or hard farm and be as close as possible to your turret.

Of course, some jungler can easily dive you in the turret especially around level 6. You also have to take into account the ABILITIES of your allies and enemies. If you want to turn it around, you should have great communication with your jungler or mid lane. Even telling them that you are being camped and that they should take more on the other side of the map is a must. Quick tip: You may not be strong at 1v2 but with your jungler counter ganking, it might help you reverse the fights. Ask your jungler to hover around your lane.

Here’s another way to reverse the game from being camped…

Most likely when you get camped by their jungler, your bot side has their own lead (if your bot lane is not feeding though hahaha). You can swap lane if your turret has been a push then focus on farming at the bottom. Learn how to talk to your allies and adapt to the situation. 

It is always great to be aware of the map. This will always be the number one thing you should focus on as it will drastically help you a lot in your games.

Being camped in the top lane doesn’t mean you’ll lose the game. Find out what’s best for the situation and use the proper tools to handle it.

18) How to play with a friendly jungler who is camping your lane?

As I have mentioned at the last tip, you still have a chance to reverse these kinds of fights…

  • PLAY TO BAIT. They often think that you are tilting and that you’ll end up dying again which will give them more kills and advantages in your lane. But baiting is a great way to let them know that you know your stuff. Once you determine the movement of their jungler or their mid lane or even their support if they really are trying to beat you up, you can bait them and counter by outnumbering them. 

This is one of the best ways to defeat enemies who try to focus on one lane. Once they realize that you are not an easy kill, they usually back off.

  • WARDING AREAS. I recommend warding your tribush. This is a common way junglers gank you in the lane. The river should also be warded as even the mid lane can go through it. They may also tower dive so warding any of the top lane bushes is a must.
  • SPELLS ARE DOWN. Never be aggressive in the lane if you don’t have enough tools to counter a gank. Most low ELO players try to focus on the kill and forget that a jungler can be right in front of their faces. 

Calm yourself and don’t be hasty about kills because it isn’t that important. You should be focusing on objectives. Then when you know they are about to go into your lane, call out your allies and surprise them with a counter gank. Which will give you a chance to reverse your lane.

19) Getting a kill isn't as important as getting objectives

Kills are great to ramp up your gold and get items really.

But it isn’t as important as getting objectives…Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Objectives strengthen the team. Taking Barons, Dragons, and Rift Heralds gives you important stats that can be carried in any phase of the game. You do not lose the stats like when you get shut down after a killing frenzy you had.
  2. Focusing on kills results to losing more gold. Being aggressive and solely playing to secure kills will end up badly. Chasing opponents for that kill can lose you gold and objectives you could have gotten.
  3. League of Legends isn’t all about killing. LoL is a 5v5 team fighting game that focuses on creating opportunities for you and your allies and snowballing a lead resulting in sieged turrets and destroyed inhibitors leading to a win.
Image for How To Top Lane 8

Focus on taking more experience around the map through objectives and jungle camps. This will benefit you more than prioritizing kills that may lead to more deaths.

20) Importance of Dragons

Whether or not you are jungler, dragons are too important to miss out on. It provides in general important stats that can be carried throughout the game.

Let’s look into each and how they can give you the winning advantage…

Mountain Dragon Soul gives you a shield that protects you every first hit after 5 seconds. Which basically makes you tanky overall. It also creates pillars around the map if it is summoned as the 3rd drake which is great form champions like Camille, Kayn, etc. This dragon scales off both from AP and AD stats.

Infernal Drake Soul brings in extra damage that explodes when you use an ability or auto a target. The damage will also base on your AP, AD, and health stats which is great for that 1 shot 1 skill moment. The map also changes and breaks the walls around your blue and red buff making it easier to go through it.

Ocean Drake Soul regenerates health and mana over 3 seconds upon damaging an enemy. This is pretty neat for champions that require a lot of mana such as Ryze, Ezreal, etc. You’ll be healing like a mad man and constantly spamming your enemies! The more bushes in the map will blossom which will be extremely difficult to chase champs.

Cloud Drake Soul adds CDR base of your Cloud drake count and ignoring the cap which is a great combination with runes such as Ultimate Hunter and Cosmic Insight. Blue and red buff areas always give a gust of movement speed to users giving a faster roam to junglers.

Image for Beginners Guide to League of Legends 5

Quick tip: The early 2 dragons isn’t as much needed now like before. You can better utilize the damage of 4 similar dragons. But it still doesn’t mean taking the 2 is bad. It all depends on what drake comes up.

Dragons are one of the most important objectives you should take in League of Legends this season. With its vast options to raise your stats, you should never neglect to take the soul. It’s even far better than a 3-minute Baron buff today.

21) What is and how to improve wave management

Wave management is basically how you manage minions. It is one of the most important aspects in League of Legends which aids you in turning fights around in your favor. Learning how to apply it in every game will increase your success…

Every game, player, and playstyle is different that is why your choices within the Summoner’s Rift will never be similar.

So there are 3 Core wave management:

  1. Slow push
  2. Freeze
  3. Shoving the lane

It takes knowledge and experience to get through every game having great wave control. But as soon as you learn how to do these 3, you’ll surely rock every game and racking up points to reach your goal. 

