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Senna Splash Art
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Senna ADC – Avril

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This League of Legends Season 10 Ultimate Senna guide is the only guide that you will need in order to play Senna ADC.  This guide will include builds, combos, counters, synergies, keystones and runes.  Senna is a once cursed child by the Black Mist. Now free from Thresh’s cruel wraith, she seeks to end the Black Mist with her relic cannon and along with her reunited husband, Lucian blasting her foes and redeeming the souls lost within their imprisonment. It was written by our team of writers along with the help of Challenger player, Avril, who is an expert in everything Senna.  She is considered by many to be the best in the world at this champion and you can find her Streaming on Twitch.

Senna Overview Infographic

We put together a Senna overview infographic that has the best builds, runes, strengths, weaknesses, combos, skill orders, counters, synergies and anything else that you need to quickly learn the basics of Senna.  Make sure to share with your friends and check back here to get the latest updates.  We will be updating this infographic as changes happen so check back often! 

Work in Progress Icon

Who is Avril?

We put together a Senna overview infographic that has the best builds, runes, strengths, weaknesses, combos, skill orders, counters, synergies and anything else that you need to quickly learn the basics of Senna.  Make sure to share with your friends and check back here to get the latest updates.  We will be updating this infographic as changes happen so check back often! 

Avril is well known for playing Senna in the bot-lane where she glides through the mist and blasts his enemies with her relic cannon. The information in this guide will show her plays, stats, and rules to take Senna to the next level.

Avril, 18 years of age. Currently playing with summoner names avril and ttv avrilx.  She has over 467 games as Senna and she peaked at 758 LP in North American Challenger. She has a KDA ratio of 3.35:1 with a 51% Win Rate. She started playing league when she saw a total biscuit video on the game(rest in peace). And totally fell in love with the art style of the game. Challengers rise from a simple video.

Table of Contents

Why Play Senna?

Before we start on the Ultimate Guide to Senna we first want to tell you why you should play her.  Her overall strengths and weaknesses are as follows:


  • Easy to Master
  • Adequate Healing
  • Very High in Range
  • Scales Infinitely
  • Global Ultimate


  • High Mana Cost
  • Very Long Cooldowns
  • Poor Attack Speed scaling
  • Difficult to Kite
  • Needs Good Positioning

Senna Counters

These champions give Senna a hard time in game due to having a kit that can stop Senna from doing what he wants to do.  Here are some of the biggest issues and how you can try to overcome the challenges they bring.

Miss Fortune Icon

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is considered a counter to Senna because her Q(Double Up) has the same range as Senna's Q but is far more superior especially trading in the lane. Also, the time frame where she gets strong is when Senna starts ramping up so she easily snowballs the bot lane and takes the tower gaining gold from plates early on. You can avoid early fights, farm minions with your Q(Piercing Darkness) and get your Boots of Lucidity to spam abilities as much as possible so you can try to minimize the lead she inherently gets in this match up.

Sivir Icon


Sivir is considered a counter to Senna because she is a hard farming ADC that has the ability to clear the waves fast and block your abilities with her E(Spell Shield) giving her mana back which she used trading in lane with you. Also, you'll have trouble due to having high mana costs with your abilities. You can avoid long trades with this gal and focus on harassing her in the lane. Sivir is also a late-game champion and her abilities focus on her team's effort to give her the best position to peel through the fights. You'll outscale her due to the infinite stack of your passive(Absolution) beating her in the late game phase. Try to avoid the early game skirmishes and put emphasis on assisting your team and getting mists and kill secures to ramp your game later on.

Braum Icon


Braum is considered a counter to Senna because he can block your abilities with his E(Unbreakable) negating the damage and blocking it for his team. This will render your skills useless when Braum is in front of their team and receiving everything. You also have to avoid his Q(Winter's Bite) that will slow and activate his passive(Concussive Blows) stunning you and giving the enemy ADC more time to free hit you in the lane. You can prevent being stunned by his abilities by covering yourself within the minions. Keep your position in check cause once you lose your E(Curse of the Black Mist) you'll be easy for Braum to engage his abilities.

