Caitlyn ADC Splash Art
Caitlyn ADC Splash Art
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Caitlyn ADC – Avril

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This League of Legends Season 10 Ultimate Caitlyn guide is the only guide that you will need in order to play Caitlyn ADC. This guide will include builds, combos, counters, synergies, keystones, and runes. Caitlyn is a fiercely intelligent woman with a magnificent Hextech rifle that sits at the front line of justice. She is one of Piltover’s Sheriffs and together with Vi, they devote their time and hunt the criminals in the city. It was written by our team of writers along with the help of Challenger player, Avril, who is an expert in everything Caitlyn.  She is considered by many to be the best in the world at this champion and you can find her Streaming on Twitch. Watch live video from avrilx on

Caitlyn Overview Infographic

We put together a Caitlyn overview infographic that has the best builds, runes, strengths, weaknesses, combos, skill orders, counters, synergies and anything else that you need to quickly learn the basics of Caitlyn.  Make sure to share with your friends and check back here to get the latest updates.  We will be updating this infographic as changes happen so check back often! 

Caitlyn's League of Legends Overview Infographic for Combos, Runes, Builds, Skill Order, Strengths and Weaknesses

Who is Avril

Avril is well known for playing Caitlyn in the bot-lane where she swiftly takes justice through sniping enemies in the summoner’s rift. The information in this guide will show her plays, stats, and rules to take Caitlyn to the next level.

Avril, 18 years of age. Currently playing with summoner names avril and ttv avrilx.  Her current peak is at 758 LP in North American Challenger. She has a KDA ratio of 2.31:1 with a 52% Win Rate. She started playing league when she saw a total biscuit video on the game (rest in peace). And totally fell in love with the art style of the game. Challengers rise from a simple video.

Table of Contents

Why Play Caitlyn

Before we start on the Ultimate Guide to Cait we first want to tell you why you should play her.  Her overall strengths and weaknesses are as follows:


  • Gains a lot of trading power with her passive’s extra range and damage
  • Has one of the strongest lane presence as an ADC
  • Can snipe low HP enemies with her ultimate (Ace In The Hole)
  • Can change outcomes in teamfights when positioned correctly
  • Sieges towers easily with her traps and long range


  • Dies very quickly when undefended
  • Does not have the best mobility, making her very vulnerable
  • Cannot hide her traps, they will be visible and can be dodged
  • Can get countered pretty easily
  • Might not have a full use of her ultimate because it can be blocked

Caitlyn Counters

These champions give Caitlyn a hard time in-game due to having a kit that can stop Caitlyn from doing what she wants to do.  Here are some of the biggest issues and how you can try to overcome the challenges they bring.

Sivir Icon


Sivir is considered a counter because she can negate Caitlyn’s abilities with her E (Spell Shield). This prevents you from dealing the most damage to her in the lane. She can also push the wave faster with W (Ricochet) which Caitlyn needs to do to gain pressure. Sivir is a utility champion that focuses on aiding her allies in teamfights. Your goal is to deal as much damage as possible to their backline while kiting. Watch for Sivir’s cooldowns and trade with her when her abilities are down. Stack CCs with your support to prevent her from moving. This will allow you to deal with combos on her.

Jinx Icon


Jinx is considered a counter because she’s one of the only champions that can outrange her early and late game. She uses her Q (Switcheroo) to dominate the lane and outplay you. The ability to be both an attack speed ADC to a long-range damage dealer can hit you hard. Focus on clearing the waves early to gain your first BF sword. This will give you the advantage you need to face her. When Jinx’s mana is low, you can try to all-in her as she won’t have the ability to switch weapons. This will make her lean more on her auto attacks which is what you are very great at.

Varus Icon


Varus is considered a counter because he has the ability around your attack range and Q (Piltover Peacemaker). With his Q (Piercing Arrow), he can keep harassing you and drop your HP. This prevents Caitlyn from reaching him with abilities and traps. He also has a boost in attack speed when minions die. This makes him a problem for you in the lane as Caitlyn focuses on damage and critical early on. Use your headshots to your advantage as your support uses CC. This is where you're great at and where you’ll win against him.