Improving wave management will increase your ability to take in more gold at the right moment and possibly secure a kill or an objective when needed without losing minions. And you improve through PRACTICE! Go into the practice tool and learn to CS properly and hold your minions at the right time. We’ll be going through the 3 wave management next.

22) What is Slowpushing and When to do it?

Slowing pushing is just really taking down the caster minions to deal a lot less damage to your wave which will potentially build a large wave on your own.

This gives you the opportunity to take objectives and other parts of the map while your minion wave is building up to push a turret.

When to slow push?

  • When you are trying to take an objective
  • If you are about to siege a turret as a team
  • When you’d want to recall, roam or ward

If the enemy team tries to match you in an objective like the Herald or Dragon, your slow pushing minion waves at the top or bottom will hit the turret and slowly destroy them.

Giving you a win-win situation.

More of this in the ultimate guide series on my channel. 

23) How To Freeze Lanes and when?

Freezing the lane is one of the most important things you need to know in the game. This gives you the advantage to hold the minions as long as possible.

Your goal is to last hit them before they die…why? Because it delays the wave to push into the tower of the enemy. It’s a safe way to farm up and earn more gold to prepare for teamfights later in the game.

A good freeze can deny the enemy top laner (or any lane you desire) significant gold and experience as it will take a long time for your minions to push back. Ganks are easy to plan out as your target has most likely overextended to be able to reach you.

Also, junglers will be furious and will try to break the freeze.

Now, when to freeze?

  • Enemy jungler is pressuring you
  • If you want to deny experience and gold to the top laner
  • To farm up when you are behind
  • If the enemy top laner recalls and their minions are pushing to you

More information will be shown through the RTOAcademy channel, so expect for that video!

24) What is shoving and when?

So, RTO what do you mean by shoving? It only means one thing. Pushing the lane as fast as possible and making your own minions reach the enemy turret faster! It is also called Fast Pushing the Lane (expect a video of this).

Now, when to shove the lane?

  • If you want to force the enemy to stay in the lane while you recall and take items. This will give you enough time to possible item power spike and get back in the lane without losing minions.
  • When you are planning to dive with your jungler or any other allies with you. This corners your enemy which will make it easier for you and your allies to kill him. (learning to share the turret damage is key to this play)
  • If you want to deny experience and gold while damaging their tower when they are not around. When your enemy laner goes back to their base, this is an effective way to damage their towers while making him lose CS and gold in the lane.
  • When you want to place vision around the lane to set up plays. When you shove the wave, you can now have the opportunity to ward areas around there jungle camps giving you information that will be vital later in the game.

25) How to Use Teleport

Teleport is basically a summoner spell you have picked in the game and use it to transport instantly in an area. (3 seconds to be honest)

Most top and mid players utilize this ability to aid a different side of the map or get back on the lane easily. In some cases, ADCs are taking teleport to farm faster if their support can provide enough protection for them.

Teleport is an effective way to bring pressure on 1 side and push turrets while allies take objectives. If enemies try to gang up on your team, you can easily assist them by teleporting into a ward, minions, lanterns (or even clones and flags) to boost your chances of winning the teamfight.

I recommended not wasting this ability and holding it as long as possible to help allies any time of the game.

Map awareness is key to using teleport. You should be able to look at the minimap and instantly cover your team whenever they need you. (Teleport has also been updated to give movement speed)

26) How to play against a troll top pick

League has been growing and players often create new playstyles to upset the balance of the game. When playing against a troll top pick, focus on your own champion rather than his.

Whether or not his picks are effective, you already know the capacity of your champion.

Drive to that goal and smash your enemy REEAAALLL GOOOOD!!!

Trolls can be a gamble. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. So don’t focus on what they can do, focus on what you can do.

Troll picks are not entirely a win for them. As long as you play your own game right and pivot your attention on what you need to do like helping your allies through roams and taking objectives with your jungler like Rift Heralds. Then you won’t have to worry about them. Do the wave management properly and use your composition effectively and a troll pick will be useless.

27) How to handle laning against a smurf

I know it could be pretty frustrating when you are laning against a smurf. It typically happens in League as high ranking players create additional accounts to practice new champions or even relax their mind from losing streak.

If you think you are facing a smurf then do not be aggressive in lane if you know you can not beat them. Instead, try to roam around the map and help your allies get stronger so you can beat the smurf player later in the game.

It’s not going to be easy. But League of Legends is a 5-man game and should be played like one. No challenger can win alone in a match.

Communicate to your team and play with your strength to beat the smurf. If he is playing with a team with the same level as yours, then teamwork is going to be the key to winning your game.

28) When to Roam

Roaming is a way to gank and help allies around the map. It is a core aspect in League of Legends that requires precision and timing. When you do not roam effectively, you lose gold and experience so doing it perfectly is necessary for any teamfight you are about to do.

But when do you actually roam?