Senna Synergies

These champions work well with Senna and should be considered being picked alongside her if possible.  Here are some of the biggest synergies and how you can abuse them.

Thresh Icon


Thresh works well with Senna because they both have kits that can be very aggressive if the lane asks for it. Senna's glacial augment proc makes it very easy for thresh to land a hook. Senna and Thresh also have a really good combo with E(Curse of the Black Mist) and they both can make very intricate plays with the stealth it provides. They also both have infinite scaling so you don't have to worry about the late game phase which is great for solo queue especially in low elos.

Tahm Kench Icon

Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench works well with Senna because it creates a very safe lane that is perfect for senna to scale. Their innate slows with the runes and abilities they have together work very well combined to kite and chase their lane opponents. It's very hard for them to get killed from ganks as they both protect, stun and slow opponents providing them the defense and offense they need to ramp up. It's pretty easy to grow stronger towards the mid-game. This is where Senna starts to ramp up and dominate the game. 

Soraka Icon

Tahm Kench

Soraka works well with Senna because they can infinitely heal each other in lane, out-sustaining almost any bot lane enemy. They also have the best level 1 trading of any bot lane duo, besides Xayah and Rakan. Both players can also easily stack their CC's on top of each other and root the lane opponent for 2.75 seconds at rank 1 abilities. This duo can make healing and protection an aggressive play to maximize in the lane. Showcasing the strength of healing champions can already be seen this few patches as they've also been viable in the top lane giving more options for there composition.

Senna Summoner Spells

Senna recommended Summoner Spells are Heal and Flash because of both spells can aid you in surviving the lane. You use heal to assist your teammate while their HP is dropping low or when you are being engaged on the enemy bursting your health to almost 25% left. Activate this to increase movement speed and add HP back to your bars. Flash is an instant blink to one location avoiding initiations and high damage output from the enemy layers. If you have a support that can heal and sustain you when dealing in skirmishes, you can consider using Teleport and Flash because by using Teleport instead of Heal, you’ll be able to come back in lane faster and lose CS less giving you more gold while you are still ramping up your stats in the early game. Also, you can help teammates on the other side of the map with these spells participating in more team-fights.

Senna Runes and Keystones

Senna recommended runes are Glacial Augment, Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery, and Approach Velocity on Inspiration as primary and Presence of Mind with Bloodline on Precision as secondary because these set of runes provide her the ability to add more auto-attacks in the lane. You will be slowing the enemy every hit giving you time to hit your skills on them. Biscuit Delivery along with Bloodline can help you survive the laning phase and be a great damage dealer in the late game as well as assisting you cast more combos as you have a high mana cost. 

Senna's Recommended Runes
Senna's Recommended Runes

If you want to add more damage along with your passive(Absolution) while also dealing well against aggressive match-ups in the lane, you can consider using Summon Aery, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, and Gathering Storm on Sorcery as primary and Magical Footwear with Cosmic Insight on Inspiration as secondary because this help stay mana healthy, put in additional cool-down reduction and boost more stats in the late game giving you the edge as an ADC for your team. 

Senna's Secondary Runes
Senna's Secondary Runes

Both styles will be using +9 Adaptive Force on Offense, +9 Adaptive Force in Flex and +6 Armor on Defense.

Senna Builds

Senna’s recommended items change depending on the situation, however, the following items will give you a good idea of what to build in different situations.

Starting Items

  • Senna starts with  Doran’s Blade if she wants added damage, health, and life-steal in the early game phase.
  • Senna starts with  Doran’s Shield if she wants health restoration, additional damage on minions, and health regeneration when being damaged by enemy laners.