Caitlyn Synergies

These champions work well with Caitlyn and should be considered being picked alongside her if possible. Here are some of the biggest synergies and how you can abuse them.

Morgana Icon


Morgana works well with Caitlyn because they can stack their CC together very easily. Morgana's Q (Dark Binding) roots the enemy. This will give Caitlyn the chance to place her W (Yordle Snare Trap) uncontested. Morgana also deals a ton of damage early in the game which can help Caitlyn scale up. She will have a lot of space to overextend and harass the enemy. Due to the fact that Morgana’s E (Black Shield) protects her from any disables.

Thresh Icon


Thresh works well with Caitlyn because he has the ability to both push and pull enemies from her. Thresh’s mechanics can aid her in any offensive or defensive maneuvers they are about to take. Q (Death Sentence) or E (Flay) combined with her traps can easily burst enemies. This scales both Thresh and Caitlyn faster making them monsters in the late game. Positioning yourself behind Thresh. This favors your ability to kite enemies from afar in every teamfight. Your goal is to avoid assassinations as you are an important damage dealer in your team.

Senna Icon


Senna works well with Caitlyn because they have high ranges that harass the enemy laners. She also uses W (Last Embrace) to lock enemies while Caitlyn places her traps on them. Avoid tanks early in the game as both of you are squishy. Keep harassing your enemies in the lane and ramp up with her. This will give two ADCs with one that can heal teammates in the late game. Synergize your range and ultimate to gain a lead in the rift with her.

Caitlyn Summoner Spells

Caitlyn recommended Summoner Spells are Heal and Flash because both spells can aid you in surviving the lane. Using these will help her in escaping or trading enemies in the lane. This will also allow her to deal more with her headshots as the fight progresses. Your Flash can help you create combos that dodge incoming skill shots, avoiding any CC that negates your movement.

If you have a support that can heal and sustain you when dealing with skirmishes, you can consider using Cleanse and Flash. These spells can help you face enemy compositions that have multiple CCs, steering clear from CCs that will hold you in one spot. You want to keep kiting in teamfights and Cleanse with your Flash. These summoner spells provide the utility you need to keep dealing your damage to your targets.

Caitlyn Runes and Keystones

Caitlyn recommended runes are Fleet Footwork, Triumph, Bloodline, and Coup de Grace on Precision as primary and Magical Footwear with Biscuit Delivery on Inspiration as secondary because these provide her the movement speed and healing she needs to sustain in the lane. Caitlyn lacks an ability to dash and escape ganks except using her E (90 Caliber Net). That is why this setup is perfect for you. Fleet Footwork, Triumph, Bloodline, and Biscuit Delivery will keep her HP in check in the game, ramping up for the late game. Magical Footwear will increase her boots’ movement speed making her move faster. This will provide the survivability she needs when enemies try to kill her.


Caitlyn's Recommended Runes
Caitlyn's Recommended Runes

If you want to add a boost in movement speed while dealing more damage late in the game, you can consider using Fleet Footwork, Triumph, Bloodline, and Coup de grace on Precision as primary and Nimbus Cloak with Gathering Storm on Sorcery as secondary because this provides a huge increase in movement speed whenever Caitlyn uses a spell. Gathering Storm will add extra damage to her as the game progresses dealing with high amounts of AD in teamfights.

Caitlyn's Secondary Runes
Caitlyn's Secondary Runes

Both styles will be using +10 Attack Speed on Offense, +9 Adaptive Force in Flex and +6 Armor on Defense.

Caitlyn Builds

Caitlyn’s recommended items change depending on the situation, however, the following items will give you a good idea of what to build in different situations.

Starting Items

  • Caitlyn starts with Doran’s Blade if she wants added damage, health, and life-steal in the early game phase. This will aid her in trades with the opposing ADC.


  • Caitlyn starts with Doran’s Shield if she wants health restoration, regeneration and extra damage on the minion. This is the best item early on when you think you are going to have a difficult time in the lane. Use this when dealing with poke heavy botlanes.