Image for How To Top Lane 10

Here are some suitable roaming opportunities in real game situations…

  1. Roaming from the base – As the enemy does not see you coming to any lane, they will least expect you to be there. This is a great way to surprise enemies and have the numbers advantage in any small skirmishes.
  2. Counter ganking a lane – Whether you are a jungler or not, counterganking is a sure way to win a small teamfight. If you know the position of your enemies, you can easily aid allies that are about to get ganked. This ultimately reverses the fight in your favor as they would least expect you to be there.
  3. Your ultimate is up – Having an ultimate when ganking gives you a better chance to reel in some kills. It’s better to have your best ability in play rather than going in with a missing bullet right?
  4. You just killed your enemy in the lane – As soon as you’ve taken a great lead to your lane, you can use your abilities to boost the other lanes. Having equal leads in all lanes gives you a better shot at winning the game later on.
  5. Enemies missing summoner spells – Whenever your enemies lose important spells like Flash, Heal, Teleport, etc, you can take advantage of that by ganking before it comes up or creating a teamfight when you know they one of their allies won’t be able to come to the rescue.

Keep in mind that your goal when ganking to have that numbers advantage. If you lose in a favorable fight, then it’s going to be a big loss for you. So make sure to have enough mana, health, and abilities to lock and drop the enemies down instantly!

29) How to Tower Dive?

Tower dive is one of the hardest plays low ELO players are having difficulty with…

It’s attacking an enemy inside their tower in which you have to learn how to share the damage and kill the target while escaping death.

The simple way to tower diving is to let the tankiest ally receive all the tower damage first and do all your damages to the target. You should be able to finish off the enemy as soon as your tank escapes with a sliver of health.

The other thing you can do is by determining which ally has abilities like Kindred’s Lamb’s Respite, Zilean’s Chronoshift, Lulu’s Wild Growth, Alistar’s Unbreakable Will, and many more! Utilize the abilities that will make your tower dive easier.

Tower diving is a 50-50 gamble. So if your abilities do not have enough damage to kill your target instantly, then I suggest not to do it. It’s better off to slowly gain leads through objectives and team kills before attempting to do so.

30) How to get carried

Sometimes you get beaten up in your lane. And it’s pretty difficult to get back and try to carry the game. So instead of doing that, focus on your allies…

Even though you are having big troubles at your lane, you can try to help your teammates snowball in theirs. This will balance the field as you try to chase back the deaths you’ve given to the enemy. 

Assist them in every teamfight and as much as possible give the kills to them so they will be the ones to carry you from your loss!

If you are playing a top Riven and you’ve been beaten up by an Ornn because his jungler Elise has been ganking your lane all the time. Then focus on boosting your mage and carry along the way. If you have a Kassadin mid and a Vayne ADC then chances are, prolonging the game will ultimately be in your favor. And your losses early on will not matter. You can set up nice knock-ups and stuns for them and move out. Then focus on assisting by protecting them from any assassination attempt.

Being carried is not bad. Its better than clicking ALT + F4 or just surrendering the game. Try to find a way to get back up and win the game.

31) What is Pressure and how to do it?

If you are talking about science then you know that pressure is when two things get pushed together by force making it harder and harder to move or react.

In League its more of a ‘mental pressure’.

-It’s a state where a player gets prevented to do anything in the game making it harder and harder to react.

Those times when you couldn’t get a single CS because your enemy laner spams his abilities to you. Or when you were trying to defend a Baron from being taken but an enemy at the bottom is destroying all the turrets.


And your goal is to avoid any advantage for the enemy by making their lives harder. This leads to difficult decisions which sometimes results in bad play for your enemy.

Push turrets, take their jungle camps, beat up their allies. These are one of many you can do to make them feel pressured.

Even in the laning phase, a constant gank from a jungler or from your other allies will pressure your enemy. So communicate on plays that will shock them. This leads to fighting in their teams and trashtalking which is a favorable condition to you as they are not in good terms. Keep on flaming that and lessen their ways to get gold in the game.

Remember to also be careful of being pressured as if you are the ones carrying then they’ll likely focus on you.

32) What is high tempo and how do I use it?

Tempo is when you get a lead and snowball your way to winning the game. But it ain’t easy at it seems as a bad execution will revert back to your enemy.

So think of this…

  1. Always look to gain advantage – visions, objectives, kills are one of the best ways to increase your tempo.
  2. Have a plan to reach your goal – when having a lead, sometimes you get carried away so focus on a plan that surrounds around winning the game and not your EGO.
  3. Find windows of opportunity – These are short moments in the game where you know the enemy is going to make a bad move. Take this advantage and drastically increase your lead.

Tempo is pacing your gameplay base on your lead. So if you have a high tempo, take as much as you can around the map. From kills to objectives, to golds, getting it done before the enemy can execute theirs.

33) How to recognize a Good Death

Most low ELO players say that death is a bad way to play League of Legends. But it’s not!

Often times you die for a greater purpose that will increase your chances of winning the game.

One of which is dying but killing 2 or more players along with you. This a good death as you’ve open up opportunities for your team to take objectives.

Junglers who steal objectives by jumping alone and acquiring the buffs like Dragon, Rift Herald, or even Baron is also a good death. Yes, you died but you’ve given the power to your allies which means your enemies are in a losing hand.