Core Items

  • Manamune is core on Senna because she has a problem with mana early in the game that is why acquiring this item will aid her in her weakness while also dealing damage further in the game. This will also transforms into Manamuna which will increase the user’s bonus attack that will deal more power to your target using your mana.
  • Duskblade of Draktharr is core on Senna because of its lethality that can shred through the armor of the enemies in the lane. Also, it works well with her E(Curse of the Black Mist) which activates Nightstalker dealing bonus physical damage on your next basic attack after being unseen. Focus on surprising the enemy with the damage of this item and you’ll be able to burst them instantly after a few hits.
  • Infinity Edge is core on Senna because it gives you a tremendous amount of damage and critical strike stats that will increase value of every hit you do to your enemies in the lane. It also adds us to your passive(Absolution) which will make you scale better.


  • Use Boots of Swiftness as it goes really well with glacial augment and easily landing your W(Last Embrace)
  • Use Berserker’s Greaves to add more attack speed and need more DPS

Offensive Situational Items

  • If you want to hit more than one enemy champion in team-fights, you can build Runaan’s Hurricane because using this item will fire 2 bolts to enemies near your target that will deal 40% of your attack damage applying on-hit effects and also adding critical strike to your stats.
  • If you want to need penetrate through the enemy, you can build Youmuu’s Ghostblade because this deals better through armor heavy champions while giving you CDR stats. Actively, it provides you movement speed that Senna needs in her lane to escale engages from the enemy.

Defensive Situational Items

  • If you want to defend yourself from an ability, you can build Edge of Night because it gives you lethality while granting you a shield that blocks the enemy’s next ability protecting you from unseen assassinations in team-fights. Senna requires this item as her attack speed scaling is not efficient so relying on lethality with a protective passive will surely benefit her in the game.
  • If you want to deal damage while having a protection, you can build Guardian Angel because this deals additional damage while also giving you more defensive stats to work with in the game. It also provides the ability to revive yourself when you get killed that will refresh over time. 

Full Build Example

An example full build for Senna can consist of

  • Muramana
  • Berserker’s Greaves
  • Infinity Edge
  • Duskblade of Draktharr
  • Edge of Night
  • Rapid Firecannon
Senna's Full Build Example

This is the most recommended build path for Senna these items provide you with the base damage that you need in the game. Senna does not rely on attack speed stats and works better when every hit she does shred the HP of the target. With the lethality of both Duskblade and Edge of Night, she will be able to drop the health of front-liners while being far away from them due to her passive(Absolution) and Rapid Firecannon giving her more range to position well in the game. Manamune is the main starter item she focuses on to accommodate her mana cost deficiency and the Infinity Edge massively increases critical strikes taking that relic cannon into a whole new level of destruction to the enemy team.

Senna's Abilities

Passive - Absolution

Senna's Passive Ability Named Absolution Tool Tip
Senna's Passive Ability Named Absolution Animation
Senna's Passive - Absolution

Senna’s auto attacks and abilities on enemies apply Mist for 4 seconds. Senna’s next attack collects the Mist and deals up to 16% of the target’s current Health in bonus physical damage. Champions and large monsters that die around Senna release a Mist Wraith for 8 seconds which she can take. Senna can auto-attack or use her Q(Piercing Darkness) the Mist Wraith to collect it and gain gold. Senna’s passive makes her scaling in the late game tremendously scary. Each of her stack grants stats like bonus attack damage, movement speed, bonus range, critical strike, and life steal. This makes her very effective in any phase which is why she is strong in the current meta. While you are in the laning phase, take as much Mist as possible by harassing enemies in front of you or healing up your teammates while you are at a distance which is what Senna is good at.

Q - Piercing Darkness

Senna's Q Ability Named Piercing Darkness Tool Tip
Senna's Q Ability Named Piercing Darkness Animation
Senna's Q - Piercing Darkness

Senna shoots a bolt that pierces through an ally or an enemy champion. Enemies that are hit will take up to 160 physical damage plus attack damage while you and your allies are healed up to 120 health plus attack damage and a percentage of her ability power. This is a long-range skill shot she can utilize in her lane. You can hit your ally while also dealing damage to your foes making this a very useful ability for her. Hitting auto-attacks reduces its cool-down by 1 second which can she can make use of to harass opponents. She can also hit wards and turrets with this ability applying more pressure to the rift.