Core Items

  • Stormrazor is a core item on Caitlyn because it gives her more AD, attack speed and critical chance. This item also gives an energized auto-attack. It deals bonus damage while also slowing enemies by 75%. Having this as a first item will increase the critical damage she can deal. It also avoids your target from escaping with its ability to slow the enemy once hit. This works perfectly with synergized headshots


  • Infinity Edge is also a core item on Caitlyn because it adds 80 AD and 25% Critical chance. This increases her ability to deal heavy damage to the target. Even without her headshots, she can deal critical shots and burst the enemy down with it.


  • Runaan’s Hurricane is finally a core item as well on Caitlyn because you have the ability to separate your damage to more than one target. It will activate Wind’s Fury which fires extra bolts in the front that will deal 40% of your physical damage and works well with your other 2 core items. This also increases your movement speed by 7% which helps Caitlyn kite better.


  • Use Berserker’s Greaves as it synergizes with zeal items and give you more attack speed to match the enemy ADC’s DPS
  • Use Ninja Tabi’s/Mercury’s Threads in case you are having trouble surviving. This will give you the chance to escape or trade with the enemy ganking up on you.

Offensive Situational Items

  • If you want to burst enemies with your critical strikes, you can build Statikk Shiv. Using this item will fire an energized attack that bounces up to 7 targets. This increases your critical chance by 25% which aids Caitlyn to deal heavy auto attacks. It also increases her attack speed and movement speed. Giving her more kiting and sieging capabilities.


  • If you want damage with extra survivability against high damage dealers like assassins and mages, you can build Bloodthirster. This will provide you more AD, lifesteal, and the ability to convert excess healing to shields. It absorbs damage from enemies that try to slaughter you and gain the ability to counter.

Defensive Situational Items

  • If you want to deal damage while having even more protection, you can build Guardian Angel because this item provides AD and armor stats. It provides the ability to revive yourself when you get assassinated in teamfights. This will give your team a chance to trade back and reverse the fight.


  • If you want to escape from heavy CC team compositions, you can build Mercurial Scimitar. It gives additional AD, magic resist and lifesteal to Caitlyn. This will also remove crowd control debuffs when activated. Increasing your chances of survival in teamfights and while kiting harder. It’s important to note that you don’t need to finish the Mercurial Scimitar as fast as possible if you want anti-cc. Buying just the Quicksilver Sash for 1300 gold will do the trick, finishing the Mercurial Scimitar last is usually more efficient.

Full Build Example

An example full build for Caitlyn can consist of

  • Stormrazor
  • Berserker’s Greaves
  • Infinity Edge
  • Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Guardian Angel
  • Statikk Shiv
Caitlyn's Full Build Example
Caitlyn's Full Build Example

This is the most recommended build path for Caitlyn as it gives her an insane amount of damage. Stormrazor, Infinity Edge, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Statikk Shiv will give you a 100% critical chance which makes every auto-attack deal tremendous damage. Combined with her headshots, she will be unstoppable. Guardian Angel will be your saving grace when enemies try to engage on you. This will give time for your team to follow up and protect you. Focus on building these items as your AD stats will increase and you’ll have the ability to shred tanks in the game. Giving you the chance to deal with their ADC and take important areas of the map.

Caitlyn's Abilities

Passive - Headshot

Caitlyn's Passive Ability Named Headshot Tooltip
Caitlyn's Passive Ability Named Headshot Animation
Caitlyn's Passive - Headshot Animation

Caitlyn’s next basic attack will increase your attack range, AD and the critical chance when targets hit your trap and 90 Caliber Net. This provides you the ability to reach enemies from afar and burst their HP. Caitlyn also has an increase in attack speed when hitting her basic attacks. It then generates a headshot stack that ultimately gets consumed after 6 stacks. This deals with the same amount of physical damage when traps and nets hit your target. Headshots increase damage when you buy more critical items. That is why your recommended build path will guarantee kills later in the game. Use your headshots to zone enemies in the lane early on and deny them the CS to earn more gold. 