Destroying an inhibitor is also a good death as the lane minions will have a stronger set of damage in the next wave. You’ll be able to put pressure on the other side of the map without worrying about the other lane because large minions will be coming to hit their cute wave. HAHA.

A good death means you have taken a better lead against a bad situation. So determining those moments is an effective way to die but still win the game. Always think that a good death is when the enemy loses more in the game than you did.

34) Why KDA isn’t an important stat

KDA isn’t an important stat. It’s true!

Most players blame a losing game with a player that has bad KDA. But it doesn’t mean it was his fault. 

League of Legends is so diverse that KDA itself is not a very big factor in the game. 

There many things that can determine the outcome of the game such as team comp, lane matchups, itemization, which dragons come up. CS advantages, kill participation, team death percentage, scaling, matchmaking, macro play, micro play, positioning, reaction time, decision making, and synergy….WOOH! That was a lot. See, KDA isn’t really valuable if you don’t add in all the stuff I said. So think first before you blame a teammate for his KDA.

You should keep the mindset of KDA as important and focus solely on bringing the strengths of your team around the map creating unison to beat out the odds against opponents. KDA is great for pro players but when you are aiming to be a better Challenger player, then a solid team will exceed your expectations. Huddle on snowballing your allies and take as much of Summoner’s Rift to win.

35) How to Use Rift Correctly

Players don’t often maximize the power of the Rift Herald. Guys! We have 2 Rift Herald spawning starting from the 8-minute mark. Why not use it properly?

So let’s jump straight to it…

Rift Herald for pushing – it’s very simple…When you acquire the ‘Eye of the Herald’, you can spawn it near the turret and wait for it to smash some plates from the turrets giving you an insane amount of gold. (remember his HP drops every time he rams a turret)

Rift Herald for pressure – You can stick Shelly around the map where it can draw attention to your enemies. This can give you time to get Drakes or even siege turrets from the other side.

IF you aiming to push then try to protect her so she can ram the turret before she dies. IF you are using her for pressure, make sure she doesn’t die when you are still getting into position for an objective or siege.

Don’t forget! Shelly is an amazing ally you can have in the early to mid game. She gives plenty of space you can play around the map. Use it as close to the enemy turret as possible so it won’t take a lot of time for her to charge into the turret.

36) You took down the tower. Now what?

Why not have more gold and experience around the map right? Squeeze all the stuff you can get out of Summoner’s Rift before your enemy tries to do the same.

Take objectives and enemy jungle camps to earn more experience and gold before recalling to not waste this opportunity you got.

It feels great to take down a tower right? But sometimes that optimism leads to mistakes…

What do you do after? Do you just recall and get items?

If you do. Then you are not maximizing your advantage after a destroyed turret.

Most often teams will defend the area of the destroyed tower. Which makes it easier to clear camps, take Drakes, Rift Heralds, Barons, or even more turrets!

37) How to push your lead

When you are 5/0 in your lane what do you do?

Do you keep pushing against the enemy? Chances are you’ll overextend which gives the enemy jungler a chance to gank you getting the shutdown gold.

You don’t want to do that. 

Instead, roam around the map and help allies in their lanes or take objectives when you know your minions are pushing to the tower. If you’re a top laner like me, chances are you’ll have Teleport to assist allies around the map for small skirmishes.

This is an amazing way to increase your lead and keep putting pressure on your enemies. With no lane that is losing, you’ll have a better position on 5v5 teamfights because of what you did.

So remember…

Have a lead > Roam or take objectives > Win better in teamfights > REPEAT

A lead is only great when you use it effectively around the map for your team. If you don’t do that then your 5/0 will mostly be useless later on in the game if all the members of the enemy team have a lead. Help your team to create their own lead to balance everything.

38) How and when to Proxy

Well, you want to start to learn how to proxy farm right?

Proxy farming is taking the enemy minons in your lane at the backend of the enemy’s turret. It’s an effective way to push your minions to the enemy tower without you being ganked constantly.

Your enemy will not have minions to push as you are at the back hitting them every time.

But first things first. There are multiple things you must have before trying to do this move…

  1. You should have a vision on mid and jungler so you won’t get ganked when doing this.
  2. The champion you are playing has good AoE and clear. (Teemo isn’t one of them)
  3. You can easily 1v1 your lane opponent no question.
  4. You have wards ready to place at your disposal.
  5. You are currently ahead in your lane

If you’ve met all these things, then you can start going at the back of the enemy turret and start proxy farming to your heart’s content!

Remember that it won’t be as effective if the enemy in your lane has a backup to gang up on you. So proxy farm only when you are sure no one will disturb you. (except your enemy in the lane)

39) What is and how to improve decision making

Decision making is one of the key skills you need to have when playing League of Legends.

It is when you have that UHHMMPP…and beat the enemy with AHGRRR! (Just kidding)

Basically it is how fast you make a move in a situation. Whether its:

  • Helping your allies
  • Making a 1v9 play
  • Taking an objective
  • ..or even sieging a turret!

It all comes down to quickly generating results that will give you a better advantage against your enemy.