W - Last Embrace

Senna's W Ability Named Last Embrace Tool Tip
Senna's W Ability Named Last Embrace Animation
Senna's W - Last Embrace

Senna releases a wave of Black Mist which latches on the first enemy hit and deal up to 250 physical damage plus attack damage. After 1 second, the target and all other nearby enemies will be rooted up to 2.25 seconds. You can instantly get a kill from a minion in the wave to root nearby enemy champions and reduce their HP or create plays from your jungler. This also works well with other CC from supports like Nautilus, Alistar, Leona, etc that locks enemies down immediately. Target enemies that you can laser down with your weapon and get a lead in the lane. 

E - Curse of the Black Mist

Senna's E Ability Named Curse of the Black Mist Tool Tip
Senna's E Ability Named Curse of the Black Mist Animation
Senna's E - Curse of the Black Mist

Senna hides in the Mist and becomes untargettable in a circle which she can move for up to 8 seconds. Teammates who enter the area also becomes hidden and will appear as a wraith as the mist shrouds them. They will gain 20% movement speed and will stay hidden if no enemy will go near their range or they don’t use an ability. Curse of the Black Mist is an ability that can be used as an engage or an escape. Enemy targets will sometimes be fooled when you approach them thinking you are alone. You can also use this while trading with an ADC in the lane as you will return to your ghoulish form after hitting them reducing the number of auto attacks they can deal with you.

R - Dawning Shadow

Senna's R Named Dawning Shadow Tool Tip
Senna's R Ability Named Dawning Shadow Animation
Senna's R - Dawning Shadow

Senna opens up her relic cannon and fires a global beam that shields allies from up to 200 damage plus 40% of the ability power and +1.5 stack of her most collected for 3 seconds. Enemies caught in the center of the beam will receive up to 500 physical damage plus attack damage and 50% of her ability power. Her ultimate can be a damage dealer from afar or a saving grace for his teammates fighting in small skirmishes. Global abilities like this are very powerful in team fights and Senna’s ultimate is incredible as it covers the whole lane lending the best healing ADC you can get.

Ability Skill Order

Senna's Ability Skill Order
Senna's Ability Skill Order

The skill order for Senna is R – Q – W – E.  The reason is that you want to maximize the damage of your Q(Piercing Darkness) and literally pierce through your enemies as well as have the most healing stats to your team especially in the laning phase. Your W(Last Embrace) should be prioritized second as it will help when you can use your CC as many as possible on your targets this will provide your lane a way to lock enemies one way or another. E(Curse of the Black Mist) will often be used only as an engage or escape so it will be maxed last. Your global ultimate(Dawning Shadow) will always be maxed when available on level 6, 11, and 16 which will aid in team fights and laser through enemies while shielding teammates and protecting them from harm.

Senna Power Spikes

A power Spike is when a time champion reaches a level or builds an item that makes them a lot stronger than other champions in the game.  Senna Power Spike is when she reaches level 9 -11 because she has already maxed her Q(Piercing Darkness) and has two points on her ultimate(Dawning Shadow) around that time as well as when she completes her core items because it can help her from her basic weakness like high cool-downs and mana cost giving her more time to damage to them as far as she can gaining more advantage in the game and providing great healing to the team combined with her support.

Senna's Combos

AA + Q + AA Combo

This combo is used as a cancel animator from your basic attacks. After you’ve hit your auto attack to the target, Your Q(Piercing Darkness) lets you sneak in another auto-attack as this ability lets you cancel the time it needs to hit another one giving you an advantage through trades in your lane

Senna's AA+Q+AA Combo
Senna's AA+Q+AA Combo

Q + Flash Combo

This combo is used when you want to flash safely after you’ve healed or executed the enemy. This is an interaction to your ability which will auto-lock the target while keeping you in a better position.