Q - Piltover Peacemaker

Caitlyn's Q Ability Named Piltover Peacemaker Tooltip
Caitlyn's Q Ability Named Piltover Peacemaker Animation
Caitlyn's Q - Piltover Peacemaker

Caitlyn extends her rifle and deals damage in a straight line. This ability is a great harassing tool to outpush enemies. Preventing them from any minion advantage. Focus on clearing waves rather than using it for champions early in the game. When you have the lane advantage, then focus on the enemy ADC and land heavy trades with them. This will increase your chances of getting that power spike before their ADC does.

W - Yordle Snap Trap

Caitlyn W Ability Yordle Snap Trap Tool Tip
Caitlyn's W Ability Named Yordle Snap Trap Animation
Caitlyn's W - Yordle Snap Trap

Caitlyn plants traps where enemies avoid due to its ability to automatically activate her passive. During the laning phase, your traps are very easy to dodge. That is why it is better to zone enemies in a spot where you can deal damage to them. You can also synergize this ability with your support’s ability like Morgana, Thresh, Senna, Leona, and any other that holds the enemy for a short amount of time. This will give you the chance to place one under them without the ability to dodge. You can also place it behind their turrets when pushing as they sometimes don’t see the trap. All in all, Yordle Snap Trap is an effective skill to zone and reposition to an area where you want them to be.

E - 90 Caliber Net

Caitlyn E Ability 90 Caliber Net Tool Tip
Caitlyn's E Ability Named 90 Caliber Net Animation
Caitlyn's E - 90 Caliber Net

This is Caitlyn’s only mobility tool. It keeps her alive from aggressors that attempt to chase her down and kill her. Whenever you hit a target, it slows them down. This gives you the time to escape or retaliate with your combos. 90 Caliber Net is great for trading as it gives you an attack range and a headshot. Either use this to dash out from a fight or dash in to kill your target. Watch your position as losing this ability will reduce your chances of survival. Combine it with your abilities to maximize your headshot mechanics. Giving you more out trading capabilities than your opponents.

R - Ace in the Hole

Caitlyn's R Ability Named Ace in the Hole Tooltip
Caitlyn's R Ability Named Ace in the Hole Animation
Caitlyn's R - Ace in the Hole

Caitlyn holds herself down in one spot and targets an enemy. You use this ultimate for sniping low HP enemies, synergize with your team’s damage, or for harassing. This ensures a kill especially when the enemy team has an ability to escape at the moment you begin a teamfight. Use this ability as often as possible to not waste the cooldown. Be careful about where you hit your ultimate as the enemy’s teammates can take the hit for them if they stand in between you and your target. Champions that can heal and shield their allies will negate this skill. As important as it is, use this ability with skill.

Ability Skill Order

Caitlyn's Ability Skill Order
Caitlyn's Ability Skill Order

The skill order for Caitlyn is R – Q – W – E.  The reason is that you want to maximize the damage of your Q (Piltover Peacemaker) and damage the enemies with your most important skill. Your W (Yordle Snap Trap) is second as it is a great sieging tool in the mid to late game phase. This also synergizes with any CC from your allies that can hold enemies in one spot. And it increases more traps to be placed when leveled up. E (90 Caliber Net) will often be an engage or escape in any teamfights. Obviously level up your ultimate (Ace In The Hole) on 6, 11, and 16 which will snipe enemies who are trying to escape from you. Pre-level 3, you want to start with Q then E to have an escape tool incase of cheese ganks. You can then level up W then follow the skill order.

Caitlyn Powerspikes

A power spike is when a time champion reaches a level or builds an item that makes them a lot stronger than other champions in the game. Caitlyn’s power spike is when she reaches level 9-11 because she has already maxed her Q (Piltover Peacemaker) and has two points on her ultimate at level 11 (Ace In The Hole). This will give her the highest possible damage she can deal in teamfights. Acquiring her first BF sword, before the enemy ADC can, also increases her chances of winning any trades in the lane. You can then focus on taking your 3 core items as it will provide a boost of critical strikes to your auto attacks.

Caitlyn's Combos

E + Q Combo

This combo is used to cancel the animation of your 90 Caliber Net. This automatically casts your Piltover Peacemaker and deals damage. This is one of your basic combos early in the game.