You must know the time objectives will come out. Know the cooldowns of your allies’ and enemies’ abilities and spells. And learn when to chain CC your skills to win a teamfights. These are the stuff you must know to improve your decision making. Timing is everything in League of Legends and if you do not learn the basic numbers inside the game, then you won’t improve on making the right call.

Remember that high ELO players have a very fast tempo and will immediately make a decision if they think the team will benefit from it.

Be proactive and reactive within the game!

40) How to play if you are the only one fed?

When you are the only fed member of your team, you need to be aware of your teammates’ situation…

Do as much as you can to put more pressure on the other side of the map.

If you are the only one fed, you’ll most likely get ganked again and again until you can aid your team no more.

So…use your lead to roam around the map and take control of the other lanes helping them get back up.

Remember, League of Legends is a 5v5 game and if you are against a balanced team composition that has shared the gold and boosted their items you’ll most likely lose.

  • Roam and assist
  • Help your team get back up
  • …and take objectives to improve overall stats!

Being fed doesn’t mean an automatic win. If the enemy team can work together to get a shutdown from you and slowly grab the lead, then you’ll ultimately lose the game because your allies do not have enough items to damage them effectively. Share your power with your team and also make them stronger to build better teamfighting capability.

41) What is and how to Split Push Effectively

When playing in solo, sometimes it feels like you are far away from your allies. Like you are on a different island battling your opponent alone. 

But being a top laner can singlehandedly carry the team when you are ahead in the game. And it is because of your ability to effectively split push…

There are 2 types of split pushing:

Split push to enable yourself
Or split push to help your team

Let’s dive more about this.

Top lane is the snowballiest role in the game and you benefit from being alone in the lane. Once you obtain a lead, the enemy will be having difficulty getting back up. This is because top lane is mostly melee type of champions which doesn’t have many options when behind.

But this doesn’t mean that you get complacent and overextend. Champions in the top can easily get ganked and take back the lead so positioning is key.

So one of the things you need to think when split pushing is itemization. You have to build items specifically against your top and jungle. This will reap more rewards in your lane and turn you into the monster you are meant to be. Its because most of the time, these 2 will face you in the lane.

So when you’ve dumpstered a Vladimir in the top lane, then you’ll look to build armor against a 5/0 Lee Sin that is going to gank you.

The more obvious move in split pushing is taking the towers. This is where ranged champions reign. They spam abilities to poke down their opponent making them recall and giving you the opportunity to damage their towers. Scoring kills under the tower is also easy for them.

But there’s a catch.

Melee champions snowball very hard and brawl champions when ahead. Whereas ranged champions are purely limited on their abilities and team composition to make effective plays in teamfights.

Note: Don’t split push when your team doesn’t have pressure in other lanes.

Learn the strengths of your champion and ask yourself if you have enough damage to split push your lane. If not, focus on teamfights where you can help out and possible win the situation. Not all split pushing is a win if you lost all 4 of your allies from a skirmish you weren’t able to help out.

42) Take over the top side of the enemy jungle

Whenever you split push and the wave is in the enemy’s tower you can take the enemy jungle camps.

This gives you more gold.

Tip: Before trying to do this, make sure you know the position of the enemy mid laner and jungler to avoid being ganked.

You can repeat this again and again to double your experience and extend your lead against your enemy.

Always place wards around the top side of the enemy jungle so you’ll know when to take their camps. This is only effective if you don’t sacrifice a kill for the enemy team. If you can’t do that, then teleport to your allies and take enemy jungle camps together.

43) TeamFighting or Split Pushing

Now, when do you teamfight and when do you split push?

First, you have to shove the wave as far as possible for the enemy to respond in that lane. Then, you should roam afterward and look to find windows of opportunities around the map with the numbers advantage.

You’ve forced an enemy to collect the wave so this is your time to look for teamfights, or even take objectives like Baron, Dragon, Rift Heralds, take enemy jungle camps, siege turrets or place visions around the enemy area.

This is a great way to constantly have great farm and pressure towards the lane. It is also necessary to split push first before having teamfights as the time you collapse gives your minions the opportunity to damage towers.

You can also do both at the same time. You can look for a 4v4 teamfight around a different area of the map if you know your composition can handle them then pressure 1 enemy by forcing him to protect the lane.

Teamfight when you know your composition is in your favor. And split push when teamfighting is harder for your team to do. Both can be effective in their own way, so if you have the proper decision making to make the call then you’ll be accomplishing your goal.

Make the right call to teamfight or split push and it will entirely change your game!

44) What is and how to improve macro

Macro in League of Legends are large decisions in the Summoner’s Rift that can truly benefit you in the game which focuses solely on the end goals.

SO how do you that?

  1. Learn to look at your composition and the enemies – determining your strengths and weaknesses even before the game starts will let you tilt the game on your side of the coin. If you’re an assassin jungler then you should try to eliminate carries early on before their tank can peel for them. If you are a top lane bruiser then look for plays that can secure objectives near you.
  2. Time your plays – every abilities and summoner spells in the game have a cooldown to it. Always learn to manage that cooldown perfectly. This will help you make the right call in roaming to gank or taking objectives like Dragon and Baron.
  3. Prepare for possible outcomes ahead – when dealing with macro plays, you should be preparing for situations 5-10minutes ahead of time. This will entirely change your decision making as you’ll be focusing on how to achieve that goal.
  4. Vision control – this is the biggest macro play you can do in the game. When you have visions around the map, you can easily make the right call to whether or not your roam, split push or counter gank a lane.