Senna's Q+Flash Combo
Senna's Q+Flash Combo

W + Flash Combo

 This combo is used to cast your root while changing direction to still lock the target while instantly changing position and preparing you to hit your other abilities.

Senna's W+Flash Combo
Senna's W+Flash Combo

R + Flash Combo

This combo is similar to Ezreal’s ultimate that you can move after you’ve cast your global skill which will either make you dodge a definite execution from your opponent or position yourself to where you can hit your auto attacks freely after casting.

Senna's R+Flash Combo
Senna's R+Flash Combo

W + AA + Q + AA + R Combo

This combo is your most go-to in fights. Similar to the other combos above which deals the most damage from her abilities but now you’ve added your R(Dawning Shadow) for the execute to secure kills. This gives full rotation to your abilities where you can end up escaping or chasing low HP champions with your E(Curse of the Black Mist) after.

Senna's W+AA+Q+AA+R Combo
Senna's W+AA+Q+AA+R Combo

AA + W + AA + Q + R Combo

This combo is used as a quick burst that will get a sure kill as you’ll be timing your W(Last Embrace)’s root perfectly with your ultimate(Dawning Shadow) giving them no time to react and escape the damage you will be dealing them.

Senna's AA+W+AA+Q+R Combo
Senna's AA+W+AA+Q+R Combo

Q + R + Flash Combo

This combo is a styling way to execute your target. The main purpose of this is to shoot with the highest damage-dealing abilities you have while escaping or reposition yourself in the area.

Senna's Q+R+Flash Combo
Senna's Q+R+Flash Combo

AA + R + Flash Combo

This combo is used  when you are low in health and you want to hit your damage from your auto-attack then quickly healing yourself to your ultimate(Dawning Shadow) and maybe escaping assassination with your Flash

Senna's AA+R+Flash Combo
Senna's AA+R+Flash Combo

How to Play Senna

Early Game

Playing Senna in the early game, one should focus on gaining as much gold as possible while poking enemies in the lane. This will give you more stacks of your passive(Absolution) while getting better trades with your opponents in the bot lane. When dealing with the enemies, keep in mind that you have to position yourself where you can not be reached by your opponents as it is easy for them to cast their CC and kill. Senna is a squishy champion and when she loses her Flash in trades, it is easy for the enemy team to gank as her E(Curse of the Black Mist) has a channel time which gives off her position and ultimately killing her. When you see the enemy jungler from far away, cast your W(Last Embrace) in time to hold them more before he/she can reach you with their abilities. Freeze the lane to where you get enough CS lead and taking in stacks of your Mist while also warding your area to avoid early game ganks as she is weak in this phase. Use your AA + Q + AA combo when you want to trade hits with their ADC. Just be careful when to use it as supports in this meta like, Nautilus, Leona, Thresh, and Blitzcrank are champions that can easily lock you down and give the kill to their ADC. You are vulnerable in the early game that is why your goal at this moment is to snowball and be a menace later on. Keeping tabs on your supports health bar will ultimately save you from being killed in the lane. Also, save your abilities in important skirmishes as you have a very high cool-down and mana cost.

Mid Game

During the mid game, Senna has the ability to assist teammates around the map. Using her global ultimate, you can turn the tide around small skirmishes that you weren’t even around. Always look on your mini-map for possible clashes that will likely happen. as your ultimate will be very effective for assisting your team. When you reach this phase of the game, you have already built your Manamune to sustain your high mana cost giving you the ability to cast more in your lane. When you gain a lead in your lane, transfer your advantage to the other side of the map and take small skirmishes to gain more kill participation and giving gold to your teammates. This will increase your chance of winning while gaining vision to important objectives like the Rift Herald and Dragons. 