Caitlyn's E+Q Combo
Caitlyn's E+Q Combo

E + W + Headshot AA + Headshot AA Combo

This combo is similar to the one above. It focuses on moving away from the reach of your enemy while you lock them down and hit 2 Headshots in a row.

Caitlyn's E+W+Headshot AA+Headshot AA Combo
Caitlyn's E+W+Headshot AA+Headshot AA Combo

AA + W + Headshot AA Combo

This combo is to maximize your auto-attacks before landing your trap. This will activate a headshot and deal more damage. Your goal with this combo is to maximize your damage per second.

Caitlyn's AA+W+Headshot AA Combo
Caitlyn's AA+W+Headshot AA Combo

AA + W + AA + Headshot AA Combo

This combo is similar to the one above. You are once again maximizing the potential of every single attack you can do in between your traps.

Caitlyn's AA+W+AA+Headshot AA Combo
Caitlyn's AA+W+AA+Headshot AA Combo

E + Flash Combo

This combo is to stop Caitlyn’s and keep her in the same spot. Use this combo when your goal is to slow the enemy and chase them down.

Caitlyn's E+Flash Combo
Caitlyn's E+Flash Combo

R + Flash Combo

This combo is used to dodge abilities while safely casting your ultimate (Ace In The Hole). Flash behind terrains so the enemies won’t have a vision on you.

Caitlyn's R+Flash Combo
Caitlyn's R+Flash Combo

E + R Combo

This combo is a great way to dodge a skillshot or slow an enemy before hitting them with your ultimate. When using this combo, make sure you have a support to protect you as the channel renders you defenseless.

Caitlyn's E+R Combo
Caitlyn's E+R Combo

E + W + R + Headshot AA + Q + AA Combo

This combo is used to hit a single target with all your abilities and deal tremendous damage with your auto-attacks.

Caitlyn's E+W+R+Headshot AA+Q+AA Combo
Caitlyn's E+W+R+Headshot AA+Q+AA Combo

W + AA + Headshot AA Combo

This combo is used to target two opponents. Land your Yordle Snap Trap in one of them, auto-attack the other one and hit the Headshot auto back to the first one.

Caitlyn's W+AA+AA Combo
Caitlyn's W+AA+AA Combo

E + AA + Headshot AA Combo

This combo is similar to the combo above. Your goal is to hit 2 targets with your normal auto-attack, and the other with a headshot from your 90 Caliber net.

Caitlyn's E+AA+Headshot AA Combo
Caitlyn's E+AA+Headshot AA Combo

(Passive ready) E + Flash + Headshot AA + Headshot AA Combo

This combo takes out the animation of your 90 Caliber Net to move away from the target. Giving you the ability to close in on them and hit 2 headshots in a row.

Caitlyn's (Passive ready) E+Flash+Headshot AA+Headshot AA Combo
Caitlyn's (Passive ready) E+Flash+Headshot AA+Headshot AA Combo

(Passive Ready) E + Flash + Headshot AA + Headshot AA + Q + AA Combo

This combo takes out the animation of your 90 Caliber Net to move away from the target. Giving you the ability to close in on them and hit 2 headshots in a row.

Caitlyn's (Passive Ready) E+Flash+Headshot AA+Headshot AA+Q+Headshot AA Combo

(Passive Ready) W + Headshot AA + Headshot AA Combo

This combo is used when you have a full-stack headshot with your passive. Drop a Yordle Snap Trap to your enemy and instantly hit 2 Headshots.

Caitlyn's (Passive Ready) W+Headshot AA+Headshot AA Combo
Caitlyn's (Passive Ready) W+Headshot AA+Headshot AA Combo

(Passive Ready) W + Q + Headshot AA + Headshot AA Combo

This combo is similar to the one above. By adding your Piltover Peacemaker after your Yordle Snap Trap, you deal extra damage before casting your 2 headshot autos.

Caitlyn's (Passive Ready) W+Q+Headshot AA+Headshot AA Combo
Caitlyn's (Passive Ready) W+Q+Headshot AA+Headshot AA Combo

(Passive Ready) W + Headshot AA + Headshot AA + E + W + Headshot AA + Q + R + Headshot AA Combo

This combo takes practice to use on a target but it can utilize your headshots in between your abilities and maximize the damage it deals.