Even before the matchmaking finishes, you should be thinking about what your champion can do and how it will affect the game. That’s MACRO!

To improve your macro skills, you have to watch videos from the best players and look at how they manage their plays according to their team composition, skills, and visions. Learn from the best and you’ll perfectly time plays according to what you wanted to do.

45) How to Communicate with your team

League of Legends is a team-based game that requires all five members to work in unison…

It is true that a player can 1v9 the game and carry the team to victory, but if the enemy team can work together and fend him off, they will likely reverse the game in their favor.

Learning to communicate with your team at first seems difficult, but it’s so simple, and players tend to forget. You will only have to do 2 things: ping and chat. That’s it!

Pinging players gives them a signal if an enemy is coming to them or something is happening on the other side of the map. Even the sound of the ping alerts your allies to be more decisive in what to do next. But please… don’t spam ping, it will annoy your allies, which will likely make them mute your pings. You don’t want that to happen, as you will lose one way of communicating with them.

Next up is chatting. Chatting is the most effective way to plan out what you are going to do with your team in the game. It is the best way to deliver amazing ganks and counter-ganks the enemy won’t expect. But it is also double-edged sword…

If you are so attentive that you chatted and move forward on your own without looking if your allies want to follow, you’ll likely die and get flamed.

If you also get mad at them and start blaming them in every loss teamfight that will happen, then your allies will likely int giving you a defeat.

Effective chatting should be like conversing with your friends. You do not flame them, you try to encourage them and help them through the difficulties they are having. If as a top laner you are doing well in your lane, then you can try and communicate with them and help them out by ganking. 

A losing lane doesn’t mean a losing game. A game of League of Legends ends when a Nexus base has been destroyed and I know you have enough time and strenght to quickly reverse any fight you want in your favor.

That’s why you should try to move when your allies are also approving your command. Listen to them when they have something to help you out, like warding the Dragon or Rift Herald area. This is an amazing way to boost your chances of winning the game.

A great communicator in League can avoid bad plays and construct good skirmishes you can snowball on.

Do not hesitate to chat with your allies about what you can and cannot do. They can help you fill in those gaps and create stunning plays that couldn’t be done otherwise. If one ally of yours made a wrong move, avoid trash-talking them, and help them to get back up.

Note: You can also use voice calls to communicate better but it all depends if they all go inside the channel with you.

46) Recognizing comps

There are different kinds of team compositions you can work on when going into the game with 5 members at play.

  • Engage comp: (Ex. Malphite, Orianna, Sejuani, Alistar, and Leona) – This composition focuses on hard engaging the enemy team. Visions are necessary to make this composition effective. Baron and Dragon checks from the enemy team allow this type of composition to flourish in teamfights and get their win condition.
  • Poke comp: (Ex. Azir, Ezreal, Janna, Senna, and Gragas) – This composition relies on chunking out portions of HP from the enemy team before going all in. They are great at sieging turrets that force enemies to back away. Your goal is to kite and position yourself in an area where your targets can not reach you.
  • Pick Comp: (Aatrox, Lee Sin, Taliyah, Pantheon, and Blitzcrank) – This composition requires constant teamwork with your allies. Your goal is to catch someone off guard and kill them. This creates a 4v5 teamfight where numbers are on your favor as well as getting objectives better than the enemy team. Note: This comp also focuses on great visions to catch enemies by surprise.
  • Split push comp: (Ex. Nasus, Tryndamere, Udyr, Jax, and Fiora) – This composition is great at taking down towers. Your goal is to avoid teamfights and make your allies put pressure around different areas on the map while you lane push at all times. A well-executed split push like 1 – 3 – 1 situation with you and an ally pushing top and bottom while 3 of your teammates take Baron or Dragon. It creates pressure that is difficult to handle for the other team.
Different matchups create different results. But when you know the composition, your strengths, and weaknesses, and your current position in the game. You can abuse the lead and snowball until you destroy the enemy’s nexus.

Practice going into normal games so your mind gets used to compositions and you’ll know what to pick when playing rank games. Normal games are built to strengthen and improve judgment around the map. Worry about rank later on when you know how to face these team comps.

47) When to Team Fight

League of Legends comes down to how you manage your abilities in every teamfight. So when do actually teamfight?

Take into account the team composition. NEVER go face your opponents when your composition is against it.

Let’s say…You’re team composed of an Aatrox Top, Elise Jungle, Xerath Mid, Caitlyn ADC, and Bard Support

And you are against a Malphite Top, Jarvan Jungle, Orianna Mid, Sivir ADC, Alistar Support.

You do not face them in a 5v5 teamfight as you’ll likely lose with their composition of heavy CC champions.

As we’ve talked about many team compositions, look for teamfights where your team truly shines. For this example, you’re going to focus on split pushing and hunting 1 or 2 enemies before going all-in as this will be more favorable for you.