  • Split Pushing – When you’ve taken down your own lane, go to the other side of the map and gain more advantage by also pushing the waves to their turrets. Senna isn’t great split pushing alone as she can be assassinated or burst down by enemy champions. Always stay within the premises of your support and communicate to where you are planning to take more on the rift. You can do a 2-3 split push where you and support go top and your other teammates either take a Dragon or push mid or bot to bring more pressure to the enemy team.
  • Objective Control – When taking objectives like Dragon and Rift Herald, always position yourself at the back of your teammates so you can heal them while you also damage your opponents. Use your W + AA + Q + AA + R combo when you lock on an enemy target and root them. This will give you the highest damage you can deal with your abilities. Beware of assassins like Rengar, Kha’zix, Talon, etc, that will try to focus you as you sit the furthest to your team. Use your E(Curse of the Black Mist)  when only necessary as this will be your escape tool when you are out of position. Senna deals damage the furthest but doesn’t have the highest attack speed scaling stats so make every hit count.

Late Game

This is where Senna reigns supreme. Your Passive(Absolution) around 20 minutes or more have already stacked multiple Mists giving you higher base stats in the late game. Work with your team and stack CCs so enemies can not move as you trade blows with them. Don’t forget to heal allies and keep the numbers advantage to your team so you can deal more damage overall. When the other team loses 2 or more members, it will be easier for you to take big buffs like Baron and Elder which will add more havoc to your scaling. Acquire the buffs and use it around the map and take down structures as you will be in a safe position with your base range being high in the late game. Keep healing your front liners as they try to initiate for your team and set up great fights for you. Tanks like Ornn, Malphite, Maokai, Sett, etc, will bring great CC. Your role is to survive and keep peeling at the back end of your team. Ultimately destroying the enemy team and bring your team closer to victory!

Senna Tips and Tricks

  • Take fights around condensed areas to increase the effectiveness of your kit
  • Practice extending the range of your Q(Piercing Darkness) from the back of your teammate to the enemy
  • Use your E(Curse of the Black Mist) to boost movement speed of your teammates and initiate better in team-fights
  • Focus on playing safe and land your slows and W(Last Embrace) for team-fight utility
  • Always watch your position in-game as Senna is a squishy champion

Senna Gameplay

These below videos are great game play examples for how to play Senna.  Coming Soon

Frequent Mistakes/Noob Traps

These are things most Senna players do that shouldn’t be done at a high level elo.

Mistake #1 – Not abusing the max range that Piercing Darkness has. A big power of Senna is her huge range and if you want to suceed on her you have to abuse this.

Mistake #2 – Forgetting that your passive gives you movement speed. The movement speed that the passive gives is a lot, and you auto often, so you have a lot more ways to outplay your opponent with this.

Mistake #3 – Only using Piercing Darkness to poke only. Try to be efficient with your ability and heal and poke at the same time. This may turn the tide of a teamfight in your favor.

Similar Champions to Senna

Listed below are some champions you can use to replace Senna as they give the same amount of long range poke and damage to the lane. When she isn’t available either banned or picked by the enemy team. This will give you a variety to choose from. Safeguarding your LP from going down and keeping your games awesome.

Miss Fortune Icon

Miss Fortune

High AoE damage, Strong laner and High movement speed ability with Strut. Miss Fortune is great at teamfights. Her ability to deal an insane amount of damage will throw of any opponents play. You can use her in teammates with multiple CCs. This will give her the chance to cast Bullet Time untouched. Why not try her?

Caitlyn Icon


Long range, Great scaling and Best Splitpushing ADC. If you are into sniping champions and dealing heavy damage then Caitlyn is perfect for you! She is a long-ranged champion that focus on hitting as many headshots to the target as possible. Escapes are futile with this Sheriff, you can never get away.

Aphelios Icon


Diverse gameplay, High damage and Great duelist. Aphelios can be played in so many ways that any ADC main would love to try him out. His 5 weapons create openings for him that no other ADC does. With an ability to lifesteal, duel, slow, root, snipe and more. This champion is off the hook!

Comment below what you liked or should change about this build.  Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful.  Good luck on the rift!


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