Caitlyn's (Passive Ready) W+Headshot AA+Headshot AA+E+W+Headshot AA+Q+R+Headshot AA Combo
Caitlyn's (Passive Ready) W+Headshot AA+Headshot AA+E+W+Headshot AA+Q+R+Headshot AA Combo

(Passive ready) W + E + Flash + Headshot AA + Headshot AA + Headshot AA Combo

This combo needs timing to deal with every headshot right. Prepare a headshot auto before starting the combo. Place a trap then use your 90 Caliber Net and then Flash closer to the target to cancel the animation. Then watch your 3 consecutive headshot autos fly.

Caitlyn's (Passive Ready) W+E+Flash+Headshot AA+Headshot AA+Headshot AA Combo
Caitlyn's (Passive Ready) W+E+Flash+Headshot AA+Headshot AA+Headshot AA Combo

How to Play Caitlyn

Early Game

When you play Caitlyn in the early game, your main focus is to earn as much gold as you can. You want to get that first BF sword and use it to maximize the damage of your Headshots. During the laning phase, you’d want to hit every headshot to their ADC and harass them. This will deny them control over the minions which reduces their CS and the gold they will earn. Effectively use the CC of your support and land your Yordle Snap Traps with it. This will add more pressure to the lane, outtrading your opponents. They will likely call for a jungler if you are extending and keeping them in their own turret. Place visions on the river with your support to determine the route of their jungler. This will avoid any unnecessary deaths from ganks. If you are dealing with healing supports, use your combos to critically hit them with your autos. This gives you the opportunity to all-in their ADC without any active healing. Tank supports will be a much difficult lane to deal with. Try to focus on poking them down to half health before trying to all-in. This will avoid a reverse trade by the enemy duo, giving their ADC time to hit you more. Try to get your Stormrazor as fast as possible to boost your abilities in the lane. 

Mid Game

During the mid game, Caitlyn has the ability to poke down enemies who try to contest objectives. Your goal is to kite in teamfights and deal with your headshot combos while being far from their reach. Caitlyn’s range is her asset in the game which makes her very difficult to deal with. Let your team use their CCs so you can freely place traps under the enemy champions. This will give you 2 or more consecutive headshots to the target. As you build your 3 core items, your critical chance will increase by up to 75%. This will boost your pressure in every teamfight. Shredding their team if they do not build protective items. Position yourself where your support can assist you. This will keep you alive from assassins and mages. Be careful about when to use your 90 Caliber Net as this will signal the enemies that you are losing a mobility tool to escape.


  • Split Pushing –  Caitlyn can be an effective split pusher in the game. When you have taken control over the bot lane, you can transfer your pressure to either top or mid. This will extend your advantage and gain more gold as an ADC. Place traps in a horizontal line to prevent enemies from moving forward. Your Yordle Snap Traps will be a great sieging tool that will aid you in damaging structures faster. Play with your visions as you’d want to push the tower safely. Never split push alone as junglers can easily set up a nice combo for their team. Take fights when you know you have protection around you. This gives you the ability to focus on kiting and hitting more headshots.


  • Objective Control – Taking objectives like the Dragon and Rift Herald is a great way to take advantage of the game. When your team plans to control the area, place your Yordle Snap Traps around it. This will give vision to where your enemy is going to be. If you are on the blue side of the map, your attack range can hit Drakes over the wall. This will keep you safe from the enemies if your team is only trying to steal it. You want to zone enemies from the objective and avoid them from using all their CC. Place your traps in a way where the enemy will slip through 1 spot only. You can then easily lock them down with your team’s CC. This will reduce their numbers and leave the objective uncontested.