Teamfighting isn’t always going to be around your favor. But learning the skills of every champion will help you determine when to go in. (yes it takes a long amount of time to know the abilities of 149 champs) But its the kind of work you have to do to get better at the game.

Got it? GOOOOOD!…

48) How to Peel

Peeling is forcing the enemy to not reach its target. You’d want to avoid the enemy to move away from your ally like your carries. This is what most top laners, junglers, and supports do especially when they are a tank-type champion.

But it doesn’t mean that if you are squishy you can’t peel for the team. If you learn how to manage your health and know the damage you are about to receive, then you can PEEL.

So here’s how you can peel your enemy…

  • Deal damage to force them to back
  • Decrease the enemy’s stats
  • Buff the targeted ally
  • …and finally, hard CC the enemy that is chasing

Peeling is part of playing League and knowing when or where to do it is a must. If you don’t know how to receive damage correctly and determining the amount you are going to get hit on, then you are not peeling the right way.

Peeling is important to keep your carries alive and ready to burst some big damages in teamfights. You should learn to practice taking hits while damaging then and moving away right before you are about to die.

49) How to Engage

Engaging in teamfights can be two styles…

Front-to-back and diving and your team are divided into 3 parts:

  1. Frontliners which are your juggernauts and champions with a lot of defenses.
  2. Backliners are your main source of damage typically your ADCs and mages.
  3. Middleliners which can do both positions such as assassins and melee DPS.

For a front-to-back teamfighting you focus on killing the enemies on the frontline then moving in the closest target you can hit. This is a great way for you backliners to deal heavy amounts of damage while being in a safe spot.

Diving, on the other hand, is solely focusing a target that needs to be dealt with before every teamfight. This is typically long-range mages or hard farming carries that can turn the fight in long grueling clashes. It is important you know when to engage as doing this blindly will end up losing the game. Don’t force and engage when your allies aren’t ready, okay?

Now let’s talk about diving…

50) How to Dive

Whether you are diving to throw an enemy target to your allies or look for a combo to deal with their carries beforehand, knowing how to dive properly is key to winning your current teamfight.

Junglers, top laners, and supports typically do the diving in every teamfight. Most champions on those roles have abilities to lock, hold, or even stun enemies in place to create the perfect fight.

But before diving, you should have proper vision and an oracle lens to make sure they don’t know you are coming. Also, communicate with your team when you are planning a dive as some might don’t even realized your making a play. Which will only lead to you dying in the middle of a 5-man team.

Engaging and diving are connected to each other. If you do not communicate effectively with your allies when to engage and dive a target. Then you’ll end up losing the fight. It is important to time it perfectly with all your abilities rather than just winging it.

So communicate and warding to dive with ease!

51) Give Waves to others who need it if you are full build

This is a very simple concept to do to help your allies have better items later on in the game…

If you are well-fed early in the game and you are about to finish your 6th item, give your minion waves to your allies.

You do not need it anymore!

You already have all the items you need to face any opponent. Try to share the gold and experience to others so you won’t have to carry all the load to win the game. It is better to fight with 5 teams almost in full build than just 1 full build member.

It is important to share the gold around the map to your allies that needed it. If you don’t do this and you died on a teamfight. The result will most likely be your team losing ground and your enemy gaining more objectives and gold on the map.

So help them have enough gold to buy items to be ready for any fight.

52) What are Rotations? 1-1-3, 1-4, Group as 5

Rotations are strategies you can play around in the Summoner’s Rift. You use this to put more pressure around the map and gain more gold and experience overall.

This places your enemy in a bad spot which decreases their chances of winning the game.

1-1-3 is typically pushing 2 lanes with 1 member of your team and have the rest push the other. Champions like Shen at the top can easily aid any teamfight anywhere, Ryze with a TP can quickly teleport so you can have 3 allies like Elise, Caitlyn, and Janna push the bottom. You can also try out other compositions as longs you know the solo lanes can immediately assist any teamfight on the map.

1-4 is a much closer to a full-on 5v5 teamfight. You basically want 4 members on 1 side of the map usually near an upcoming objective like Baron and Elder Dragon and let the other member of your team pressure the far side of the map. You can do a 1-4 rotation on top and bottom or vice-versa.

Grouping as 5 is the most efficient rotation you can do as you’ll have the numbers advantage. But not all compositions are effective with it. You have to determine your current team stats and abilities before trying to group 5 and face the enemy head-on. If you are not in the lead and are trying to reverse the game, a 1-1-3 or 1-4 is better to avoid all your teammates from dying.

Rotations are a great way to play around depending on your team’s strengths, test them out, and see what works best!

53) When to Call Baron?

Having Baron is one of the greatest advantages in the game. Baron can help you siege turrets with ease. With the help of this objective, you can destroy your enemy’s defenses and create plays after plays while slowly withering their base away.

Before trying to kill Baron you should be thinking these things…

  • Do you enough tank allies? YES
  • Is your team’s DPS enough? YES
  • Is the enemy team complete? NO
  • Do they have AoE? YES
  • Is there jungler alive? YES

These are a few questions you should think of which will give you a better edge on taking the Baron uncontested. 