Late Game

Late game is where Caitlyn can truly bring damage to anyone on the opposing side of the team. When you have fully built your recommended items, you will have a 100% critical chance to your stats. Every auto-attack will now deal critical strikes to the enemy team. Giving you a higher chance of winning the game. You are an important damage dealer to your team, so the goal is to be alive at every teamfight. Losing you in a fight will increase the enemy’s chance of winning the game. Big buffs like the Baron and Elder Dragon will be up and ready to take. If you are in the lead with your Dragon Soul, then Elder Dragon will boost your chances of pushing to their base faster. Your strategy will always be the same, place traps around the area that you think the enemy team will come from. This will force them to take headshots from removing the traps. Carefully watch your position while dealing damage to the objectives as enemies will try to engage on you. The longer you stay alive in any fight from big buffs, the better chance your team wins the game. Use your combos to deal multiple headshots in a row and surprise enemies with your damage. Frontline tanks will have likely built Thornmail and other armor items to negate your damage. Have your team support you so you can focus on kiting and damaging the enemy. Deal with one enemy at a time and slowly reduce their numbers. You can then shred towers and other structures making you easily win the game.

Caitlyn Tips and Tricks

  • You are able to auto-attack Dragon and Baron over the wall.
  • Use the bush to reduce your headshot stack by 5.
  • You can gain stacks on your passive with plants.
  • Use E (90 Caliber Net) to help move in a direction or over certain walls.
  • Hitting targets out of sight do not reveal them but will help you know if they are there or not.
  • Ace In The Hole provides true vision.
  • Use Ace in the Hole before a teamfight starts or at the end of a teamfight but not during one because your constant DPS will be needed during a fight instead.

Caitlyn Gameplay

These below videos are great game play examples for how to play Caitlyn.

Frequent Mistakes/Noob Traps

These are things most Caitlyn players do that shouldn’t be done at a high level ELO.

Mistake #1 – Randomly placing Caitlyn traps in inefficient position. The most efficient way to place your traps is to either zone the enemy team, or to try to outplay and CC anyone who tries to duel you.

Mistake #2 – Not using Caitlyn’s ultimate as often as you should. Caitlyn’s ult is a really good poke ability and doesn’t always have to be used as a finisher. You can combine the damage of this ability along with your allies.

Mistake #3 – Not taking advantage of Caitlyn’s range early game. Caitlyn’s early game is really good and needs to be abused when you pick this champion as her late game isn’t the best.

Similar Champions to Caitlyn

Listed below are some champions you can use to replace Caitlyn as they give the same amount of long-range poke and damage to the lane. This will give you a variety to choose from, safeguarding your LP from going down and keeping your games awesome.

Miss Fortune Icon

Miss Fortune

High AoE Damage, Strong laner and High movement speed ability with Strut. Miss Fortune is a great ADC for team compositions that focus on stacking their CCs together. With her powerful ultimate (Bullet Time), it gives a tremendous amount of damage when enemies can not move or escape the premises. Pick her when you want to delete champions in one teamfight.

Ezreal Icon


Global Ultimate, Extremely effective poker and Late game champion. Ezreal focuses on farming early in the game, gaining the items he needs to poke down enemies later on. He works best when he can freely kite and spam his abilities with ease. Combine him with protective support and you’ll be able to deal tons of damage late in the game.

Aphelios Icon


Diverse gameplay, High damage and Great duelist. Aphelios is a diverse champion that has 5 weapons to play with. Each weapon can be played differently in any situation during the game. Use his ability to swap on-hand weapons and confuse enemies with your style. Cast your ultimate (Moonlight Vigil) and burst them or lock them down for your teammates to follow up. You can create various mechanics with this champion and play around your favorite weapon.

Comment below what you liked or should change about this build.  Remember to rate it and share it if you found it useful.  Good luck on the rift!


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    That’s weird – title and url are saying I’m on a Caitlyn ADC Guide, but the guide itself is for Renekton Top. Which is it? :^)

  2. Robert Schaefer Reply

    Runaan’s as a core item isn’t something that’s usually recommended and isn’t seen a lot in pro play. I’d be interested in why you (Avril) prioritize this over RFC or PD. Personally, I LOVE Runaan’s, but every time I play it I’m told that I’m trolling and more experienced players tell me that since Runaan’s got nerfed and the extra bolts don’t proc headshot, that it’s not worth it anymore because there are better options for AOE (Shiv). Please educate me!

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