Understanding when is the right time to call a Baron will affect your entire game. If the answers you see from above are the opposite of your current situation in the game, I suggest you don’t do Baron for now.

Now on to the next question.

54) How to use Baron?

As soon as you get the Baron, you should be thinking where you can fully maximize its buff on the map.

If your team is about to break that first inhibitor then do so. If one lane is still not open, you can choose to take more gold from there. You can also take Elder Dragon if it’s still up and let your top laner push its lane while being ready for teleport in case a fight breaks loose.

Having Baron makes it easy for you to respond to your allies’ movements as you can easily recall and take items and roam to where they need it. Keep in mind that Baron has only 3 minutes so do as much as you can to gain the upper hand in the game.

Use it to quickly destroy turrets and inhibitors to open up the enemy’s base. Giving you the opportunity to call for a teamfight, beat your enemies, and destroy their nexus.

55) Not getting caught out/ catching someone who is out

As we’ve mentioned in the earlier tips. Map awareness is key in playing League of Legends…

Once you get the feel of that, you can make decisions in a smarter way. Think of your mini-map as your roadmap to success.

It tells you where to go and not to go. Being caught out is a very bad way to lose a lead. Sometimes being 5/0 in the early game makes you a bit cocky which leads you to push your lane or going somewhere in the map where you don’t have a vision. This creates a chain of bad situations for you. 

As soon as you get killed, the pressure if out and they could take objectives or even kill your allies…That is why know your limits and DO NOT play like you are already winning.

Every game in League has a chance of a comeback, you’ve watched too many LCS and World championships games to know that it takes only a few wrong mistakes to reverse the game.

If you ever are on the other side of the coin, don’t give up. I have been on seemingly unwinnable games and comeback from a very large enemy lead. So focus on trying to create plays that can reverse the game give you the chance to destroy their nexus!

56) How to Vod Review your games

Every high ELO players check their games.

One way of determining the good points from the bad in every game is by watching your plays.

Before it was pretty difficult to record a gameplay and usually you have to download another software for it.

But with Riot Games upgrading the client, you have the opportunity to check your plays instantly. Whether you win or you lose, watch your games and look at it as a spectator. You should see some areas where you should improve and habits you always do that is bad for the game.

You aren’t able to do that in-game as you are focusing on CS, lane pressure, team fights, and all that stuff. So reviewing your plays can help you improve drastically!

Start with 1 video a day and look at how you use basic and advanced skills to win the game. I assure you, you’ll notice something that you can tweak and improve. Write down mistakes that you often do in a piece of paper and memorize these to avoid getting a bad habit in every game.

57) Accept that Almost every game was your fault.

It is typically normal to blame your allies whenever you lose a game. I tend to do that before.

But haven’t you asked yourself…maybe you also made a mistake?

Even top tier challenger players make mistakes, and if you are not at that level yet, then you should not blame everything to your team.

Determine what you did and didn’t do that was not helpful to the fight. I promise you, you’ll notice a lot you never did that’s why you lost.

So don’t blame everything to someone else. Accept that every game was your fault and play to be better. Move forward and you’ll see a big transformation at your plays. Get back to your VOD and review your mistakes then write them down again to avoid them in the next game. Repeat this again and again until you get better at it.

58) Dealing with tilt

Having bad games is normal in playing League of Legends…

It isn’t always sunshine and rainbows in this game. We have those days where we end up losing 10 games in a row, which is awful by the way.

So if you think you are having a bad game, STOP playing!

Take a rest. Do some other stuff. And relax your mind.

Even if you try and win the next one, but you are still stuck at the losses you had, you’ll still end up tilting in the game.

You’ll bad mouth your teammates whenever they die which will cause rage in them and ruin your team plays.

So STOP! Do something else. And get back to League when you are 100% ready to play without grudges on the other games.

DO NOT ever play in a match that you are still tilted from the previous game because it will affect how you think. Watch gameplays that will motivate you. And when you feel great again, then you start playing League.

59) Eat right and Exercise

Even when you are playing League all day, you shouldn’t forget to take care of your body.

If your body is not feeling well, you are not going to play great in the game. These are the fundamentals of living you shouldn’t forget. I know when playing League, we tend to eat chips and all that junk stuff while playing cause it’s easy to reach and make.

But I assure you, eating right will greatly benefit your plays in the game.

Also, don’t forget to exercise. 3- 4 times a week will keep your blood flow moving well which helps your mind and fingers play awesome. Do some pushups, air squats, and jumping jacks. Don’t just sit around as it will be bad for your health. Keep a well-balanced life to create better games in League.

60) Learn from someone who is better than you

I made my Youtube Channel and guides for you to transform your games faster. It took me years of practice to achieve what I am today. If you know someone better, then learn from them.

You will play better when you have a guide to follow on. The past seasons in League of Legends was more of trial and error. But now, all my guides and videos will show how to play at a higher level and avoid the mistakes I did before.

Having a mentor to show you the ropes will drastically improve your game as you won’t need to experience the bad stuff on your own. By watching the best players in the world, you will know what works in the game and what does not.

So let’s start grinding. See you at the top!

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